Top Signs That You Need AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

Top Signs That You Need AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

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Air conditioning is not something to take lightly in Fort Worth, TX. While the temperatures are moderate now, come the late spring and summer months they will quickly be unbearable. Texas is known for its humid and hot long-lasting summers. Once the temperatures reach the 100s it seems like they stay there for months on end. For this reason, you want to make sure that your AC system is up for the challenge now. By planning in advance you can fix your AC while being stranded without it will make your home unlivable.

The only thing worse than your AC breaking during the heat of the summer is an electrical outage in the middle of the summer. You can’t do anything about an energy outage, but you can prevent your AC from breaking. Regular AC repair and maintenance is the best way to do this. Simply call your local Fort Worth TX HVAC company and schedule a maintenance AC repair now so they can inspect your system and make sure that it is clean and all of the components are ready to fire up when you need them later on in the spring. Unsure whether or not you need to bother? Here are some surefire signs that you need AC repair.

You Notice Rising Electricity Bills

As the spring weather starts to warm up do you notice that your energy bills seem higher than usual? While it is only natural that your energy bills will increase when your AC kicks in full time, you probably have a good idea of what you generally pay this time of year. If you are paying a lot more than that then there is a good chance that your AC system is not running as efficiently as it should be.

There are a lot of problems that can cause your AC system to work at a lower capacity. You may have a clog in your AC system that is lessening airflow or it is possible that there is a leak in your fluids or it is short cycling. All of these issues can cause your AC to work poorly and make it overwork. The harder your AC system has to work the higher the amount of energy it will consume. The end result is you will be paying for more energy and probably getting less cool air in your home. This is why it is important to take quick action and get an HVAC professional into your house for AC repair.

Your HVAC System Breaks Down Constantly

Have you had to deal with more than one HVAC breakdown over the past year? While your AC system may not be turned back on yet, you know how it did last summer. Did it seem like it broke down more than once? If you had to call for AC repair more than once within the year it may be time to think about completely replacing your system.

This gets even more imperative if your system is old. At some point, your system will start to fall apart simply because of extensive wear and tear. While paying for AC repair may seem cheaper than buying a new unit, all of those repair costs will add up. In the end, you may end up paying more for repairs than you would if you had just replaced it. For this reason, if you start noticing that you need to call for repair regularly it is time to think about replacement.

Odd Noises Coming from Your AC System

Your AC system should never be making any odd noises. In fact, outside of hearing the gentle hum when the fan is running and the gentle sound of the air flowing through your vents, you should never hear any noises from your AC. If you start to hear any noises then it is time to call for AC repair. This is due to the fact that noises usually indicate that something is wrong inside of your system or there is a blockage. The longer you wait the larger the issue will probably get and you will end up paying much more on your repair bill.

Squealing noises usually indicate that there is internal pressure built up near the compressor which in turn will cause hissing or squealing noises to get released. While AC systems should have sensors that turn off the system if the pressure gets too high, a lot of times those sensors do not work properly. Therefore, if you start to hear a high-pitched squealing noise you should immediately turn off your AC and call a Fort Worth, TX HVAC technician for AC repair.

On the other hand, buzzing noises usually indicate that something is wrong with the electrical components of your system. There is a lot of internal wiring within your machine including the relay switch, condenser fan motor, and/or other wires. Electrical problems can be very dangerous and are not something you should mess around with. If you hear a buzzing noise or smell anything like electrical burning then you need to shut down your AC and call for an inspection.

Finally, some people report clicking noises from their AC system, and sometimes that can be normal, but other times it can mean that something is wrong and you need AC repair. It is okay to hear a click when your AC starts, but that should be it. If you hear any other clicks or if the clicking becomes constant then there is a chance that something is obstructing the fan. The best way to get to the bottom of the issue is by calling an HVAC tech to look at it closely.

