Is Your AC Leaking? An AC Repair Technician Explains | Keller, TX

Is Your AC Leaking? An AC Repair Technician Explains | Keller, TX

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As you have undoubtedly heard, an HVAC system may generate up to 20 gallons of water daily, hence it’s not surprising that 90 percent of AC repair calls are to fix water leaks due to condensation. Water coming from the external drain of the AC unit is normal, but when you notice large pools of water or leaks in other locations, it could mean more extensive problems.

A leak in your AC could mean that the overflow drain pan has a hole, the air filter is clogged with dirt, or your condensate drain line is congested. A leaky AC not only denies you comfort due to lukewarm indoor temperatures but may lead to costly AC repairs and damage to your belongings.

Although a leaking AC unit is easy to fix, if ignored, it could lead to mold growth or cause massive damage to your electrical systems, floors, and walls. Fortunately, you can prevent these leaks through frequent preventive maintenance.

In this blog post, you’ll discover reasons why your AC could be leaking and steps to take to fix the issue.

Clogged Air Filters

The function of the filter is to prevent debris and dust from entering the AC system through your house’s indoor air. The hot, filtered air then enters the AC and passes over the evaporator coil, which contains a cold liquid agent that removes or sucks up heat from the air. Once the air is cooled, it will be pushed back out into your house.

Therefore, your home’s air filter needs to be changed frequently; otherwise, the AC could freeze and leak water when the ice defrosts. Since the airflow has reduced, there will be less warm air passing over the coil’s liquid agent, leading to the freezing and icing of the coil.

Sooner or later, the ice will melt, causing the resulting water to fill up the drain pan and overflow, leading to a puddle of water around the base of your AC unit.

To fix this problem, first, switch off the AC. Then remove the filter, and if it’s clogged with particles such as dust and dirt, it will be wise to replace it with a new one.

It is crucial to ensure the ice on the coil has melted before fitting the new filter and turning the AC on. If the unit is still leaking, then the problem was not the dirty filters. In such cases, it would be advisable to contact a reliable AC repair company in Keller, TX.

Improper Installation

A brand HVAC system is a significant investment. That’s why it’s vital to hire a trustworthy and reliable repair technician to avoid mistakes during the installation process. Incorrect installation of the AC system may cause the drain pan to tilt to one side, hence water from condensation will leak out of it.

Also, when replacing the air filter every month, ensure it is installed correctly. If not correctly fitted, it could cause the system to malfunction, hence causing leaks and other issues.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

If you skip routine HVAC maintenance services, then at some point, the condensate drain line will be clogged with dust particles and bacteria. This leads to the growth of algae, mold, and mildew in the drain line. The mold in the drain line feeds off tiny airborne particles pulled through return ducts, producing millions of mold spores. The spores are released into the air flowing in the supply ducts and contaminate the indoor air of your home.

This leads to allergic symptoms and respiratory diseases. Also, the mold from the condensate drain expands into the evaporator coil, blocking narrow air passages and suppressing AC airflow.

Eventually, the drain will be clogged with sludge and grime, blocking the drain line. As a result, flooding occurs in the overflow pan, which ends up destroying drywall, ceilings, or floors, leading to thousands of dollars in repair.

Also, incorrectly mounted condensate drain lines with long, horizontal runs allow debris and dust to accumulate and dry, hence blocking condensate flow in the drain line. Sometimes clogging in the drain line could be due to insects.

To prevent your condensate drain line from clogging, ensure to schedule regular AC maintenance once or twice a year from a licensed AC repair company to avoid the clogs.

Refrigerant Leak

This is one of the frequent problems homeowners face in Keller, TX, and can be vexing if not fixed properly. When AC repair experts diagnose an AC, the problem is usually a refrigerant loss in most cases. An AC system operation does not cause refrigerant loss. When you have a thriving functioning AC unit, it does not lose refrigerant over time. Instead, it moves air and maintains the same amount of refrigerant.

Handling a refrigerant or Freon leak is complex because it can only be purchased by a licensed HVAC technician, and exposure to this coolant can be toxic.

The good news is that a refrigerant leak is among the minor causes of drip in your AC. In most cases, you’ll need an AC repair professional to come and check it out; but you can look for the signs below to determine if it is a refrigerant leak:

  • High electricity bills
  • AC is not cooling
  • A hissing noise
  • Frost forming on the condenser unit

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the indoor air causing condensation to build upon the coils. But sometimes, the cooling process may go wrong, leading to condensation freezing over, resulting in the breakdown of your AC.

Sometimes frozen evaporator coils cause the AC unit to leak. When you notice that your evaporator coil is covered in ice, then it means you could either be having dirty filters or experiencing low refrigerant levels.

If you encounter a frozen evaporator coil, you can contact an AC repair provider to locate the source of the problem. You can switch off the air conditioner so that it can melt as you wait for the experts to arrive.

Rusted Drip Pan

If the inside of your home in Keller, TX, has high humidity, then the drip pan could rust, leading to condensation droplets falling into the pan and leaking out of the air conditioner.

When this happens, you can visit a nearby hardware store and purchase this accessory but ensure to note the model and make of your AC.

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