Key Features to Look Out for in an HVAC System before Buying a Home | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Key Features to Look Out for in an HVAC System before Buying a Home | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

While people tend to go deep into details when buying a new home, they often neglect the important role that heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX plays in a house. The HVAC system of any house is extremely important, and instead of going through regret after you have purchased the home, it is best that you check these components before making the purchase. Now, many people don’t have an idea of what makes up a heating and AC system in Fort Worth, TX. Thus, even while wanting to check the system before they buy a house, they aren’t able to know the features they should look for or the components they should checkout.

Here we have a checklist of features that you should prioritize, while looking out for an HVAC system, for your new home. Go through the features we have mentioned in this list, because it will be worth it while you are evaluating a new home.

The Design and Ductwork

The design of the system for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX should be well rounded and should take care of all aspects. The ducts are an important part of the design, and it is necessary that they are sized and balanced properly for you to benefit from. The home will never be at the optimum temperature if the design for the ductwork isn’t well rounded. Ducts that are externally round are considered to be the most efficient, when it comes to maintaining satisfactory temperatures inside a room. Flexible ducts with long runs are the worst, and they barely serve the purpose. Look at these features and contemplate whether they fit the description we have provided here. If you feel satisfied then move on to the next step.


The refrigerant is also a very important component of a HVAC system in a house. While checking for a refrigerant, make sure that you do physically check for any leaks, so that you don’t incur any major costs for repairing the leaks after you move in. Refrigerant leaks can also pose health hazards, which is why you need to get this check done.

Federal law states that R-22 refrigerant should have phased out by 2015. A system that makes use of R-410A refrigerant is recommended. These refrigerants have zero environmental impacts and are easier to get serviced.

Location of the Indoor Unit

The location of your indoor unit is another aspect that is very important while getting a new home. Furnaces that are mounted on the attic can cause serious damage to the structure if they leak. Ceiling damage can often result because of the furnaces that are positioned in attics. Moreover, furnaces positioned in the attic are also very difficult to reach for servicing purposes. Any professional working on heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX will like it if the indoor unit positioned somewhere more accessible.

The ideal location for your indoor unit could be a closet at ground level or floor level. Furnaces that are mounted cleverly in closets, at ground level, tend to be less prone to leaks and may not suffer from constant water damage. These furnaces are easier to service for professionals as well, since they are easily accessible.

Location of Outdoor Unit

The location of an outdoor unit should be strategic, and you should have a close eye on it while assessing the house. If the outdoor unit is located near a bedroom, for instance, then you should object to it, since that would mean countless sleeping nights for anyone living there. Having the outdoor unit at the edge of an un-guttered roof can be another erroneous decision, as that would mean countless problems that you will have a hard time fighting off.


Another feature that plays an important part in the HVAC system is the condenser. You can check the exterior of the coils on the outside. These coils form the condenser and you can look at them to have an idea of how good the condensation system really is. The condenser coils should be made of a single material. Metals, such as aluminum coils and fins or copper coils and fins, tend to last longer because they provide better efficiency and feasibility. These coils and fins work well together, if they are made of the same material and would defy the change of time to give a flawless performance. Moreover, the need for consistency in material would be critically felt if you’re working in mildly corrosive environments. In such environments, it is necessary that you use specially coated coils for the condenser in your system.

Filter Dryer

You should be sure to check for the filter dryer, in the HVAC system, for the house you are planning to buy. The filter dryer isn’t really the most important component of your heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, but it is still necessary that you check it before making your decision.

For those who aren’t aware of it, a filter dryer can be fitted in the liquid line of the air-conditioner. The component is considered to be extremely necessary since it can extend the life of the compressor by removing any signs of moisture or grit. Replacing your compressor can be a hefty cost, which is why you need to ensure whether there is a filter dryer in place or not.

Air Filter

The location of the air-filter is another minor feature that you should have an eye on. The air-filter should be located at a place which is easy to reach for homeowners. Since the filter is to be replaced after every 3 to 4 months, the owner should be able to locate it and change it without any difficulties.

It is important for you to take into account every feature of the heating and AC system in Fort Worth, TX before buying a house. If you need assistance in servicing your HVAC system, you can get in touch with One Hour Heating and Air for the best professionals in town.