AC Repair Company And Air Conditioner Capacitors: Tell Tale Signs Of A Bad AC Capacitor | Arlington, TX

AC Repair Company And Air Conditioner Capacitors: Tell Tale Signs Of A Bad AC Capacitor | Arlington, TX

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If you are the curious type, you’ll notice a glossy component that appears like a cylinder-shaped battery inside your AC. That’s the air conditioner capacitor, which is the most vital component of your entire HVAC system. It powers the AC system’s motors to ensure they operate when it’s time to cool your home in Arlington, TX.

Among the parts of the AC, the capacitor has to be frequently replaced because it can prevent the entire HVAC system from operating if it malfunctions. Also, when the capacitor starts going bad, your air conditioner will work harder to circulate cool air in your home, resulting in higher energy bills.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to spot early signs of capacitor trouble and when to have an AC repair company replace or repair it. A word of caution, though; AC capacitors are lethal, high-voltage devices, hence mishandling them could cause severe injury or death. Therefore, always consult with a licensed AC repair company the moment it starts developing problems.

Importance of Capacitors in HVAC Systems

Millions of air handling units in the United States contain AC capacitors. Although they are designed to last for about 10 to 20 years, capacitors are the most commonly worn-out component on AC units and wear faster due to many factors, including heat exposure.

Capacitors are essential in the HVAC system and perform the most demanding tasks, causing the entire air conditioner to malfunction when they fail. An overused AC capacitor can result in problems that no one would want to experience during the scorching summers.

The reason why your air conditioning unit needs a capacitor despite being connected to the electrical system is that it requires a lot of energy to perform its job, and your home’s wiring may not be able to offer the adequate amount of power required.

In this case, the capacitor makes up by jump-starting the system’s motor to cool your home.

No Cold Air

Experiencing summers without cold air can be real torture, and you’ll need to have the problem addressed immediately. An obvious sign of a bad AC capacitor is when it fails to blow cold air. A malfunctioning capacitor can’t provide the required energy surge to the motor in the air conditioner, causing it to generate cool air.

Sometimes it may not be a problem with your capacitor. In such a case, it would be best to work with an AC repair company to help you go through the process.

High Electricity Bills

If your capacitor is defective, the motor will not receive enough power surge to ensure the air conditioner is in perfect condition. This causes the motor to work harder in balancing things, hence more energy consumption.

As this happens, the air conditioner will also consume excess power than it should. When this comes to your attention, you can check the capacitor and other parts since, at times, it may not be a bad AC capacitor. A technician from a reliable AC company can quickly fix the problem.

A Humming Noise

Over the years, manufacturers have managed to reduce the noise level produced by the central A/C systems. If your AC system is well maintained and fully functional, it will only make a calm swoosh sound that will not disrupt your peace or disturb your neighbors. But if lately, you’ve noticed a prominent loud humming from your air conditioner, then something is wrong.

In most cases, it could be the AC capacitor that’s becoming faulty. As already noted, the AC capacitor offers the initial voltage surge required to jolt the powerful compressor motor found in the outdoor unit of the central AC system. But over the years, the capacitor weakens and will not provide enough electrical punch to start the AC unit.

This causes the compressor motor to produce the audible “humming” sound since it has to strain every time it receives a signal from the thermostat. Due to the danger of high voltage, it’s strongly required to have a trained professional from an established AC repair company in Arlington, TX, replace the capacitor.

Lastly, to be sure, it’s a faulty capacitor and nothing else; you can test it before calling an AC company to check if it’s still in good condition using a thermostat.

AC Unit Takes Time To Come Up

If you have noticed lately that your AC unit takes time to fire up after switching it on, then a problem is looming. Sometimes the AC capacitor may not be connected to a power source and has nothing to do with the capacitor. But if the AC unit is perfectly connected and still taking time to start, you could have a bad AC capacitor.

This is not a problem that can be fixed. Once you have identified this issue, you’ll have no option but to call a reliable AC repair company to guide you in conducting a replacement.

Cooling Cycle Takes Forever

When your AC is in good shape, it won’t take forever to load a cooling cycle. But when the AC capacitor is faulty, your home will take time to cool. In such cases, you should contact a reputable AC repair company to have the unit replaced. Otherwise, it could end up damaging the entire system.

Burning Smell

Don’t panic when you switch on your HVAC and notice a burning smell. The good news is that this is not a potential house fire, but the bad news is that if you don’t pay attention and act quickly, this could be dangerous.

The burning smell from the AC may be due to many things, including a bad AC capacitor. If it’s the capacitor that’s burning, you’ll smell burning plastic, and the order will be more vital at the vents outside your house.

The burning smell could be because the capacitor has broken, causing the motor to overheat, hence the burning smell. This is an urgent issue; therefore, immediately switch off the HVAC system and get a technician from a licensed AC repair company to replace the capacitor. Other reasons your capacitor could go bad may be overheating, simple deterioration due to old age, or power surges.

Reliable AC Repair Company Throughout Arlington, TX

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Our licensed and trained technicians will help you diagnose the problem and fix it quickly and effectively. For all your residential or commercial HVAC needs, ensure to contact our AC repair company today.