HVAC Maintenance | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service

HVAC Maintenance | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service

When it’s the middle of summer and temperatures are climbing above 100 degrees, there’s nothing worse than having a problem with your air conditioner. While there are a lot of problems that happen simply because of the age of your AC unit or some sort of malfunction, AC problems are often a result of some sort of user error. If you want to avoid spending a fortune on air conditioning service to make sure your Fort Worth, TX, home is always a comfortable temperature, check out some of these easily avoidable causes of some of the most common air conditioner problems.

Not Replacing Your Air Filter

Not replacing your air filter on time is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re putting the AC unit in your Fort Worth, TX, home at risk for premature problems. HVAC systems rely on proper airflow to run smoothly, so having a dirty air filter in your HVAC system puts a lot of extra stress on your AC unit.

The biggest problem with not replacing the air filter in your AC unit is the fact that it restricts airflow which increases wear and tear. While this might not seem like the biggest deal, this wear and tear could shorten the lifespan on your air conditioner by years and cost you tons on air conditioning service expenses.

Another good reason to replace your air filter regularly is the fact that it has such a large impact on the indoor air quality in your home. Air filters are responsible for removing contaminants from the air before they get to the air you breathe, but a clogged air filter doesn’t do a great job of that. Whenever you have seasonal air conditioning service done, you should have your air filter replaced.

Overworking Your AC

While you might not think it’s the biggest deal, one of the worst things you can do for your AC unit is overwork it. As much as air conditioners are designed to provide cool air to your home whenever you need it, wear and tear also means those AC units aren’t designed to last forever. When you crank your thermostat down to make sure your home is freezing cold on 100-plus degree days, it keeps your air conditioning running for longer than it should be.

A lot of homeowners are tempted to turn their thermostat way down when it’s hot inside, but there are a few problems with that. The biggest problem with this is the fact that it makes your AC unit work a lot harder, increasing wear and tear and making you spend more on air conditioning service. However, it’s also easy to overshoot the temperature you’re looking for and make your home too cold, forcing you to heat it back up to a comfortable temperature.

According to most air conditioning service experts, the best thing you can do to make sure your AC unit lasts longer and your home remains at a comfortable temperature is set your thermostat to about 68 degrees.

Not Cleaning Your AC

One thing that’s guaranteed to shorten the lifespan of your AC unit and your HVAC system as a whole is not keeping up with regular cleaning. Your AC unit needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, and the same is true for the ducts in your Fort Worth, TX, home.

Aside from making sure an ac service professional cleans your ducts and AC unit during seasonal maintenance, you should also do a little bit of cleaning yourself. While you don’t need to get deep inside your AC unit and clean out any crucial components, you should always make sure you’re keeping the area around your AC unit free of dirt and debris to avoid premature wear and tear.

If you don’t keep up with routine AC unit cleaning, you may notice a spike in your AC unit or a serious decrease in cooling power. Your AC unit needs proper airflow and clean coils to provide your home with cool air at all times, so failing to keep it clean means you’ll need the help of a heating and air conditioning service to fix the problem.

Air Conditioner Life Expectancy

As important as it is to make sure you’re taking good care of your AC unit, it’s also important to know when it’s no longer worth hiring an air conditioning service pro to fix it. The fact of the matter is, AC units are only designed to last so long just like any other appliance in your Fort Worth, TX, home.

In terms of how long you should expect your central AC unit to last, it depends on the brand and model you invested in. Beyond that, the way you use your AC unit has a big impact on how quickly it wears out. However, as a good rule of thumb, you should always replace your AC unit instead of repairing it if it’s at least 20 years old. While you might be able to fix a 20-year-old AC unit, it’s not worth the price you’ll have to pay.

If you do have an older AC unit that you’re better off replacing, make sure you talk to an air conditioning service expert about the best model for your needs. Not only is it important to find the right size AC for your home, you can also find a unit with the features you want.

No Sweat

There’s nothing worse than having a major problem with your AC unit, and the best way to avoid that is knowing what some of the most common causes of those problems are.

As long as you’ve got a good team of pros around to help you fix things up in a jiffy, you’re good to go. And if you live in Fort Worth, TX, you can count on the air conditioning service experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. Call us today at (817) 283-6911 to schedule an appointment.