How Often Should You Change your HVAC Air Filter as part of an Air Conditioner Service in Fort Worth, TX

How Often Should You Change your HVAC Air Filter as part of an Air Conditioner Service in Fort Worth, TX

A central HVAC system has become the need of the hour for every homeowner nowadays. While many of us have HVAC systems installed in our homes; we often tend to show a lot of neglect when it comes to servicing them. Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is something that most homeowners don’t pay a lot of attention to. Not only do they regret this neglect going down the line, but they’re also made to incur huge costs for flaws that could have been averted through proper diligence.

Here we will be looking at one of the most important components of an air conditioning system. The component we’re talking of is the air filter, which not only plays an important role in regulating the air flow, but also in keeping the air pure and free of all impurities.

Before we go on to talking about how often you should change your air filter through an air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX, we will talk about why it is necessary for you to opt for this change. Here we have come up with a list of the effects that can be caused through a dirty air filter. To avoid this impact, it is necessary that you change your air filter through routine air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX.

Blower Fan

A dirty air filter can mean that the blower fan inside your air conditioning system now has to work even harder to push the air out. The blower fan will be doing the work for the air filter and will be exerting more pressure in the regular daily tasks. As the blower fan will be working harder to push the air out of the system, it will be drawing more energy than before. Not only will this raise your energy costs, but it will also leave you with a strained out blower fan.

Limited Air

The difficulty that the system will now have in moving air once the air filter is plagued with dirt will result in limited air for you in the rooms. You won’t have a smooth flow of air coming inside your rooms and you will feel that the air that is coming through the system isn’t really fresh and has a misty smell to it.

Mold Growth

A dirty air filter can signal the growth of mold within the system. If the growth is within the wrong side of the filter then the air coming to your living rooms may be contaminated and may pose a health hazard to all of you. This mold can find its space inside the air conditioner system as well and may pose a threat for the whole system. It is good to have an occasional air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX from a professional technician, so that the problem is looked at during its infancy, before it can harm either the system or your health.

Now that we know why it is important for you to get an air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX, we will get around to the time intervals you should take for these service jobs. Remember, even the slightest error in intervals can leave you in a spot of bother with your air conditioner

So, go through the suggestions we have mentioned below and make sure that you learn how to look after your air conditioner from them. We have noted down a list of factors that influence the time interval between changing your air filters.

How Frequently You Use the System

How often you change your air filter depends a lot upon how frequently you are using your home. If it is a vacation home and you only go there during the vacations, then you can probably think about changing the air filter once every year, or on an annual basis. On the contrary, when it comes to air filters within your home, you should probably be thinking about changing the filter once every 90 days. Moreover, there are additional rules that govern this time period, since it is related to how often you use your system. Many people in generally hotter areas use their air conditioners a lot during the summers and barely use them during the winter season. This may mean that the air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX should be planned according to the time of the year, among other factors.

How many People You Have in Your Home

The number of people you have in your home has an important role to play in deciding how often you should replace your air filter. Your air filter is an interesting mechanism and it is impacted by the number of people and pets within a home. A single person living without pets will not need to replace his/her air filters as often as somebody living with kids and multiple pets.

Pets can especially add a lot of dander to the environment within your hair, and are responsible for way more dirt particles than us humans. If you have a pet within your home, then try changing your air filter once every month.

The Type of Filter

The type of filter is the final factor that you have to take into consideration before deciding on how often you should change your air filters. Most homeowners tend to buy filters with a cheaper price tag and often end up experiencing a short air-filter life, because of the quality. If you have an air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX from a professional technician, they would recommend you towards the best quality filters and how you can benefit from using them. A better quality filter would obviously last longer.

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