Your Heating and AC Maintenance Checklist for Your House | Dallas, TX

Your Heating and AC Maintenance Checklist for Your House | Dallas, TX

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Your Heating and AC are one of the most used appliances in your household. They play a major role in providing you comfort. They are long term investments that should be maintained at all times or else can land you into an inconvenient situation. The constant usage can cause wear and tear to these appliances and shorten their life.

Most of the time, we wait till something goes wrong with our appliances, then we take an immediate course of action. This can lead to havoc and cause chaos in our day to day life. You don’t want to be sitting in a freezing atmosphere in harsh winters and feeling suffocated in the blazing summer heat. Your heating and air conditioning system issues should be fixed before the season arrives. The unpredictable climate conditions in the Dallas, TX area, call for periodic maintenance of your HVAC unit.

Here is a checklist that provides useful tips on maintaining your heating and cooling systems:

  • Inspect the Air Filters

The function of your air filters in your heating and AC systems is to filter out any dust or harmful particles that pollute the airflow in your room. It is important that you must notice if there is a foul odour or musty smell in your room. If this the case, then you must check your air filters. The air filters must be clean at all times. Any mold growth, filters clogged with dust needs an immediate filter replacement.

It is advisable to clean or replace your air filters every 1-2 months as a dirty airflow can cause major health hazards.

  • Look Out for Short Cycling

If you experience short bursts with your heating and AC systems, then it means they are short cycling.  The continuous usage of these appliances can make them less efficient over time. This results in them turning on and off between short intervals. It will use more energy to start-up and during running as well. Your systems can eventually breakdown from the overheating, costing you hundreds of dollars worth of money.

The reason for short cycling can be dirty filters and your thermostat malfunctioning most likely. This is a serious issue that needs professional heating and AC repair service.

  • Don’t Neglect Any Noises

Buzzing, humming or any unfamiliar sounds coming from your heating or AC system is a matter of concern. Make sure, you don’t confuse it for the operating sounds of your system. The operating sounds shouldn’t be loud. Shut down your appliances immediately and call a professional heating and ACrepair service in the Dallas, TX area to deal with such a problem. Don’t wait for it to get resolved by itself as it can be perilous for you and your loved ones.

  • Check for Any Leakages

Any leakages from your heating and AC systems are a sign of an issue. Trying DIY techniques do not prove to be very helpful in this case. Leakages usually signal serious problems. It could be a clogged drain line with mold or sludge growth. It needs proper cleaning and maintenance. A professional heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX can fix this issue and save you from any future inconvenience.

  • Examine the Vents

You need to thoroughly check that your vents and register are clean and unblocked. Any blockage caused by a carpet, rug or curtain can affect the airflow and the efficiency of your heating and AC.

In case of any blockage, the system will use up more energy to perform well and cause higher bills.

  • Observe Your Electricity Bills

Have you been noticing a significant rise in your electricity bills lately? If yes, then there’s a variety of that is causing it. Spending huge amount of money on something that can be fixed is wasting your resources. A professional heating and air conditioning service will inspect this issue and point out your problem.

Broken parts like the motor or capacitor, low refrigerant, duct leakage, lack of maintenance and poor installation are all reasons your Air conditioner and heating results in high electric bills.

  • Keep Track of Your Annual Maintenance Appointments

Can you tell us when was the last time you had an appointment with a professional heating and AC service? If not, it means you have not been taking care of your systems. Your cooling and heating systems shouldn’t only be checked when there is a problem. To avoid any unpleasant situation, it is essential that you have preventative maintenance appointments. The end of the season cycle is the advisable time to do that.

There are also cases where despite having annual maintenance your heating and cooling systems are not performing well. If your system is 10-15 years old, chances are it’s time for a full replacement. Systems that have covered their average lifespan become less efficient and require more energy to perform well. They are on the verge of a breakdown. Your old systems can also result in high electrical bills.

Call a professional cooling and heating service to have a thorough inspection of your system and to advise you with the best options for a full replacement.

Our team of skilled technicians at One Hour Heating and Air are available at your service. We are extremely efficient and reach at the soonest time. We will inspect yoursystem; clean the filters, follow up a thorough efficiency check, and come up with the most effective solutions to any issues that might cause problems in the long-term.

Stay on the top of your game by contacting us for your heating and cooling systems in the Dallas, TX area. Let us help out with getting your system maintained or repaired.