Reasons Why an Inverter A.C. Is Better than a Normal One | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Reasons Why an Inverter A.C. Is Better than a Normal One | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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Considering that there are many places in the world that experience record-breaking heat, air conditioning units are a crucial need of the hour. Knowing which one to buy from the overwhelming number of options can be confusing. This is why we’re going to explain why investing in an inverter A.C. is better than a normal one.

In this digital era, technology is advancing by the day! More and more inventions are being made to provide comfort and convenience to customers. There is intense competition between the top-notch companies and they are working hard to manufacture the best appliances.

As consumers we must make wise choices. A thorough research of the benefits different appliances provide should be done. We have to make informed decisions about where to invest our hard-earned money.

After buying expensive appliances, we must take care of them and schedule timely appointments from an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Furthermore, make sure to get your old A.Cs serviced before the peak of this summer heat. One Hour Heating and Air provide the best Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Faster Cooling

The inverter A.C. is able to cool your room much faster than a normal A.C. It does this because it has a variable speed compressor which as compared to a fixed speed compressor. This makes an inverter A.C. better equipped to change the rate of the cooling it provides according to the room temperature.

This way an inverter A.C. cools the room much faster when needed and simply maintains the cool temperature if the room is already cooled.

Furthermore, you can make the most of your A.C.s by making sure you get them serviced regularly by an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. This will enhance their performance and make sure your A.C.s cool your room faster.

Energy Efficient

Inverter AC’s are scientifically proven to have technology which reduces energy consumption. The variable speed of the compressor allows the compressor to work at a lower speed when the room has already been cooled. This makes an inverter AC much more energy efficient than the previous technologies.

Moreover, you can ensure that your ACs remain to be energy efficient by getting them checked by a professional from an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.


As explained above, an inverter AC uses up less electrical energy. This makes them environmentally friendly and allows you to do your part in preserving the natural resources of the planet. Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is a leading cause of a high carbon foot print in the U.S. You can reduce your energy consumption by making a smarter choice today!

As a responsible citizen you must ensure that you’re AC is working properly and not using up unnecessary electricity. Contact One Hour Heating and Air, an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to get a thorough inspection.


An inverter A.C. will significantly reduce your electricity bills. As explained earlier, Inverter ACs consume less electricity, which is not only good for the environment but also good for you. Tired of paying a hefty amount for the monthly electricity bill? Worry no more; getting an inverter AC will solve this problem.

Make sure to call a professional to install your new Inverter AC One Hour Heating and Air, an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX have a highly trained staff which can do this for you.

Less Sound Disturbance

An inverter AC’S compressor quietly works at a low speed to keep the cool temperature at a constant pre-set value. This makes sure there are no annoying sounds of switching on and off frequently. On the other hand, a normal air conditioner has to either work at full speed or completely shut down its compressor. This creates sound disturbances and can be irritating.

If your inverter AC is making noise then there must be something wrong with it. Without further delay, contact an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to look into the problem for you.

Long Life

The technologies embedded in the inverter AC makes it work smart rather than hard which ensures it has a longer life compared to a normal A.C.  This will work to your advantage as you won’t have to replace the AC for years to come.

An annual service by an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX should help you further prolong the life of your A.C.  The service and cleaning by a professional ensures an air conditioner works efficiently without any need for repairs.

Smart Capabilities

An Inverter AC has a built-in system which allows it to monitor the temperature in the room and to maintain it to a value which is pre-set by you.  This way an inverter AC gives you complete control over how cool your room becomes and you don’t have to freeze while you’re asleep at night.

Furthermore, the smart AC further allows you to schedule you’re AC to turn off while you sleep like a baby with the help of a timer. This makes sure you get undisturbed hours of sleep without the hassle of turning it on and off to reduce electricity consumption.

You can understand all the smart features in your inverter AC by the well-informed technician from an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Last Few Words

So don’t delay getting an inverter AC anymore! Save yourself from the burden of high electricity bills! Hopefully the reasons explained above have convinced you to spend your money on making a long term investment for your comfort and peace. If you’re looking for an AC that is economical, smart and eco-friendly, then an inverter is your best choice!

To get your new inverter AC installed professionally, choose an Air Conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Simply visit One Hour Heating and Air’s website or call them on 817-283-6911.