How Often Should I Have An Air Duct Cleaning Service Performed For My Home? | Arlington, TX

How Often Should I Have An Air Duct Cleaning Service Performed For My Home? | Arlington, TX

Air is essential when it comes to your health. Hence, your family will have better health if their air is cleaner and of higher quality. Although you don’t have a way of controlling the quality of the exterior air, you have some degree of control regarding your indoor air. In your HVAC system, the air ducts are critical in circulating the treated air into various rooms. Hence, they have a significant impact on indoor air quality. Hence, they need regular maintenance and cleaning to remain pristine. Whenever you need a duct cleaning service, you should enlist the help of a reliable HVAC repair company in Arlington, TX.

Why Clean the Air Ducts?

Even with regular cleaning or replacing of the air filters in your home’s HVAC system, the ductworks still will accumulate some dirt, allergens, pollution contaminants, and debris over time. Whenever the HVAC system runs, the air is cycled through other parts of your home through the air ducts. Hence, if you’ve contaminants, dust, and dirt within the system, these materials will find their way into your living space when you run the heating and air conditioning system. In effect, you will be breathing low-quality air that can impact your health or your family, particularly if there is an immunocompromised person.

Besides affecting the indoor air quality and also having an impact on health, the contaminants also impact the efficiency of the HVAC unit. It will have to work harder, cost more to run, have a shorter service life, and have a higher maintenance cost. Scheduling a regular duct cleaning service can help in countering these issues. The HVAC system will work efficiently, cooling or heating your home with quality air, last longer, and save you some dollars.

How Do you Know If It’s Time for a Duct Cleaning?

If you haven’t had the air ducts cleaned for a while, the time to do so is now. Plan with an HVAC repair company on a duct cleaning and maintenance schedule. By doing this, the professionals can catch any developing issues before they worsen. Below are some of the times that you should have a duct cleaning service;

When You’ve Just Moved to a New Home or After a Major Renovation

 It is a great idea to have a duct cleaning service if you have just had a renovation of your home or you’ve moved to a new one. The renovations and constructions produce debris and dust that can enter the air ducts quickly. The dust might also contain particles that aren’t healthy to breathe.


Regardless of how often you clean, your home is typically prone to dust, and you will have much dirty ductwork. Though all inhabited homes are dusted now and then, the surfaces shouldn’t be re-coated with dust too soon after you have just cleaned them. This shouldn’t happen, particularly if you replace the air filters routinely.

Moreover, you need a duct cleaning service if the vents have visible dust. Additionally, when you remove the vent cover, you notice dust in the interior, or when the heating and air conditioning system is turned on, you notice dust flowing from the vents; it is time to call a duct cleaning service provider in Arlington, TX.


Have you noticed a moldy or musty smell after turning on the air conditioner? That is a sign that mold has formed in the air ducts because of a blockage. Mold quickly spreads throughout your home via the air ducts and might cause allergic inflammations and respiratory complications. If your HVAC system develops condensation and the water doesn’t flow to the drain pan, mold will start growing because of the warm and musty conditions.

If mold grows in the air vents, it is visible. However, if it grows in the air ducts, you can only notice it through its musty smell. Fortunately, you can deal with mold growth through a routine duct cleaning service. If the mold has already grown, have an HVAC repair technician use an antimicrobial fogger to clean the ducts and remove the molds.

Rodents or Vermin

At times, rodents, insects, mice, squirrels, and critters might enter the air ducts whenever they try to escape the scorching summers and cold winters. Should they end up in your ductwork, they might bring in contaminants such as germs and bacteria and leave them behind. They also might damage the ducts when creating nests. This places your home and family at risk. 

If vermin have found a home in your air ducts, you probably hear, see, or even smell them. You’ll need a duct cleaning and repair since they can cause structural damage. To properly deal with such, have an HVAC repair technician regular maintenance, inspections, and cleaning. This will remove the vermin and clear any developing issues before they become full-blown. 

Whenever You Notice an Increase in the Energy Utility Bills

Cooling and heating costs for your indoor space should remain fairly predictable year-in-year-out. Have you noticed an unexplained increase in the heating and cooling utility bills recently? That might mean the ducts have a blockage. The dirty air ducts might interfere with the HVAC system’s ability to efficiently cool and heat your home. If the heating and cooling system is working harder, it will also use more electrical or gas energy to run.

Additionally, an efficient working system should cool the indoor spaces uniformly unless you have implemented some zoning. Hence, if your indoor space isn’t cooled or heated at a similar rate, it might point out that the ducts have an issue. The other HVAC system problems might also cause this. Rather than guess, have an HVAC repair technician inspect the system. If the ducts have a clog, they’ll offer a duct cleaning service, and if other HVAC issues cause the problem, the professional will fix it.

Let Us Clean the Ducts Thoroughly

Are you in either of the above situations? Then it is time to have the air ducts cleaned. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth offers the best HVAC repair and maintenance services throughout Arlington, TX. We are known to put clients first whenever executing a service. This can be attested by the glowing reviews offered by our happy clients. We also guarantee our work; after all, we have a reputation to protect. If you need a duct cleaning service, reach out to us today.

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