Which Heating Systems Should You Be Using in the Workplace? | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

Which Heating Systems Should You Be Using in the Workplace? | Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX

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Monitoring temperature in an office space can be quite difficult. It needs to be a comfortable temperature in order to maintain a happier workforce. Most workplaces in Fort Worth, TX usually rely on communal heating and AC to get the job done.

However, most heating and ac units consume a lot of power and consequently, money. It isn’t cheap to maintain an optimum temperature in the office, particularly in winters when it’s colder. If you’re looking for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, you should invest in radiators and units that are more energy efficient.

Heating systems, in particular, have to be more efficient and cost-effective as it takes more power to heat a room than to cool it. You can find many systems for central heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. However, which of these systems should you be using in the workplace?

Types of Heating Systems

If you know anything about heating systems, you know that the most common ones run on electricity, fuel, and infrared radiation. Let’s learn about all these heating systems and determine which one is the best for the workplace.

1.   Electric Systems

Electricity runs heating systems are generally more common in the workplace because they’re good investments. The average life expectancy of a good quality electrical heater is between 15 to 20 years. Electric heaters require manual adjustments to heat one or two rooms. Hence, you can easily adjust the temperature for individual rooms or floors.

The good thing about electric heating systems is that you don’t have to waste as much energy. Since the system has manual connections, the heating can be turned off in a room that doesn’t need it. Moreover, there’s no lengthy installation process. Electric heating systems don’t need ductwork in walls or ceilings, unlike other systems.

However, the catch is that you need to buy more than one if you have a larger office space.  One electric heater won’t cover more than two or three rooms. You also need to make sure you turn them off properly at the end of the day. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting electricity and needlessly increasing your bill.

2.   Fuel-Based Systems

There are two types of fuel-based heating systems: natural gas and oil. Half of all systems for heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX consume natural gas as it is more accessible and inexpensive than oil. Natural gas heaters are generally more expensive to install than oil heaters. This is because you need to install a natural gas cylinder for the heater to function.

On the other hand, oil heaters are cheaper to install but the maintenance cost is higher than that of natural gas. You need to constantly refill the fuel tank and manage oil usage. All fuel-based heating systems have long life-expectancies whereby natural gas heaters last around 10 to 15 years and oil heaters last around 15 to 20 years.

Oil heaters are generally more energy-efficient than natural gas heaters. However, both of these are incredibly damaging to the environment. If your office advocates for green and environmentally sustainable workspaces, fuel-based heating systems are definitely off the table.

3.   Infrared Systems

Infrared or geothermal heating systems are the latest in the technology for central heating and AC. You can find many of these systems in Fort Worth, TX for great prices. While infrared heaters have the lowest running cost out of the heaters on this list, they are more expensive to install as you need to install infrared heating panels.

However, your electricity bill and maintenance costs will go way down, making it a great investment in the long-run. Infrared heaters produce 80% more heat than electric or fuel-based heaters. Although, the level of heat production can vary in different climates as infrared heat panels are dependent on the outside temperature.

The best part about infrared heating systems is that they’re environmentally neutral, unlike electric or fuel-based heaters. You don’t have to worry about leaving a carbon footprint since these heaters don’t consume fuel at all.

What Heating System Should Your Office Use?

The question of which heating system should you use in your workplace depends on certain factors. Your decision to make a purchase depends strongly on your budget for installation and maintenance. You can easily find heating and AC systems that meet your needs in Fort Worth, TX.

However, keeping in mind all the pros and cons, we recommend that you install an infrared heating system in your workplace. Even after factoring in the negatives such as the cost of installation and variable temperature, infrared heaters are simply more efficient. They last much longer than their counterparts with the average life expectancy being 40 to 50 years.

You’ll be cutting down on maintenance costs and fuel costs while simultaneously keeping your office an environmentally friendly space.

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