AC Servicing Benefits | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

AC Servicing Benefits | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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Living in the Texas heat in any of its cities quickly teaches the residents the value and importance of air conditioners. It is no understatement to say that for many Texans, their AC units are one of the most treasured home appliances. It is something which acts as a soothing balm and embraces you in its cold touch from the day’s heat and sweat.

Because of this and the immense luxury and utility that AC units provide in Texan life, they should be treated well and should be regularly maintained by an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Regular maintenance and servicing of AC units provide significant benefits and advantages thus it is something which should be regularly carried out,  ideally twice a year.

Full course treatment is not necessary but regular system checks are important to make sure that your air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can determine if there are any potential problems well before time.

In short, there are multiple benefits of opting for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Some of them are discussed below.

1.  Cost Savings

Believe it or not, but regular and timely air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can actually save you money in the long run.

The logic for this is rather simple and rooted in the age-old adage, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Simply put, little old regular checking up and maintenance work will cost significantly less than if your AC developed a problem due to no servicing. The latter can mean anywhere from a minor leak to a full-blown malfunction which leaves your AC permanently damaged. Air conditioners can have a number of problems and some of them can drastically reduce the lifespan of your unit. This means more costs, including inexpensive repair or costly replacement of your AC unit. So do your wallet a favor and go for timely regular air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

2.  Lower Electric Bill

Yet another benefit and cost-saving which timely air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will provide is in the form of lower electricity bills.

Well maintained and tuned AC units work more efficiently and consume less electricity. They consume less electricity to provide cooling of a certain temperature than an unmaintained AC unit which will consume more electricity to provide the same level of cooling. This is because units which are not maintained have a number of issues from low coolant levels to choked air filters to malfunctioning parts which all means the AC has to spend and consume more electricity to keep pace. It may very well be the case that your maintained and well working AC operating at 24 degree Celsius will be providing the same or better level of cooling than an unmaintained AC at 16 degree Celsius.

Lower electricity bill also means less electricity is consumed which means your AC is more eco-friendly and contributes less to the overall carbon footprint. Thus do everyone the favor and your finances and schedule regular air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

3.  Longevity

With proper and timely air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, your AC unit will have a longer life and it might very well be the case that you don’t ever need to replace it.

Timely servicing can catch a lot of problems before they snowball and become unfixable and kill your AC unit. Thus the life of your AC won’t be decreased in any way contrary to if you leave it unmaintained and might very well be extended.

This will also save you on the costs of acquiring a new AC unit which doesn’t come cheap so ensuring your AC runs for as long as it can and as best as it can.

4.  Protect Your Health

A well-maintained, clean, and filtered AC whose filters are not choked or which is not producing burning smells or odors is good for your health. How, exactly?

Well, working ACs provide fresh, clean, and cool air which does not adversely impact our health while old and dusty AC units, which are not cleaned and maintained, can give off odorous air or cause asthma by not properly filtering the dust. The line between having healthy working lungs and asthma is just your air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TXSo get to it and have it regularly checked on a schedule. Nothing is better than one’s health so care for it by caring for your AC.


As we can see, air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is something much more than a chore or an unnecessary expense. It is something which actually helps and benefits you in a variety of ways from cost savings to ensuring health and dealing with the hassle to the carbon footprint.

That is true for any electrical appliance we own, they are worn and torn through use and need servicing. As prudent financial spenders who have a vested stake in the longevity of such appliances, it is our responsibility to ensure they get timely maintenance. That is especially true for appliances when they are overworked like AC units in the Texan heat.

If you are looking for the professionals for all matters related to AC units and their service then contact One Hour Heating and Air on our website and give us a call on 817-283-6911. We guarantee good quality services and you will not go disappointed.