Is It Time For An AC Repair Service? | Euless, TX

Is It Time For An AC Repair Service? | Euless, TX

Some Euless, TX homeowners replace their air conditioners yearly because of preventable damages. Though some are just simple replacements, other issues might result in losses worth thousands of dollars at your home if they aren’t urgently addressed by an AC repair professional. However, some damages are preventable, especially if you educate yourself on caring for your air conditioning unit. ACs are lifesavers during summers, and you want your unit performing at the peak optimum. However, it is time they are most used, meaning they also fall prone to damage. Below are some of the common AC issues that you might experience;

AC Unit Is Leaky

One of the common issues that you might experience is noticing that the air conditioner is leaking some fluid. This issue might quickly turn serious based on the contents of the leakage. The AC might freeze, resulting in a moisture buildup. This buildup might become stuck within your condensate drain lines, preventing the proper flow of the condensate. Have you noticed a pooling of a liquid substance near your air conditioning unit? That is a sign of leakage.

The leakages might be either water, refrigerant, or oil. Water leaks from the condensate drain or drain pans aren’t that serious. However, refrigerant leaks are another thing altogether. They indicate a much higher risk. Whenever you doubt, you should immediately enlist an AC repair technician’s help to inspect the unit. Several fluids might form the contents of the leakage, each signifying a different problem.

Compressor Oil

If the air conditioning unit’s compressor runs low on oil, it makes the motor work harder. This results in partial burnout or even total failure of the air conditioning system. Whenever the air conditioner leaks the compressor oil, you need to enlist the help of an air conditioning repair company immediately. The AC repair professional will refill the compressor with oil and inspect the unit for any signs of an issue that might cause potential failure in the future.


Is the leaking fluid green or bright blue? That indicates that you have a refrigerant leak on your hands, something that should worry you. Turn off the HVAC system whenever you notice this, and immediately call an AC repair technician in Euless, TX. Refrigerant leaks can seriously damage the compressor, not to forget that they are toxic and might hurt your health.

Outdoor Motor Oil

Is your AC unit leaking the motor oil? That could signify that its shafts, seals, or motor bearings are worn out. You might see some wet spots on your yard or driveway where oil leaks and water evaporate. This is a problem that an AC repair technician will notice during the routine maintenance visit.

A Pungent Smell from the Air Conditioner

The air conditioner should only produce colorless and odorless air when operating. Unfortunately, you might notice that the unit produces foul-smelling air, which isn’t uncommon. Most homeowners seek help from AC repair professionals whenever this happens. Moldy and rotten egg smells are common during summer.

The musty or moldy smell is a sign that mold is growing within your air conditioning system. Conversely, a rotten egg smell is usually caused by the dead critter or rodents within the air ducts. Because the interiors of the air conditioning system are both dark and dump, mold might grow in there. The most common reason mold starts growing within your air conditioning system is the water that remains stagnating within the condensate drains or the pan. If it doesn’t evaporate quickly enough, the mold starts growing.

Whenever the condensate drains are clogged or obstructed, they create a breeding ground for the mold spores to grow and multiply. You might experience severe respiratory issues, including sneezing and coughing when inhaling mold spores. Mold inhalation may make anybody sick, especially people that suffer from various respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To ensure this doesn’t arise, have an AC repair professional perform routine maintenance of your HVAC system.

The Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Your Home Enough

Is the AC blowing in warm air? Then that is a sign that something is amiss with the system and must be inspected by an AC repair professional. An issue such as a blown fuse might be the cause of the issue. However, the same problem might be caused by low refrigerant levels because of a leakage or blown-out compressor.

Loud Noises When the Air Conditioning Unit Is Running

Do you hear some loud, uncharacteristic noises whenever you turn on the AC? There are many reasons for this, key among them being a worn-out or loose component. The compressor is normally the loudest part of an AC unit. Hence, that is probably the reason you hear loud banging noises. Occasionally, you might hear rattling, hissing, screeching, humming, or banging sounds. Whenever you notice this, that is a sign of an underlying issue that should be further inspected by an AC repair professional in Euless, TX and the necessary repairs performed.

The System Doesn’t Blow Enough Air

The blower fan might be the component to blame whenever the air conditioner produces some air that isn’t enough to cool your home. It is the part of the AC responsible for pushing the cool air out after it has been cooled by the condenser and evaporator coils. Have you noticed that the blower fan isn’t running, or if it does, it is at a lower speed?

The issue might be caused by a damaged or malfunctioning contactor switch or capacitor. The capacitor is the component responsible for providing power to the contactor switch or the blower fan. Hence, if it fails, neither the blower fan nor the contactor switch will be working properly. This I an issue that needs the attention of an AC repair technician.

Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat is the control center or the brain for your air conditioner. It controls the temperatures at your home. Because of its function, if it is faulty or malfunctioning, it might cause severe issues to the AC and even prevent it from effectively and efficiently cooling your indoor spaces. Do you suspect this could be the issue? Call your reliable AC repair company to have the thermostat inspected and repaired.

