Air Conditioner Installation: Best Commercial Air Conditioning Systems For Your Business | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Best Commercial Air Conditioning Systems For Your Business | Arlington, TX

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An AC system is a must-have for all commercial, industrial, or residential buildings. Ensuring a favorable indoor environment is necessary, especially during the blazing summers in Arlington, TX.

Getting the right and quality AC system for your commercial space, whether a small shop, cafe, or big office, is crucial since it is responsible for about 3.84 percent of the total energy used in commercial premises. Commercial AC units have different cooling capacities and numerous setups and layouts to meet the needs of property owners.

Therefore, if you are considering an air conditioner installation or replacement for your business, you should know about the various AC systems that could be suitable for your needs.

Although they utilize the same basic technology, they have different applications. Discussed below are some of the main types of commercial air conditioning units that may be best for your business space.

VRV/VRF Systems

This type of AC system entered U.S commercial spaces around 2014, although Japanese manufacturers had already introduced it in the market in the 1980s.

Due to their energy efficiency, the sales for VRV/VRF systems have been increasing by over 20 percent annually in the U.S market. They use variable refrigerant volume (VRV) or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology and an advanced heat pump. These units are also built with a sub-cooling that enhances their efficiency.

Their advanced technology makes them an excellent option for specific commercial projects that need flexibility for their occupants or retrofit projects. If you are considering an air conditioner installation for your medium or large-sized business in Arlington, TX, you can opt for VRF systems.

Like the traditional AC units, VRF systems use indoor fan coils and outdoor condenser units and are air-cooled and refrigerant. While conventional AC units have one large unit that pumps air to the entire space, a VRF system has many air handlers that can be controlled separately and piped back to one system. That’s why they are referred to as variable refrigerant flow because they can control the quantity of refrigerant flowing to every small handler.

When planning an air conditioner installation, it’s important to know two types of VRF systems; heat recovery and pump. Heat pumps can cool and heat a building but not at the same time. Thus, you can install it if your commercial space is more of an open plan because all zones will either be heated or cooled.

On the other hand, heat recovery systems allow cooling and heating to occur simultaneously, hence perfect for commercial premises with many separate rooms. They gather wasted heat from different building rooms and reheat other rooms.

Besides providing simultaneous zonal heating and cooling control, VRF systems are popular because of their flexibility in design, making it possible for various outdoor units to be linked together and boost the entire system’s capacity.

Their indoor units are also available in various sizes, hence suitable for many applications. In addition, VRF systems have advanced controls; thus, commercial property owners have absolute control of their environment without negatively affecting other areas served by the same unit.

Finally, these units require less wiring; thus, their installation is not complicated. But, if you are interested in this type of AC installation, you should be prepared for the higher installation costs. You also need to have a backup condenser if the outside unit malfunctions.

Single Split Systems

These are the most common AC systems and are popular in small commercial premises such as small offices or cafes because they allow for cooling and heating in separate spaces. This type of AC installation is affordable, unlike other AC systems.

A single split system has an outdoor unit for every indoor unit. It is mounted near the room’s exterior wall to be cooled and contains capillary tubing, compressor, and condenser coil. On the other hand, the indoor unit has an air filter as well as a long blower and cooling coil.

The installation process is more straightforward because it does not require ductwork; instead, the units are connected via tubing and electrical wires. You will need sufficient outdoor space to house all the outdoor units because every indoor unit needs its outdoor part.

Many small business owners prefer this type of air conditioner installation because it’s cheaper to mount. Every system is self-contained; thus, others won’t be affected and continue functioning when one unit fails.

Also, the noisy parts of the AC are located at the outside unit, hence a quieter performing indoor unit.

Multi-Split Systems

These AC units are similar to single split systems, but the indoor units don’t require their outdoor unit; instead, many indoor units are connected to a single, bigger outdoor unit. In this system, inverter technology is used; thus, the compressor can function at changing speeds.

The system’s sensors detect slight variation in temperature and make minor adjustments when called for, thus cutting down on energy consumption. You can consider this type of air conditioner installation if you have ample office space, retail shop, or your building has multiple floors. However, you may spend more money during installation because multi-split systems need more pipework than single units and take time to mount.

This air conditioner installation helps keep intact the exterior appearance of your commercial building because it uses fewer outdoor units. Also, with this type of AC unit, you don’t need much outdoor space like the one you would require when using a single split unit. Plus, these units save you money and energy because they operate using heat’s natural inclination to move from warm areas to cool ones.

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