Importance of Timely AC Service | Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

Importance of Timely AC Service | Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

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Living in Texas which is one of the hottest states in the USA, you definitely need an AC. Not only do you need an AC, but you need regular and consistent Air conditioning service in Plano, TX to ensure your AC remains working optimally at all times. A poorly serviced AC which isn’t properly maintained can give rise to a host of problems, both for yourself and your house.

Disadvantages of an Unserviced AC

1.   High Bills

One of the immediate disadvantages of a poorly serviced AC is that it will consume more electricity.

It consumes more electricity because it has to work harder for longer periods of time to cool a room as a well working AC. Compared to a well working AC which can do it quicker and thus consumes less electricity, more time spent is for the poorly serviced AC. Considering you have to keep the AC on 24/7 in Texas summers, your increased electricity bills can add up to quite the amount. Save your wallet by getting Air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

2.   Shelf Life

An AC which isn’t properly serviced will have its shelf reduced considerably. This is because most mechanical appliances need proper maintenance at regular intervals to remain working at their perfect conditions. Only with such care can they stretch out to their full lives. With lack of services, their parts are burdened and have to exert more effort. This all wears and tears on your AC. To ensure your AC continues for as long as possible, opt for Air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

3.   Health Concerns

A poorly serviced AC is not only a threat to your wallet but also to your health. ACs have air filters which trap dust and other air particulate. If these filters are not properly cleaned regularly then they can get choked up with dust. This dust is then carried into the air the AC unit expels. This dust can cause asthma and a variety of other respiratory problems. Therefore to protect your health, it is imperative to have regular Air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

4.   Wood Damage

A poorly serviced AC is also one which is likely to have more water problems like increased pipe dripping or leakage of the water into the AC unit. If water starts leaking into the AC unit then this can cause a number of problems. Your AC might malfunction and stop working properly. If this water continuously drips on the wall on which the AC is mounted then you might fall victim to water damage. Water inundation, rot and mold growth may affect the wooden wall which is being constantly exposed to water without it drying appropriately. Timely Air conditioning service in Plano, TX will fix all of this and ensure that water does not leak into the AC unit.

Benefits of a Serviced AC

In contrast, an AC unit which gets regular Air conditioning service in Plano, TX will only benefit and advantage you in tremendous ways. The true value of proper servicing will only be felt at the height of summer heat.

Here are the many ways you will advantage if you have routine service carried out.

1.   Air Quality

Air quality will see a tremendous increase after you get your AC freshly serviced. Most modern ACs come with various options for treating the air they put out. When you get your AC serviced, it gets the opportunity to perform at optimal capacity. This results in cleaner, fresher and healthier air. This not only calms you down but also provides a break from the pollution you otherwise have to face.

2.   Savings

A properly serviced AC allows you numerous savings in costs and expenses. We do not just mean savings in your electricity bills although that too is a big benefit. A good working AC needs less energy and less electricity to cool a room quickly to a set temperature, therefore its power consumption is lower.

Apart from this however, a well working AC which is serviced has less chances of breaking down and incurring costly repair costs. Not to mention, it won’t get the chance to harm or cause damage to your house by leaking water. A regular yet minor cost of Air conditioning service in Plano, TX can net you many savings elsewhere.

3.   Longevity

A well serviced AC will have a much longer life and might even continue working indefinitely. Regular servicing will catch problems before they occur and treat them before they can cause irreversible damage to your unit. Recharging the gas or coolant of your AC is also part of regular service. If it is regularly checked and filled up then there is no reason for your AC to provide inadequate cooling.

AC units are considerably expensive therefore protect your investment by spreading it to the maximum number of years as you can. Regular Air conditioning service in Plano, TX will help you for that.

4.   Increased Comfort

A very obvious yet important benefit is the better cooling. A well working AC will provide you truly cool and chilly air which sooths, calms and relaxes you after a long hard day. Coming home from the rigors of the day only to get sink into your sofa as you allow the cold breeze to sink into you, nothing sounds better, right? Your children will also be thankful after they come home from school. So don’t wait and get Air conditioning service in Plano, TX.


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