12 Air Conditioner Issues And How To Prevent Them From Getting Worse With AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

12 Air Conditioner Issues And How To Prevent Them From Getting Worse With AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

Air conditioners are found in three-quarters of homes in the United States to cater to their cooling demands during summer. The aircon is handy for homes and offices when the weather is scorching hot, and a minor issue that compromises its efficiency can be a total intolerable nuisance. 

For that reason, wise homeowners in Fort Worth, TX, invest in regular maintenance to prevent sudden breakdowns that need costly urgent AC repair services. People that fail to prepare for the hot season by serving their air conditioners before using them are prone to face the following fourteen AC problems. 

Problem 1: Dirty Air Filters

The first common issue in air conditioning units is dirty or clogged air filters that make the air circulating in your home stuffy, leading to numerous allergic reactions. The primary purpose of the air filters is to remove dirt and any pollutants that can contaminate the air or pose threats to the air conditioning unit. 

As the filters remove the impediments, they hold the debris until an AC repair and service contractor cleans or replaces them during the regular tune-up period. If they fail to change the air filters, they become clogged and restrict air from flowing freely to your home and parts of the AC, affecting its overall performance. 

How Do You Prevent the Air Filters from Getting Dirty?

It might be impossible to block the filtration system from dirt, especially if your house’s nearby surroundings are full of debris, dust, and pet dander. But, you can lower the risk of the filters clogging by investing in a frequent replacement.

If you have a pet, cleaning and changing the air filters should be more frequent than the periodic four times annually. Having a Smart AC can keep you updated on the status of your air filters and alert you when to call for AC repair service providers to clean the filter. 

Problem 2: Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioning units use the refrigerant to suck heat from rooms, increasing comfort. The most common type of refrigerant liquid is Freon, which has enormous threats to the ozone layer. Coolant leakage is also an issue that most homeowners face, resulting from:

Age-related wear and tears of the aircon: the rubber seals and access fittings around the service valves may weaken, leading to a leak. 

Pin holes. They are minute holes an AC repair contractor in Fort Worth, TX, can find in the AC coils of aging AC units. They tend to rust due to exposure to various products such as glues, paints, and air fresheners, leading to tiny freon leaks. 

Vibrations from the poorly sealed compressor and condenser outdoor unit can cause the refrigerant lines to weaken and sip out the coolant. 

Some refrigerant leak signs that AC repair experts look out for are not limited to:

  • Inefficient cooling
  • AC blowing out cool air
  • Limited airflow
  • Skyrocketing utility bills 
  • Long cooling cycles.

Fixing the problem requires HVAC specialists to repair the leaking part and replace the lost coolant to its factory-set limit to restore the smooth running of the air conditioner. 

How to Stop the Refrigerant Leaks

Cleaning the AC coils regularly to remove accumulating dirt stops forming formic acid that creates pit holes and refrigerant leaks. Preventing age-related wear and tears requires regular maintenance to prolong its life. 

Problem 3: Frozen Evaporator Coils 

Additionally, people in Fort Worth, TX, can experience freezing evaporator coil issues. The problem occurs when the refrigerant cannot receive air that facilitates efficient operation. Dirty coils and dirty air filters are the primary cause of the frozen coils as they restrict air from getting to the coolant to help remove heat from your space. 

As the air fails to reach the coolant, it becomes icy cold, freezing any form of moisture on the coils, hence the frozen coils that need immediate AC repair services from experts working in reputable HVAC companies in Texas.

The professionals you hire can diagnose and fix the problem ASAP by thawing the coils to defrost and cleaning the filters and coils. 

Prevention Measures

Fortunately, the issue is 100 percent preventable by regular clean-up of the air filters and the evaporator coils to ensure air freely penetrates the system for peak performance.  

Problem 4: Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat of your air conditioner might be the culprit of your faulty air conditioner. The AC might produce insufficient cold air to cool your home, or the system could be short-cycling, increasing energy bills. The thermostat can malfunction due to:

  • Dead batteries
  • Loose wires inside the device
  • Wrong calibration
  • Exposure to the sun for long hours. 

A faulty thermostat fails to regulate indoor temperatures to comfortable levels, compelling you to call for emergency AC repair services from nearby contractors because of the unbearable high indoor temperatures.

Preventing Thermostat Issues

The HVAC specialists in Fort Worth, TX, can stop your thermostat from breaking down by installing it in a place that does not allow the sun to reach it.

The professional can also check the functionality and smooth running of the device periodically during the AC repair and maintenance processes. You can also upgrade to programmable thermostats that can store multiple daily settings. 

Problem 5: Capacitor Failure 

Your AC unit might fail to perform as intended if the capacitor malfunctions. The capacitor is a vital part of the aircon because it gives your system a push to enable it to start running smoothly to cool your space. AC repair experts can notice the problem when your AC suddenly turns off and produces a clicking sound at the end.

The capacitor can fail when the air conditioner overworks to provide cold air that removes the heat indoors and with frequent calibration of the thermostat.

Prevention of Capacitor Failure

Stopping the capacitor from breaking down involves regular checking of the unit to ensure it runs efficiently. Making sure the thermostat is correctly set also prevents capacitor failure. 