Your AC Is Not Evenly Cooling Your Home

Do you notice that lately, some areas of your home are warm while other areas of your home are properly cooled? This can be a sign that something is wrong with your ductwork or you’re actually an AC system. Sometimes it means that your system is worn out, other times it means that something needs to be fixed. The only way to know for sure is to have an HVAC professional come look at your system. If your AC system is not cooling your home then you are probably paying high energy costs and not getting the quality cooling experience you should be, so don’t put off AC repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Warm Air Is Coming Out of Your Vents

If warm air is coming out of your cold air ducts then this is an obvious sign that something is wrong with your AC system. Room temperature air circulating the home usually means one of two things: you only have the fan on or the system has run out of refrigerant. The first is easy enough to fix on your own. Check out your thermostat and see if you have it set to cool. Sometimes things can be bumped or changed accidentally. If only the fan is on then only air will be circulating your home. Switch it to cool and there should no longer be an issue.

However, if the thermostat is on AC and the air is still lukewarm then your system probably needs more refrigerant. This is a potential problem because your AC system should not run out of refrigerant. At this point, you need to call for AC repair to get to the bottom of the issue. While you wait you can look around your AC system to see if there are any signs of leaks. A leak will explain the issue but means that you need to call for AC repair even sooner. This can be very dangerous and is not something that you can wait around to deal with. It is normal to sometimes see condensation around your AC, but you should never see a leak or any fluids drifting to the ground.

Air Is Not Coming Out of Vents Properly

Maybe the air coming out of your air vents is cool, which is a great step compared to the last problem, but it may not be coming out as forcefully as usual. If you notice diminished airflow this usually points towards dirty filters. Filters that are not properly cleaned will clog and prevent airflow from properly moving through the ducts. While this may require ductwork cleaning, you need to ensure that AC repair is also not necessary.

This is why it is recommended that filters be changed every three to five months depending on how much dirt is in the air at your home. You should have a pretty good idea of how often it takes a filter to get dirty, but you don’t want to wait if you notice issues sooner.

On the other hand, if your air filter is new and the airflow is not improving then it is time to call for AC repair in Fort Worth, TX. At this point, the problem needs to be inspected by a professional. There is a range of issues that can cause low airflow some of which are easy to fix and some that may require you to replace your system. At any rate, you will pay a very high energy bill until you address the problem because reduced airflow means it will take longer to cool your home so your AC will likely continuously cycle. This is one reason not to further delay AC repair.

Air Quality in Your Home Seems to Be Diminished

Another clear sign that it is time for AC repair is if the general air quality in your home seems to be diminishing. While your AC system’s main job is to cool your home, its second job is to help improve the air quality in your home. During a traditional Texan summer, you have the windows of your home sealed up tight to prevent the hot air from seeping in. This means the only circulation that is occurring within your home is coming from your AC. If your AC is not properly working the air quality in your home will suffer.

One common issue that people notice quickly is the rise of humidity within their homes. If your home is technically cooled at the proper temperature but you always feel sticky and sweaty this is a sign that your AC is not properly removing humidity from the air. This is one of its main responsibilities and will make it uncomfortable for you to be in your home. It is also a sign that you need an AC repair technician to assess why it isn’t doing this.

Another sign that the air quality of your home may be compromised is if you start to notice odd smells like must or dirt. Musty smells frequently signify that mold is growing in your AC system or possibly in your ducts. As the air is released through the system it carries the mold spores with it compromising the quality of air in your home and leaving behind that stale smell. Depending on where the mold growth is located you may need AC repair or a thorough duct cleaning service. Either way, you will need assistance from your local HVAC system promptly.

Breathing mold on a continuing basis can lead to serious long-term health issues and is especially harmful if someone in your home already suffers from asthma. This is not something that you can wait to fix and is something that should be taken seriously.

Is Your AC System Old?

At this point, it is important to keep in mind the age of your AC system to determine if AC repair or replacement is the right choice for your Fort Worth, TX home. As mentioned earlier, if your AC system is a dinosaur it may not make too much sense to keep throwing money at it. In the same way, you wouldn’t keep making repairs on an old used car, there comes a time when updating your system is the best choice. Not sure what to do? One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth can help by coming out to inspect your system and let you know the best course of action. Give us a call today so we can take a look at what is going on.