Hiring the Right Heating and AC Company | Fort Worth, TX

Hiring the Right Heating and AC Company | Fort Worth, TX

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When the temperature turns up or down, in Fort Worth, TX, all you will be yearning for is a comfortable environment to be around you. We strive to provide you with the best indoor environment with the right temperatures and humidity levels. We are committed to give you peace of mind while your quality of life is at its best.

One Hour is a premier heating and ACcompany serving Fort Worth and the larger North Dallas area; privately owned and operated. The company was founded in 1988 and for more than three decades has been providing HVAC services with high customer satisfaction records which is one of their prime goals. In addition, as the name suggest is committed to be fast, reliable and timely in heating and AC service delivery to residents of Fort Worth, TX.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Services

  • Heating Services 

Have you noticed any anomaly heating equipment performance that is making it inefficient? Be it emission of gases or odor, system won’t turn on, turning on and off of heater unpredictably, furnace making weird noises or does not altogether produce heat. We are your trusted heating and AC services partner, fully knowledgeable in handling simple to complex heating problems and fixing within no time.

Our heating and AC professional are friendly, will arrive on time with truck equipped to handle all kinds of works from servicing, maintenance, repair to installation of new systems. To our esteemed customer we schedule regular maintenance visit geared towards ensuring the machine is most efficient at all times. However, we can fix heating problems installed by others and extend equipment service dos and don’ts to lengthen its life.

  • Air Conditioning Services

We understand that a home is one of your most valued asset, being in its best position for habitation is then a complimentary concern. Summers in Fort Worth, TX can be unbearably hot without a good heating and AC system. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating helps you invest in a good AC unit that will serve you for more than a decade. Technician offer installation services, maintenance service and will advise if there is need to replace the unit if has become non-functional, for instance when no cool air is being steamed out.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating professional are expertise in fixing all your air conditioning problems. If you have lately discovered your unit performance go down, it’s time to call for a trained technician from our pool to assess the situation and fix. Do not wait until it’s too late to repair and replacement is the standing option which may be a bit expensive. Besides, if you keep up with our maintenance visit and fail not to have your system check, you will be relieved of this frustration.

  • HVAC Services

One Hour Air conditioning company is a certified HVAC contractor to partner with. We work closely with our clients from helping them choose the best heating and AC system, to serving and repairing a unit. We make it easy and affordable to service your equipment, giving you the best value even on limited budgets.

If your heating and AC system has broken down, call a professionally trained and licensed technician to diagnose and fix your problem. Do not trivialize an issue until it escalates to become costlier and frustrating too. Your home or office indoor environment with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating technician is a comfort of peace where you will get to be more productive.

  • Emergency Services

Typically, a heating and AC problems happens in the most inconvenient and inopportune time least expected. It may get faulty on a weekend of in the wee hours of the night. One Hour experts are always on duty around the clock to respond to any eventuality where their services are required.

You will only need to contact them via their emergency HVAC service line 817-283-6911, you will make a request and your location. In line with our punctuality commitment, ‘Always on time … or you don’t pay a dime!’ we will arrive in under an hour and quickly fix the issue.

As the industry pace setters, we have the knowhow and ability to service all brands of equipment and you therefore need not to worry on the model or type of your heating and AC unit. Our reliability is cemented by over 30 years of existence proudly and satisfactorily serving new, repetitive and referral customers.

Why Consider One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating?

  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction – this can be ascertained from the numerous customer feedback from past customers who have expressed great satisfaction from our heating and AC services.
  • Professional and trained technicians – our team of technicians are qualified for the job and dispel it in a professional and respectful way. They respond to your questions and concerns courteously giving you honest information and clean up mess before leaving your premises.
  • 24/7 operations – this has made One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating market unbeatable as customers are looking to partner with a service provider that can conveniently serve them any day of the week any time of the day.
  • Regular servicing and maintenance visits.
  • Ability to service all brands.
  • Timeliness in service delivery – we offer same day services and faster services when called for emergencies.
  • Straightforward pricing that is friendly.


One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating offers 24/7 service to our customer and we therefore on duty always. However, office working hours are 7:00 am through to 7:00 pm in the evening from Monday through to Friday. On Saturday we are open from 8:00am through to 7:00 pm while we remain closed on Sundays and public holidays. If then seeking for further enquiries from our offices, consider visiting within these hours. However, emergency services are 24/7, weekends and holidays notwithstanding.


You can also contact us via to find out more about us and what we do. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating; Always on Time…Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!