Seven Misconceptions and Myths That Increase Your Energy Bills | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

Seven Misconceptions and Myths That Increase Your Energy Bills | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

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Units of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX have become a necessity for homeowners. They are mandatory for comfortable living. However, they can frequently surprise you with higher energy bills, especially during peak seasons.

To curtail the energy bills, there are a lot of misconceptions that prevail among the homeowners. You might be taking some measures thinking they will help you save energy but the opposite can be happening in actual. Here are some of the most common myths about heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX that you need to remain careful about.

Myth 1: Letting Your Heating Unit Run All Day

Be prepared to have high energy bills by the end of the month if you leave your heating unit running all day long. It is often believed that letting the heating unit run at a lower temperature all day will help save on energy bills.

Well, this is one of the most commonly perceived myths that only result in even higher bills. If you want to save on your bills,use your units of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX smartly. It is best to turn off the system when no one is at home. This increases your system’s efficiency and ultimately reflects in your bills.

Myth 2: Turning the Thermostat Up When Outside Temperature Rises

A lot of people turn their thermostats up or down as the weather outside changes. In times of frosty weather, they turn the thermostat higher to keep the home warm. Similarly, in summer, as the temperature outside shoots, they bring down the temperature settings of their home cooling system.

You must remember that the thermostat setting is not driven by the temperature outside. It doesn’t need to be unnecessarily increased or decreased because of the weather outside.

You can change the settings of your units of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX according to your comfort. Increasing or decreasing them too much will only result in higher bills. It also wastes energy tremendously.

Myth 3: Sealing the Ducts with Duct Tape

This is a practice that is quite common among homeowners. They consider duct tapes a permanent solution for sealing ducts. These tapes are only a temporary fix to hold the heat and prevent it from losing.

It is important that you immediately get in touch with a professional of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX to fix this problem for you permanently or else you will have to endure higher energy bills due to the heat loss.

Myth 4: Heating Entire House to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be quite a problem that can lead to serious problems like pipe bursting and leaking. It is a common perception that keeping the entire home heated will prevent the pipes from freezing.

Well, this will only give you high bills alongside frozen pipes because this approach is not a preventive measure but just a myth. If you want to avoid frozen pipes, the best way to go about is to call a professional service of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX and have your pipes insulated. Insulation is the most appropriate way of keeping your pipes safe from the severe weather.

Myth 5: Going for Window Replacements

This is not completely a myth but is widely misinterpreted. You will find a lot of window manufacturers telling you to invest in energy-efficient windows to save big on your energy bills. Well, you have to understand all the aspects to ensure you make a wise decision for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX.

Replacing your drafty windows is, indeed, the right way to go about because a lot of heat and air can be lost due to faulty windows. The lesser the heat is lost, the more you will be able to save on your energy bills. You should know that all modern windows can prevent heat loss.

Going specifically for energy-efficient windows can get quite expensive. This will not help your ultimate objective of reducing the overall cost, because you may be able to save on bills but the installation is too high.

Myth 6: Using a Fireplace to Heat Your Home

A fireplace can make a great contribution to the overall aesthetics of your home and may as well increase the property value. But using the fireplace as a mean to warm up your home is more of a myth that leads to higher energy bills.

If you use the fireplace alongside your regular HVAC system, it will only increase the burden on your heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. The furnace will have to work even harder as the heat from your system will escape the room through the chimney. Resultantly, the system will have to keep working hard to maintain the temperature of the room. This will increase your heating bills.

Myth 7: Using Space Heaters Instead of Heating System

You may be often told to lessen the use of your furnace and run space heaters instead if you want to bring down your energy bills. Well, not using the furnace to keep your home warm during winter may save you on gas bills, but your electricity bills will escalate definitely.

Space heaters are electricity-powered. If you start using space heaters for warming up your home, they will take a whole lot of energy to do the job. You will end up paying higher electricity bills eventually.

If you want to make sure that you use energy efficiently and avoid higher bills, you must have regular maintenance carried out for your HVAC system. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is a professional service of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. We can guide you on efficient energy usage and what measures to take to avoid higher bills.