Some Repairs Your AC Might Need | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

Some Repairs Your AC Might Need | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

All the issues with the systems of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX happen when you need them the most. When the temperatures are at their highest in the peak months of summer, even a little problem with your air conditioning system can make your life terrible for the time being. You cannot sleep well and this messes up your routine for the entire day.

Therefore, we always recommend that you keep your air conditioners regularly maintained with the help of professionals for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. Contact them for repairs as soon as you notice a problem occurring. When you are careful about keeping the air conditioners maintained, you also ensure they have longer life.

Sometimes you are just unsure whether your air conditioner needs maintenance or not. In such conditions, you need to consult experts of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. They will inspect your systems thoroughly and will tell you if the system needs a repair or is going to need one soon. They will also fix the problems the AC currently has.

Here are some common problems that most homeowners face, so beware as you might need these repairs, too.

Repairing Refrigerant leaks

If you own an air conditioner, you should know what a refrigerant is. It is a gas filled inside the AC cooling systems. The gas cools down in the compressor and then travels through pipes to the indoor unit of the air conditioner. When the air passes through these pipes, it cools down before being blown into the room.

Refrigerant leak is of the issues that mostly happen with our ACs and we tend to neglect it. So, when we notice the performance of the air conditioners coming down, it is sometimes because of the lower levels of the refrigerant. When the refrigerant levels are lower than before, the AC does provide appropriate cooling and has to run for much longer to cool the room down.

Lower refrigerant levels are usually caused due to leakages in the pipes and sometimes around the compressor. Only a professional technician for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX would be able to tell what the problem actually is. If the levels are lower than required, they will fill the gas back up. They will also make sure to cure the reason of the leakage in the first place.

Flushing Condensate Lines

Condensate is the water that comes from the drainpipes of the indoor units. Condensate occurs due to the humidity present in the air. When it cools down on the pipes, it condenses and liquefies. When some of the condensate has been accumulated in the unit, it flows out through the drainpipes.

Cleaning the condensate lines is one of the maintenance tasks that most of the homeowners neglect even when they get the air conditioners maintained. Only experts of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX would remember to clean them.

If not cleaned, the lines tend to get clogged and will result in water flowing back into the system. Sometimes the water starts to drip or spray from the indoor units.

A clogged condensate line will cause the water to flow back into the unit and sometimes to drip inside the room. This also leads to debris build up inside the unit. A professional air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC, will also clean that along with the lines when you get the AC maintained.

Replacing a Fan Belt

A fan belt is a piece of equipment that drives the fan from the motor. As they are mostly made from rubber, they very often wear out earlier than the rest of the system and need to be replaced. This does not mean your AC has worn out or become useless. It is a common phenomenon for the belts to wear out and the replacements are easily available with repairers of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX.

Replacing a fan belt is  part of air conditioner maintenance. A broken belt halts the air conditions work, and hence it can’t be used until the belt is replaced. You should get regular inspection of the air conditioners, which will tell you in advance whether the belt needs replacement.

If you hear squeaks and rattles in the HVAC system, there is a high chance that these are because the belt has worn out. Call a professional for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX to get the problem fixed.

Electrical Repairs

Your air conditioner consists of a lot of electrical circuits and complex wirings inside both the units. Bad weather and usage conditions lead the wires to wear out and sometimes melt. This can be hazardous as the molten wires can result into a short circuit and a possible break down of the system. This can also cause current leakage, which can result into an electrocution.

When you call experts for maintenance of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, they inspect the wires both on the outside as well as inside of the unit. They will repair replace the worn out cables or wires, reducing the risk of bigger problems occurring.

Electrical connections outside the units are also prone to being loose should be tightened by the professionals. This sometimes leads to flickering lights in the house, or worse, molten wires due to the sparks caused.

These problems can all turn into bigger issues if not checked from time to time. This is the reason you should get your equipments inspected regularly.

The Bottom Line

AC is an expensive as well as an important piece of equipment that is an essential part of our daily lives. We cannot afford to deprive ourselves of this luxury during the high temperature season. This is why it is important to get your AC regularly maintained from professionals of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, such as One Hour Heating and Air. This will also reduce the need of having to replace the AC sooner.