How Can An AC Repair Company Deal With Ductwork Noises? | Arlington, TX

How Can An AC Repair Company Deal With Ductwork Noises? | Arlington, TX

Are your ducts producing uncharacteristic sounds? The loud popping sounds can be alarming, especially when reading, relaxing, or sleeping at home. However, ductworks can produce all sounds depending on the underlying issue. Loud pops from your ductwork can be alarming, incredibly, while you’re relaxing, reading, or sleeping. Though it does not just pop—ducts can make various sounds for various reasons.

Whistles, rattles, and bangs can make you feel like you’re living in a haunted house. Regardless of the sound, nobody wants their lifestyle and comfort disturbed by these unnerving sounds. Whenever there is an issue with the air ducts, you should have a heating and AC technician come over for an inspection and repair service. Additionally, it is recommended that homeowners have an AC repair company in Arlington, TX come over for an inspection and maintenance service.

What Sounds Can Be Emanating From Your Ducts?

Bangs & Pops

Popping and banging are among the most common noises emanating from your ducts. Whenever the ductwork makes these noises, it results from contraction and expansion in the air duct’s walls. Most of the air ducts are made from aluminum or steel. Like any other material, the metals contract and expand whenever temperature changes. When the air ducts cool down and heat up, their walls flex out and in from their regular position, leading to coil canning. Although this shouldn’t be alarming, the frequency at which it arises might be why you should have them inspected by an AC repair company.


The other sound you might hear from the ducts is a faint whistling. This sign shows that there is an excessive flow of air. When the air ducts are operational, the pressure within is usually higher than the outside pressure. When there is excessive airflow, some air might find its way out via the joints and small crevices in the ductwork, producing the whistling sound. Have you noticed this at your home? Enlist the help of an AC repair company to have the joints fixed and the crevices patched up.

How Can an Air Conditioner Repair Company Silence the Ducts?

Sealing the Leaks and Joints

The whistling sounds you hear from the ductwork mean they have sprung a leakage. As mentioned above, the pressure within the air ducts is higher than outside. Hence, a whistling sound is produced when there is an air leak. Leaking air ducts means your air conditioner will use more energy than normal because it will be training to compensate for the lost air. Hence, whenever you notice a whistling sound, you enlist the help of an HVAC technician to inspect and pinpoint where the leakage is emanating from.

Inspecting the air ducts might reveal more than you might have originally thought. An AC repair company will seal any pinholes and duct joints from which the conditioned air might originate. If the joints and intersections are intricate, they will use a water-based ductwork sealant to fix the problem. Though they might seem simple, the repairs will stop the whistling sounds and also enhance your heating and air conditioning system’s efficiency.

Inspect the Vent Dampers

The air pressure in the vents might be increased by closed vent dampers, adding to the already disturbing noise. A vent damper is a device that restricts the loss of heat when the furnace stops actively heating the air. The AC repair company will open the vent dampers to inspect them and reduce the pressure within the ducts.

Changing the Air Filters

Clogged or dirty air filters might restrict the airflow in your heating and air conditioning system. The high pressure within the ducts will make the air escape via weak points, resulting in the whistling sounds explained above. It is recommended that homeowners replace or clean the filters after every 2-3 months. However, if you have pets, the filters should be replaced monthly. You should have an AC repair company in Arlington, TX install HEPA filters or those with high MERV ratings. Besides silencing that whistling sound, this will also ensure that your home gets quality air.

Insulating the Air Ducts

Having an AC repair company insulate the air ducts can help dampen the echoing sounds in your home. Besides dampening the sounds, the insulation will also help retain the heat and reduce the fluctuations between the cold and hot air ducts. A constant temperature results in fewer popping and banging sounds because of oil canning. Insulating the air ducts is an often-forgotten issue regarding ductwork installation. At times, the air ducts are positioned, so it becomes harder to insulate them. However, an AC repair company will find a way of ensuring every inch of the air ducts is insulated. Further, if the ducts are inadequately insulated, it will strain your heating and air conditioning system. Poorly insulated air ducts also hinder the efficient running of the HVAC system, resulting in a higher energy utility bill at the end of the month.

Duct Cleaning

Any issue with the air ducts will strain your HVAC system, resulting in unwanted noises throughout the ductwork. Having the ducts cleaned yearly ensures that there isn’t any buildup of debris or dust in the air ducts. This places undue stress on the heating and air conditioning system. When they come for a duct cleaning service, the air conditioning repair company will examine the ducts for any holes or cracks.

They will fix any issue before it exacerbates and limit the bangs and pops. Routine maintenance is critical in any appliance or system. It keeps the problems down and also ensures that the system can serve you for a longer time. By catching the issues when they are still at their early stages of development, you will avert any emergency repair need, saving yourself some dollars.

Reliable AC Repair Services

Heating and air conditioning systems are critical for the comfort of any home. This is particularly so during the extreme temperature seasons, winter and summer. Hence, you should have the unit properly serviced before these seasons kick in. The last thing you want as a homeowner is for the unit to malfunction in the middle of summer or winter. It might impact the aged and toddlers, not to forget the sick. Do you want a heating and air conditioning service? At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we are your reliable AC repair company in Arlington, TX. Call us for repair, installation, maintenance, and duct cleaning services.

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