Hiring a Trusted Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Hiring a Trusted Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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The residents of Fort Worth, TX and other surrounding areas have a good understanding of the high demand for good, quality air conditioning service during the intense heat of the summer months. And since Texas as a whole is a coastal state, the very water that it’s close to can result in far greater humidity in some of its regions. Therefore, there is an increased need for consistency in good, quality air conditioning service for those in the Fort Worth, TX area.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX has licensed and qualified HVAC repair technicians They can replace older systems with newer, more efficient ones upon your request. Professionals can visit your home, inspect your unit or your system, and help you explore your options. Should you need a simple repair, that technician can assist you in targeting your problem and giving you the quality service that you need to continue to enjoy the best of cooling during the worst of the summer months.

If the cost of air conditioning service on your unit is about half the cost or more of the unit itself, then One Hour strongly suggests having the entire system professionally replaced by an HVAC specialist. Good quality air conditioning service remains a dire must, and residents of Fort Worth, TX can never save too much money.

When installing new units, your HVAC specialist will work with you to determine the size you need for your home or business. Most homeowners will typically need a unit that starts at a minimum of 12,000 BTUs or higher. Size matters because if your unit is too big, your house may end up freezing, even in the dead of summer. Likewise, any unit that is much too small in BTU size would put out minimal cool and would also be inefficient for your home. Either way, you want the best in air conditioning service at the most affordable price.

Another feature to consider is a home’s general architecture. Should you invest in a ductless system, or just buy a standard unit? Other considerations may include the area in which you live. For example, you may need a unit with a good ventilator if you happen to live in an area where traffic and pollution are more rampant or the air quality is poor, and there are good units that come with good ventilation systems just to suit your needs.

And for reasons of economy and efficiency, One Hour strongly urges each customer to replace both outdoor and indoor systems simultaneously. In this case, the timing of your warranties can be synchronized and service can be scheduled for both on the same time and day.

Prior to buying a unit, its best to seek a good warranty, preferably something with the best possible amount of years on it. If there are no papers handy, your HVAC specialist can help. Basic info such as a serial or a model number plus the date that it was officially installed are excellent places to begin when searching for or purchasing a new warranty.

Most AC units that are ten years or older will typically exhibit problems which project costs that are far more than the unit’s original value, thus making it necessary for an entire replacement. If it turns on without cool air or doesn’t turn on at all, its time for an upgrade. If it makes a strange sound of any kind or emits a burning scent, or if it turns off immediately, you know its time for a replacement.

One Hour offers an entire list of features included as a part of their services for Fort Worth, TX and other residents in surrounding areas. Good air conditioning service includes scheduled maintenance and timely repair, new unit installation, and prevention maintenance with regular unit tune-ups.

Another good feature of air conditioning service includes routine inspections to ensure that each unit or system is up and running well, and is keeping up with today’s energy efficiency standards. But there’s more to it than that. Its also about helping each and every client, both business and residential, reduce monthly energy costs and will help put more money in their wallets.

Perhaps the best feature that One Hour has to offer are the seasonal discounts that happen straight from their website. Online coupons offer special deals on air conditioning service that include springtime specials on service calls, new systems, and maintenance agreements for new clients.

When you replace your unit, you know that there are air conditioning service experts there 24/4 to meet your needs. Should anything go wrong with your unit, you can call for an appointment during normal hours. For emergency air conditioning service, there is a 24-hour number straight from the website.

The HVAC specialists of One Hour are held to the utmost standards in professionalism and customer care. In fact, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating does extensive background checks and thorough drug screenings to ensure that those standards are met. As part of their continuing employment, HVAC technicians must be willing to submit to random drug screenings. 

“Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.” The company motto is a clear reflection of its innermost, core values–timeliness and efficiency. From the wording of such a saying, they will offer no other choice but for their experts to be right on time for each and every job site.

Each specialist is not only well-groomed but knowledgeable in every aspect of customer care. Upon your request, your professional can provide you ways to make payment arrangements after service completion that work well within your budget. You may also receive critical information regarding programs and services that may provide financing if you qualify.

So, whether its heating for those cool months, or air conditioning for the summers of Fort Worth, your service needs will always be met. Each professional comes equipped with extensive training in HVAC. Continuing education in air conditioning service is a primary goal, and each specialist knows the intrinsic values of honesty, hard work, and fast, friendly service.