Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Of Fort Worth For Help With Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Of Fort Worth For Help With Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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Many people do not think that much about air conditioners and their operation. They are taken for granted, as long as they work. However, when they stop working properly, then people start to focus on them a lot. This is because air conditioners are very important to people, in terms of keeping them comfortable when the weather is very warm. This is often the case in Fort Worth, TX, especially in the summertime. If you live in this city, you want to make sure that you have all of the necessary air conditioning service. You want your air conditioner to be working well so that it can keep all the people in your home cool and comfortable on summer nights that would otherwise be hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.

When it comes to air conditioning service, there is a lot that is worth knowing. The average person is probably not that familiar with the anatomy of an air conditioner and the types of AC service that could be needed. If you are in need of assistance with AC service of any kind in Fort Worth, TX, you should definitely consider looking into One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth and what this company has to offer to you and the other members of your household.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

If you are interested in air conditioning service, it would help to know more about how exactly air conditioning works. The main job of an air conditioning unit is to lower the temperature of the air and dehumidify the air as well. Most of these units will cool the indoor air using the refrigeration cycle. Some units will use free cooling or evaporation to bring the temperature down.

Major Parts of the Air Conditioner

There are many components that are a part of an air conditioning system. The five major components are as follows:

  • Thermostat. This monitors and regulates the temperature.
  • Evaporator. This component is involved in the reception of liquid refrigerant.
  • Condenser. This component plays a role in heat transfer.
  • Expansion valve. This plays a role in the regulation of the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator.
  • Compressor. This is a pump that plays a role in pressurizing refrigerant.

There are two major parts of an AC unit. It might be easy to think of these as a cold set of coils and a hot set of coils. On the cold side of the unit, there is an evaporator and a fan that will blow air over the cold coil. On the hot side, there will be the condenser, compressor, and another fan. All three of these components will vent hot air from the compressor refrigerant outside of the room that the AC unit is supposed to cool. There is an expansion valve that is located between both sets of coils, and this will regulate the amount of compressed liquid refrigerant that moves into the evaporator. If you call a professional for AC service, they will have been trained in all of this and understand how all of it works together to cool the air in your house.

How the Refrigeration Cycle Works

When liquid water absorbs the right amount of heat, the water is going to turn into a gas. All of the heat will tend to move from an object of a higher temperature to one that is of a lower temperature. If you are thinking about boiling water, when the water vapor is able to lose enough heat through contact with a cool surface or cooler air, it will turn back into a liquid. Over time, the energy, or heat, within a system will tend to decrease.

Even though most people think that air conditioners add cooling to a room, this is not actually what they do. Actually, the refrigeration cycle works to remove heat from the air inside of the building. The cold refrigerant is located inside of the evaporator coil and will absorb heat and energy from the warm air on the inside of the building that passes over this coil. Once the air has absorbed, the heat and energy will be released outdoors. Then, the cooler atmosphere will absorb the heat that comes from the condensing units. The hot refrigerant will cool off as it releases heat outdoors and then will turn back into a cold liquid. At this point, the process will start all over again.

If there is a problem at any point in this process, you might be in need of an air conditioning service.

Types of Air Conditioners

There are many different types of air conditioners, and the specific type of air conditioner you have might impact the type of air conditioning service you need. In order to be more educated while you are selecting an AC service company, it might help you to know more about the types of air conditioners in Fort Worth, TX.

Split Systems

If you have a split system, it keeps the components of the AC unit separated. Separates the hot side of the air conditioner from the cold side. The cold side contains the expansion valve, as well as the cold evaporator coil. The system will be placed in some sort of larger system that handles air, such as a furnace. The system will blow out air through the coil and guide they are throughout the building using ducks. On the hot side of the system, there is the condensing unit. This unit will usually be located outdoors.

