How to Keep Your AC Working in Top Condition | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

How to Keep Your AC Working in Top Condition | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Air conditioners perform the significant task of maintaining a pleasant temperature throughout our homes, keeping us comfortable day in and day out. You wouldn’t want this boon of modern technology to act up and stop working unexpectedly. Although you can always acquire the help of a reputable air conditioning service professional in the Fort Worth, TX area to come and fix it for you, you shouldn’t let it go this far. Below are a number of simple things that you can do to ensure that your machine continues to work in top condition.

Regularly Clean the Air Conditioner

First things first, start with completely shutting off the power. Simply grab a screwdriver or a wrench and unfasten the cage that covers the top fan on the condenser unit outside. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris, grime, dust, leaves, twigs, or grass that you may find inside it. If you are worried about damaging the unit or don’t have the know-how to clean the unit yourself, you can always acquire the help of a reputable air conditioning service professional to do it for you.

Check the Fins Every Now and Then and Straighten Them

The condenser and the evaporator make up significant components of an air conditioning system. Each of them carries fins inside. These fins tend to bend, which causes them to hinder airflow. If you want to keep your AC working perfectly, check up on these fins every once in a while to ensure that they haven’t bent. If they have, call in a reputable air conditioning service professional to fix them for you. Don’t try to straighten them on your own, as excessive force might cause them to break. Then, you’ll have another problem on your hands.

Wash Them

The fins are made up of lean metal sheets and lay just behind the grid that surrounds the condenser unit. Once you’re done cleaning them up with a shop vac, if there is still dirt and debris sitting on it, it is time to give them a wash. Do not use a pressure washer as the fins are quite delicate and extremely prone to bending. It is best that you call in a reputable professional to do this cleaning for you, as they will know how much force to apply to clean the fins.

Remove Any Yard Debris Close to the Unit

After you’ve got your system cleaned out, and got the bent fins straightened out, it is useful to clean out the surrounding areas so that your work or that of the professional is not undone soon after. Make sure that there is no debris lying around the unit. Get rid of any leaves, loose grass, twigs, etc., that you’ve washed out of the unit. Next, clear out a two feet radius around the unit of any plants or shrubs, etc.

You can also place plastic or plywood covering over the unit’s top if you plan on not using it for a while. Just be sure to leave the sides bare.

Keep the Unit Level

Every now and then, check up on the unit to ensure that it sits level with the ground; you don’t want it to fall off balance. Even the simple shifting of soil from below the pad that the unit is placed on can cause it to be off-balance. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary damage to your unit and costly repairs, make sure that it is level with the ground. A reputable air conditioning service can always help you with this.

Tidy Up the Evaporator Coil

Air conditioning coils make up another important component that you do not want to be developing any fault. These coils allow the refrigerant to absorb the heat and lower the temperature inside your rooms. Over a period of time, they gather a layer of dirt and debris, which will hamper their functioning. This will cause your AC to be less efficient and do a poor job at cooling down your rooms. Call in a reputable air conditioning service professional in the Fort Worth, TX area to clean the coils up every now and then to ensure that your AC is always able to cool your room efficiently.

Clear Out a Clogged Evaporator Drain

The AC works by cooling down the warm air from the outside, condensing it into liquid form, and draining it through the evaporator, while it breathes cool air out the other end. The very nature of this daily process exposes the evaporator drain to mold and mildew growth due to prolonged moisture. The mildew or algae will serve as an obstruction for the draining water. This needs unclogging if you are to avoid flooding and subsequent damage to your air conditioner. Call in a reputable air conditioning service professional to timely clear out the clogged evaporation drain.

Change Out the Filters

Although quite simple, it is often overlooked by most homeowners. There are two types of filters that you can choose from; the replaceable and the reusable. Whichever one you go with, make sure that you’re changing them on time. The replaceable one should be changed once every month while the reusable ones can go on a little longer. Call in a reputable air conditioning service professional if this seems like a difficult task for you to do on your own.

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