AC Servicing: Signs | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

AC Servicing: Signs | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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During the summers, which only seem to be getting hotter and hotter, our air conditioners are some of the most overused installations in our houses.

Living in Texas, you cannot live without a properly functioning and cooling air conditioner which can provide respite from the day’s heat. This overburdening of the AC unit, however, also means that it requires regular air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to keep it in tip-top and fully functional condition.

If your air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is put off for too long then you may very well find signs begin to appear which will tell you on their own that the time has come to service your AC. This usually happens after months or years have gone by without service but in the Texas heat, this could happen within the span of a year.

There is also the chance that by the time visible signs start showing up, it is already too late and your AC unit is permanently damaged or malfunctioned due to no servicing. Therefore, it is both in your and your AC’s benefit that you get regular air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Here are some key signs which will signal immediate servicing is in order.

1.  Reduced Cooling

This is the most obvious sign and the one which will start to discomfort you the most. You will notice that despite being set on the lowest temperature, your AC does not provide the same standard of cooling as before. The efficacy of the cooling is not the same as before and this sign can be a symptom of many problems.

From the cooling liquid or gas having depleted which needs to be refilled every now and then to the air filters being choked with dust and not cleaned in a while, anything can cause this. However, these two factors can drastically reduce or void the cooling of your AC unit since the first will mean no cool air is being produced while the second will be blocking the cool air. This problem requires immediate air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX which will refill the coolant. Also, clean the air filters to ensure proper airflow.

2.  Noises

If the AC unit is making loud sounds on a random basis at sporadic moments then this might mean ice may possibly be building up somewhere.

This is usually the result of a leak in the coolant storage and pipe which causes ice to develop and can cause a variety of problems from the aforementioned annoying noise to reducing the efficacy of cooling and shortening the duration of the coolant. This problem also calls for immediate air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX since the source of the leak will need to be detected and repaired or sealed to prevent leakage.

The buildup of ice is also bad because it is one of the reasons for the next problematic sign your AC might exhibit…

3.  Water Leakage

Normally, AC units produce a certain amount of from their operations. This water usually drains outside with the use of an attached pipe.

If the water starts leaking and dripping from the fins of the AC this might mean several problems may be afoot. It could be a buildup of ice which melts and leaks as the AC is turned off.

Conversely, it could also mean a leak or tear in the pipe which carries the water aside and this is causing the water to leak in the AC unit and subsequently in your room. This can be highly damaging since if not caught in time it can cause water damage, wall inundation and all sorts of other water-related issues like fungus or mold. The water coming into the AC unit will also not be safe for the longevity of the unit and may impact its internal parts. Calling for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is essential to get the matter sorted right away and get the source of the leak all patched up and sealed so proper water flow starts again.

4.  Air Quality

Normally the air from an AC unit is cool, fresh, and odorless. It is pleasant to inhale as it does not have any smells or other particulate in it.

Therefore if you find any of these smells or perhaps find the breathing quality of the air affected then call for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX immediately. The air being smoky or dusty and causing coughs could mean the air filter has become immensely choked and is now instead of purifying and filtering the air actually polluting it. This needs to be rectified since not only it can damage the AC but also cause asthma and other breathing problems.

Conversely, a burning smell like that of plastic could mean that something is overheating and a spark is imminent. Turn off your AC unit immediately and call for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for immediate repair. Otherwise, it can easily lead to a fire breaking out from the AC.

5.  High Bills

Very high electricity bills could also be a clear sign that your AC needs service. You might not have noticed it but the AC must have been operating at lower and lower temperatures to provide the same cooling as before. This works to increase your bills.

Calling for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can get the problem sorted out and have your AC cooling at regular old levels.


Ideally, air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is something you should get on a regular basis – at least twice in a year. The full program is not necessary but a cursory maintenance check is essential. If you are looking the professionals for all matters related to your AC units and their service then contact One Hour Heating and Air on our website and give us a call on 817-283-6911. We guarantee you good quality services and you will not go disappointed.