Problems with Air Conditioners That May Cause You Trouble | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Problems with Air Conditioners That May Cause You Trouble | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

The temperature in Fort Worth is expected to reach over 95°F over the next 2 months. With such rising temperatures and especially the threat of global warming looming over our heads, one must prepare for the worst. This makes your air conditioner amongst your most valuable possessions. You would certainly like a properly working air conditioner after a hot day.

As someone one living in Fort Worth, you need to be cautious about the problems with air conditioners and call an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX before it gets too late and you have to be without a working air conditioner in the hot summer.

Many people fail to notice that their AC may have a problem, and have to then struggle away in the hot weather while their air conditioner is serviced and fixed.

There are countless factors that can lead to an air conditioner unit to malfunction. You need to be able to identify those problems so you can call an air condition repair in Forth Worth well beforehand.


1.  Unclean Filter

Often, one of the most common issues that an air conditioning service in Fort Worth finds while repairing air conditioners is an unclean filter. They are also one of the primary culprits for an AC leak. The reason is that an unclean filter can make it hard for the air to go through the filter which can result in the unit to malfunction and thus freeze.


2.  Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is a cooling chemical that is used in air conditioners and refrigerators. Air conditioners work at their optimum best when the refrigerant charge is equivalent to the air conditioner’s requirements. Technicians from air conditioning services in Fort Worth have found improper amounts of refrigerant as one of the causes behind air conditioner leaks.

Sometimes the refrigerant is more than what is required, while at others it is lower. Furthermore, the refrigerant may also be wrongly added during the installation. Some people tend to add refrigerant charge by themselves which worsens the issue.


3.  Drain Strain

Air conditioners take away any water particles in the air from your room and pass them out through something that is attached to your air conditioner known as a drain line. The drain line empties the water into a container known as a pan. At times, either the drain line becomes congested due to an obstruction or is incorrectly positioned which blocks the water from flowing into the pan. This can also happen if the pan becomes full. The water then can’t get out of your air conditioning unit and thus damages your air conditioning unit.


4.  Foil the Freezing Coil

When an air conditioning service in Fort Worth is called upon for an air conditioner malfunction, they have found the coil to be frozen in several instances.  A coil is frozen due to several reasons like, low refrigerant, unclean air filter and fan motor.


5.  Outside Fan

The fan that is located at the outside of your air conditioner is integral to the working of your air conditioner. It swallows heat from your room and passes it to the outside. If this fan is not working, then it can lead to bigger problems as it can damage the compressor.


6.  Defective Wiring

Sometimes, air conditioner wiring is done wrong at the installation stage or is done by uncertified people. Flawed wiring can not only damage your system but it is also one of the reasons of fires at home. Make sure to have your air conditioning wiring done by certified professionals from an air conditioning service in Fort Worth.


7.  Wrong Positioning of Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is in a room that has a sunny window, then it can make it harder for the air conditioner to perform. Also if your thermostat is facing a sunny window, then it will have a wrong temperature. Thus, you should always keep your air conditioner and thermostat away from sunny windows or can have curtains in hot weather.


8.  Compressor

Compressors push the refrigerant into the air conditioner unit. Compressor malfunctioning is also one of the biggest issues behind air conditioner failures according to experts from air conditioning services in Forth Worth. Your air conditioner can’t work and cool your room if your compressor is faulty. Low voltage in your home can damage your compressor badly. The compressor can also malfunction due to refrigerant inconsistencies or due to dirty condensed coils.


9.  Internal Water Leak

Sometimes, your air conditioning unit may spray water from places it shouldn’t. This can be due to an obstruction in the drain line or due to the container being full. It can also be due to your condensate fan being faulty. In any case, don’t use your air conditioner in such a case and call an air conditioning service in Fort Worth to fix your problem.


10.  External Water Leak

You may experience and find some water leaking from your condenser unit. When the weather is chilly, your air conditioner may freeze. This can result in the leakage of water, when the frozen water starts to melt. However, if you find leakage despite the air conditioner not freezing, then you may need to call an air conditioning service in Fort Worth.

In warmer temperatures like 65 degrees or more, the external leak is not worrisome if your air conditioner is working. If you find the water leakage without your air conditioner working then there is something wrong with the unit.

In order to save your air conditioner from causing a hit on your budget, experts from air conditioning services in Fort Worth advise you to program your thermostat appropriately. It should not be at a too low temperature. Also always remember to keep the temperature higher when you’re not there. It saves air conditioning costs considerably.

To save your air conditioner from serious problems and ensure a comfortable summer, you must never forget to call One Hour Heating and Air the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth. Experts from air conditioning service in Forth Worth can properly look for any problem in your system and save you from bigger problems in future.