Is Your Air Conditioning Not Working? Some Common Issues That Might be the Reason | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Is Your Air Conditioning Not Working? Some Common Issues That Might be the Reason | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Summers in Texas can be very unwelcoming and finding out amid peak season that your residential air conditioning system is not working can disconcert you big time. With contemporary residential architecture, it has become next to impossible to live even a single day without a working air conditioning unit during summers.

For that matter, we are outlining some of the common reasons behind a dysfunctional air conditioning unit here. By identifying and fixing them with the assistance of any reputable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, you can have your AC unit running within the same day.

Fuse Malfunction

Fuse or circuit breakers are an important safety component of any residential or commercial electrical system. It basically protects expensive electrical equipment from the events of excessive current and high voltage by cutting off the electrical connection. In summers, voltage fluctuations are often transmitted from the power grid to electrical supply of residential units. This varying voltage can trigger the circuitbreaker to terminate the electricalconnection.


So, if your air conditioner unit is not switching on. The first thingyou should do is to check the respectivefuse. If its switch is flipped, revert it back to its normal position and restart the unit. If it roars again then that’s it, you don’t have to call for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX because there is noissue with the system itself.


However, even if repeated flips of the circuitbreaker are not helping, then it is better to have an inspection from the technicians of any good air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerantis like a fuel of any air conditioning system. It is basically a chemical that absorbs all the heat of the interior in the evaporation phase and expels it out during the condensation phase during a refrigeration cycle. Refrigerant starts to leak from an air conditioning unit when it is not serviced regularly. So, regular services and tune-ups from a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX are essential.


The dysfunctionality of an air conditioning unit due to refrigerant leakage is different. In fact,the air conditioning turns on and blows air as well. However, the cooling process becomes very slow and exasperating. With regular inspections, you can come to know about refrigerant leaks on time. But if that’s not the case, you must be worried when you are sweating or feeling hot even when the air conditioning is running.


It will be wise to call for professional examination from a trustworthyair conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX before the unit completely runs out of refrigerant and starts to blow hot air in summers. Aside from restoring the cooling capacity of your air conditioner, fixing refrigerant leakage is also important because:


Increased Energy Bills: With an inadequateamount of refrigerant, the air conditioning unit can’t effectively carry out its refrigeration cycles. This means it will take more time to acquire the desired temperature, resulting in inflated utility bills.


Not Good for Environment: Refrigerants are mixtures of fluorocarbons, sulfur dioxide, andhydrocarbons. Refrigerants are known for their adverse effects on ozone. Leakage of refrigerant in the interior atmosphere is not good for the well-beingof household, and as well as for the externalenvironment.


Therefore, immediately call for a professional checkup from any reliable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Their HVAC technicians can fix the issue of refrigerant leaking within an hour or two.

Faulty Condenser Unit

Condenser unit of any air conditioning system is as vital as evaporator unit. However, condenser units are mostly neglected by homeowners even though they are more vulnerable to damage because of their exterior installation. If you are not getting enough air from the vents, then go and check the outside (condenser) unit as well. If it its fan is static while the air conditioner is running then you are facing the issue of condenser unit breakdown. In that case,you don’t have any other option except to call a good air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.  There are multiple reasons for the breakdown of your condenser unit.


Bent Fan Blades: Due to any significant physical impact, the fan blades of condenser unit can be bent.


Debris Buildups: Since they are placed outside, condenser units areseverely subjected to the accumulation of plant debris, dirt, anddust.


In addition, any unforeseen weather anomaly can damage your condenser unit. Experts from any air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, therefore, would advise you to place thecondenser unit in a shelter to prevent damages.


Remember that an air conditioning can’t work without a working condenser unit no matter how efficiently its inner assembly is working. Make sure that the condenser unit is not overlooked in your regular air conditioning tune-ups.

Frosted Evaporator Coils

Evaporator unit is where the main heat exchange takes place. Evaporator coils can be frosted due to the backflow of cool air into the system. This usually happens when you don’t replace dirty air filters of the unit on regular basis. In addition, choked up ducts can also lead to frosted evaporator coils.

If your air conditioner unit is powered on but not blowing sufficient cool air, then it is better to have an inspection for frozen evaporator coils by any good air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. With a regularroutine of HVAC servicing, you can avoid the frosting of evaporator coils. Therefore, get the expertise of any good air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for periodic comprehensive HVAC tune-up.

Worn out Thermostats

If you sense that your air conditioning unit is not cooling according to the displayed temperature, then you might need thermostat replacement from any good air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Mechanical thermostats near the end of their service life often start to mess up with the cooling competence of a perfectly working air conditioning unit.


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