Problem 6: Noisy AC 

Sometimes, you might hear strange noises coming from your air conditioning equipment. The annoying sounds are indicators of issues that require AC repair services. The HVAC expert can use the noise to detect, identify and diagnose the problem for prompt fixing as each noise signifies a different mishap.

Noises the AC might produce include:

  • Clicking 
  • Banging   
  • Squealing
  • Screeching
  • Humming 
  •  Buzzing
  • Rattling
  • Grinding
  • Hissing

So, it’s wise not to ignore unfamiliar sounds from your air conditioner because it can save you the torture of the scorching heat in case your unit worsens. Prevention of the noises is only possible through frequent tune-ups on every part of the unit by qualified HVAC technicians from a reliable AC repair and installation company in Fort Worth, TX. 

Problem 7: Failed Compressor 

Moreover, air conditioning equipment can fail to operate due to a damaged compressor that needs prompt replacement from a skilled AC repair professional. The compressing unit is an integral component of the air conditioner that facilitates heat exchange and regulates the AC pressure. 

The compressor is prone to fail due to:

  • Dirty coils
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Overcharged compressor
  • Undercharging compression unit from lower refrigerant levels in your system. 

Signs of a failing compressor include insufficient cool air from the AC, which should motivate you to call for a local air conditioning contractor specializing in AC repair and replacement to solve the problem before the unit collapses.

Prevention Measures:

Stopping your compressor from failing due to excess or low pressure in the system involves ensuring the refrigerant levels are according to the factory-set limit. Keeping the coils and the air filters clean also prevents the compressor from breaking down due to dirt. 

Problem 8: Pungent Smell

The air conditioner in your house can also produce an awful smell, permeating your entire surrounding. The nasty odor can be due to mold growing in the system, which might also be spreading throughout the wet spaces in your Fort Worth, TX home.

The system might also generate a scorching odor that proves an electrical component in the system is burning, thus the need for urgent AC repair services. 

Averting the Bad Smell

Preventing awful or scorching smells in your air conditioner requires regular cleaning of the system. It also needs checking of all the electrical parts to ensure there are no fraying or loose electric wires. 

Problem 9: Repeated Tripping of the Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker in your electrical system keeps on tripping, it is a sign of a huge issue that you should not overlook to prevent a possible fire breakout. The causes of the frequent tripping of the circuit breaker include:

  • Power surges due to loose wires 
  • Short circuits
  • Capacitor failure
  • Low refrigerant 
  • Dirty filters and coils. 

The minute you notice the circuit breaking in short cycles, it is best to switch off every appliance in your home and wait for an electrician to check the root cause of the problem. If the air conditioner is the cause of the problem, then AC repair services from HVAC experts in Fort Worth, TX, are appropriate.  

Problem 10: Indoor and Outdoor Unit Leaks

Another issue households experience is water leakages from the inside and outside AC units. The indoor air conditioner system can leak because of clogged condensate drains, forcing you to call for AC repair services.

The clog might be due to algae, mold, or fungi growing in the equipment of people that fail to clean and maintain their unit. Broken condensate pumps in the AC unit can also lead to leaks that might promote mold growth when they come in contact with mold spores. 

The outdoor unit can also leak water due to dirty filters and poor installation. A broken condensate pan can hinder water in the AC from flowing to the drainage, leading to water leaking outdoors.

The indoor and outdoor system leaks require extensive air conditioner repair or replacement after a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of the problem. 

Preventing The Indoor and Outdoor Units From Leaking

Having an HVAC professional inspect and clean the system helps identify issues like breaking condensate pumps or pans and make the necessary repairs and replacements before they break down. 

Problem 11: Leaking Ducts 

The air conditioner in your home can also have leaking ducts, a problem that affects your indoor air quality and increases utility bills immensely.

The ductwork supplies conditioned cool air in your space, and leaks imply the air reaching the rooms in your home is inadequate to create a comfortable cold environment amid heat strokes that lead to heat-related diseases such as heat exhaustion.

The air ducts leak because of gaps or openings in the ductwork that allow heat, dirt, and other pollutants to make their way to your house. The problem requires sealing and insulation, and AC repair experts are in a position to provide quality service. 

Ways to Prevent the Leaks in the Ducts

The best way to stop your ductwork from leaking is to hire qualified and skilled HVAC specialists for the initial installation of the air conditioner. Accurately installing the air ducts ensures the ducts are properly sealed and insulated, preventing gaps and cracks that cannot allow dirt or conditioned air to escape. 

Problem 12: Faulty AC Fan

If the fan in the outside unit is not performing at its peak, it will not produce adequate cool air to meet your cooling needs.

The malfunctioning fans make the compressor strain in cooling your home, thus overheating and causing internal destruction to the air conditioner. 

Preventing AC Fan Issues

The AC repair experts can stop the AC fan failure by checking the electrical components for efficiency. The tune-up process also includes tightening loose wiring and parts in the system to power and run the AC. 

We Are Here to Address Your Air Conditioner Problems!

If you encounter any of the above issues with your air conditioners, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for the best AC repair services. We are an HVAC company that has existed since 1988 to meet the air conditioning needs of clients.

Our skilled, reliable, experienced, and qualified AC contractors offer exceptional heating and cooling installation, repairs, and replacement services. 

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