Ductless Air Conditioner

This is a popular type of air conditioning system, and it is actually technically a split system. Some people will call it a mini-split system. You have likely seen a ductless air conditioning system at some point. All you need to do is think of air conditioners that are mounted somewhere on the inside wall of a room in an office or house that will blow cold air into a certain part of the building. This is one of the cheapest options when it comes to HVAC systems, and a ductless system has two components. These would be the inside unit and the outside unit. The evaporator is known as the indoor unit, and it contains a fan that is installed somewhere in the area that is supposed to be cooled. When this spins, it will lead to the indoor coil absorbed from the air that is located inside the room, and then it will distribute the cooler air throughout the room. The condenser is also known as the outdoor unit, and it contains the compressor. It will be installed outside of your home on a concrete slab. This condenser will pump and cool the refrigerant of the system to the indoor unit using copper lines.

A ductless system works in a similar manner as does a regular air conditioning unit. However, there is a difference in that there are no ducts that distribute the air. Instead, the ductless system will work only through the fan that is installed inside of your home.

Packaged Air Conditioning Units

Packaged air conditioning units contain all of the necessary parts. However, all of these parts are located within one cabinet, in a way that is similar to a larger version of a window unit. The cold side and warm side are together in one unit, rather than being separated. The heating process is done using an electric heat lamp or natural gas that is located inside this package unit. Because of this, most packaged units do not need to have an indoor furnace.

Choosing an Air Conditioning Service Professional

If you are choosing an air conditioning service professional or AC service company, you should keep in mind that this is a person or set of people that you are going to be bringing into your home. You need to make sure that they are conducting themselves professionally and that they are the best possible candidates for the air conditioning service job.

One consideration is appearance. Even though this may not seem like it should be important, it actually is. You want to make sure that whoever you are bringing into your home looks professional and presents their equipment in a professional way. If they have a truck, for example, you want to make sure that the truck is clean and that everything in it that you see is clean and well-maintained. This might not seem like an important consideration, but you should consider that if they cannot present their truck in a professional manner, they may not be able to present whatever work they do in your home in a professional manner either. You also want to make sure that they are dressed well. You don’t want to work with people who are not even going to make the effort to look neat and clean in appearance when they come to meet you. This would be another indication that they might not put effort into the job if you hire them.

Not only should an air conditioning service professional look professional, but they should also behave in a professional manner. For example, you do not want to hire someone who is openly using foul language in front of you. They should be conducting themselves in a professional and appropriate manner, especially when they are directly dealing with customers. If they do not bother to make the effort to do this, you should wonder what else they may not bother to do when they are working with you.

In addition to this, you also want to make sure that an air conditioning service professional has the appropriate experience and expertise. Of course, there are many professionals who would be able to do a good job without a lot of experience. However, the experience usually does make an air conditioning service professional better. Even the most talented air conditioning service professional, if they are a novice, will simply have seen less and might be less likely to be able to diagnose some of the more difficult issues because of this. A lot of experienced professionals are simply able to figure out the tougher problems because they have seen them before in their many years of experience. It is also important to make sure that this professional has the appropriate licensing, as this will often play a role in how credible they are in what they are doing in your home.

When you are looking for an air conditioning service professional, you should also look at reviews that people have left online. Of course, not all the reviews are going to be accurate, but what other people have to say about the air conditioning service professional will probably be valuable to you. Particularly valuable, will be reviews, that are left to describe jobs that have been done that are similar to the job that you need to have done in your home. In addition to this, it would be a good idea to make sure that your air conditioning service professional has references that they can provide to you. It would be better if the references are recent, as in within the past few months as opposed to several years ago.


It makes sense that you would be concerned with air conditioner service in Fort Worth, TX. Because of the hot climate, this is an area where air conditioning service is extremely important for personal comfort. If you need any kind of air conditioning service in your home and live in Fort Worth, TX, you should certainly feel free to contact the talented professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. These individuals will be able to answer any questions that you might have about air conditioners and air conditioning service. Perhaps they can also give you some useful pointers in terms of things that you should be doing in your household as far as air conditioning service goes.