Dirty Condenser Coil or Blower Fan

The condenser coil and the blower fan are two of the main parts of an AC unit responsible for cooling your indoor spaces. If they become dirty, they will not do their job of cooling your home down effectively. The dirt accumulates on the components, creating a thick layer of grime. This layer insulates the components, preventing heat from escaping outside. To ensure this doesn’t happen, ensure that you enlist an AC repair technician for a routine inspection and maintenance. The professionals will clean the components whenever they come for an inspection visit, ensuring that your home is efficiently cooled.

Malfunctioning Air Handler

Is the air handler running? If it doesn’t, that means that it is not getting power. The relay (contactor) is most likely burnt out or stuck closed. Whenever the compressor start capacitor fails, the entire compressor will not work. These are problems that might be checked using a voltmeter. However, you will eventually need an AC repair technician to replace the affected part. However, if only a part of your air handler works, for instance, the fan, then it highly likely is getting power, though some other part doesn’t work.

Is the air handler blowing air powerfully, as you might expect? If it doesn’t, have it checked by an AC repair company in Euless, TX. This is because a dirty or blocked filter might be blocking the airflow. The disposable filters need to be replaced after every few months. However, if your unit has permanent filters, they need to be replaced after every few months and dried totally before they are inserted back into the vents.

Blower Motor Is Broken/Damaged

A blower motor is a heavy component of the air conditioner. It runs the AC’s compressor and then circulates the air to all parts of your home. It is normally found within the HVAC or furnace compartment. It might be located within an air duct component known as a plenum.

Whenever the blower motor fails, it might make your entire air conditioning unit stop working or run at a low speed. This makes cooling your home a difficult thing for the air conditioner. If the blower motor isn’t functioning properly, other issues might arise, including; not blowing air, loud noises, or even blowing warm/hot air into your home. Hence, it is an issue that should be addressed by an AC repair professional ASAP.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is responsible for the cooling of air in your AC unit. The cool air is sent via the network of air ducts at your Euless, TX home and out through the vents. If your AC system’s refrigerant levels are low, it will not cool the air effectively. Hence, you might notice that some rooms are inadequately cooled, and there is an increase/hike in the monthly energy utility bills. This is because the AC takes a longer time than usual to keep your home comfortable. Have an air conditioning repair technician inspect the unit for leaks and perform the necessary repairs.


To maintain the temperatures set on the thermostat, the air conditioners are designed for cycling on or off as necessary. However, they may sometimes constantly run without reaching that desired temperature. This issue normally arises if the evaporator or condenser coil is dirty. Whenever the two are clogged with debris or dirt, they cannot do their job as efficiently as required.

This makes the System overheat. Whenever you sense that there isn’t any cool air blowing in or even the System is overheating, please turn it off at the power supply and thermostat. After switching the circuit breaker off, reach out to your trusted AC repair technician to clean the two critical coils.

Dirty Air Filters

How does your air conditioner ensure that the air blown into your home is clean? The air filters. However, that isn’t all that the air filters do. They also protect the other critical elements of the AC system from debris and dust. Whenever the filters are caked with dirt, then the airflow is obstructed.

This might result in other secondary issues in your entire System. For instance, a dirty air filter forces your air conditioning unit to put extra effort and use more energy to cool your home.

If the clogged air filter is neglected or ignored for long, it might make the evaporator coils become frozen or make the heat exchanger in your unit’s furnace crack. Having an air conditoning repair technician in Euless, TX, inspect and clean the air filters is the best solution to this issue. You should create a maintenance plan to ensure that this never occurs. Hence, the AC system will remain at maximum efficiency can you’ll also be averting other issues from arising down the line.

Damages Contactor Switches

What is a contactor switch? It is a relay used for controlling the condenser fan and the compressor by either turning them on or off. Over time, the contactor switch might wear out, particularly when the air conditioner is frequently running, for instance, during summer. The contacts on the relay might short out, resulting in a buzzing sound in your indoor unit.

You might also notice that the thermostat has lost power or AC isn’t responding whenever you turn it on. You have to reach out to your reputable AC repair technician and have a contactor replacement service. This isn’t a complex or expensive repair, but leave it to a professional. They will also inspect the unit for other issues.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The other normal air conditioning issue you might experience or face is a clogged condensate drain. These drain lines ensure the condensate flows from your home onto the plumbing system. The moisture accumulating in the drain pan might sometimes overflow or even leak onto the flooring. Have you suspected that the condensate drains are clogged? Inspect the plan for overflows and reach out to an AC repair professional to clean the pan and remove the clogs.

Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Company

Have you noticed either of the above issues with your air conditioner? Then it might be about time you reach out to a reputable, licensed, and professional AC repair company. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth Is your go-to company in Euless, TX. Call us or visit our website to make an appointment for an air conditioning service.

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