Signs You Need Heating and AC Repair in Plano, TX

Signs You Need Heating and AC Repair in Plano, TX

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The air conditioning and heating unit in your house plays a very important part in keeping your house comfortable and cozy. It gives you the desired temperature that you need. When issues with these systems occur, it can prove to be quite a nuisance and can disrupt your daily activities.

Here are a few signs that can tell you that you need to call a professional for immediate help with heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. If you delay in getting help and try to fix the issue yourself, you might face problems later on.

Unusual Sounds

An air conditioner that is functioning perfectly should not have any unusual noises coming from it. It should just be working in silence, providing cool air to the occupants of the home. These sounds can be gurgling, dripping, squealing, whirring, or any other grinding noises. Listen closely, and if you hear any of these sounds, then you definitely need to get help from a professional for your heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. These weird sounds from the AC unit point out to the fact that there is some serious issue inside which is causing this.

Foul Smell

A foul smell can indicate that you immediately need to call someone for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. If you ever walk into your room and feel that the smell is rather unusual, it is a sign that tells you that there is something wrong with your AC. The air from your AC should be nice and fresh, and rather pleasant. In case of a foul smell coming from the AC, you should take the matter rather seriously.

If you ignore this, your AC might have bigger issues in the future, which might need you to replace the entire unit. Therefore, in case of any foul smells from the AC, you need to get heating and AC repair in Plano, TX at the soonest.

High Bills

High bills indicate that something is wrong in the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. You pay your AC bill every month, and so you must be very well aware of an approximate amount that you pay for the use of your AC. If you see a sudden and sharp spike in the electricity bills at a certain point in time, then it should ring alarm bells. You should definitely know that there is someth

ing wrong with the AC system that is causing you to pay this extra money.

A few causes for this can be problems with the compressor or petty issues like a dirty air filter. The problem can also be with the meter that has a few digits up and down, which is why your energy bills are much higher than usual. In this case, it is best that you call a professional for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. A professional can guide you best and can tell you exactly how the issue can be solved.

No Cool Air

There can be nothing worse than this problem in terms of an air conditioner. If your air conditioner is not fulfilling the sole purpose for which you bought it, then you should definitely get someone to see what the issue is. The issue can be with the compressor or the condenser. A professional can guide you best and tell you whether the problem can be fixed by a company that specializes in heating and AC repair in Plano, TX, or whether you will need to replace the entire unit. After all, what is the use of an AC if it is not giving out cool air?

Hot Air

In this case, if your AC is doing the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do, you should know that there is definitely something wrong. If the refrigerant leaks or the compressor breaks, then you will most likely face this issue. You need to call a professional for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX immediately if you are facing this issue.


Oftentimes, AC systems leak. Some people put a bucket underneath and throw the water all at once as it collects. This is definitely not a permanent solution to the problem. This leaking issue mainly occurs because of a problem with the refrigerant system. This leaking of water can cause a lot of issues for you. It can ruin your furniture, it can spoil the look of your house, it can lead to fungus and mold breeding on the walls and so on. So, if you see any sort of leakage from your AC system, you should immediately seek help and call for a professional service that deals in heating and AC repair in Plano, TX.

So why should you call for help from a professional when facing these issues? A professional who is well equipped with the knowledge and know-how of the field can best guide with regards to how you should go about when solving this issue. If you try to solve the issue yourself, it can cause a lot of problems later on. Owing to the fact that the professionals have been in the business for so long, they have seen multiple issues over the years and know exactly how each issue can and should be solved.

You should ideally be vigilant for any of these signs and should call for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX if you see them. If you are looking for the best services in this field, then you don’t need to search anymore. One Hour Heating and Air has you covered. They offer the best services and have a team of highly professional individuals who are very skilled at their job.

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