5 Air Conditioning Problems that Just Need Repairs! | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Richardson, TX

5 Air Conditioning Problems that Just Need Repairs! | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Richardson, TX

Your life stays on track only as long as it stays comfortable. Problems with your air conditioning system may hinder your comfort. Sometimes, your air conditioner simply needs repairs. However, because you can’t recognize such situations, you end up incurring a huge expense in replacing an HVAC system that doesn’t really need it.

You have to make sure that your air conditioning system actually needs replacing before you decide to do away with it!

Any expert service provider of heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX would agree that if repairs can resolve problems with your air conditioner, you should choose them before considering replacing the whole system.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that can be easily resolved through repairs.

1.   Filters Clogged Up with Dirt and Debris

One of the most common issues that most houses experience in terms of heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX, has to do with the filters of the air conditioner.

The filters have a limited life span. Sometimes, this life extends only up to a month. At others, you have to replace the filters every three months. Most of the times, filters have a life span that stretches to six months or one year.

Different measures are need in case of each type of filters. If the filters have a life of one month or three months, you have to replace them after such time. All services of heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX would agree that no amount of cleaning for such filters would work. They just get obsolete after their life ends.

Replacing filters is not a huge expense. In fact, many services of heating and air conditioning in Richardson, TX count filter replacement as a part of the repairs.

In case of filters with a longer life than three months, you can use them for such a period by cleaning them regularly. Cleaning filters every month does the trick!

You can see the life of the filters when you install them for the first time on their boxes. You should follow the life defined on the boxes.

2.   Problems with the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils of the air conditioning unit can experience the same issue as the filters. Sometimes, they just don’t do their jobs because they get clogged by dirt and debris. The coolant doesn’t convert warm air into cool air because of the excessive dust accumulated in it.

An experienced heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX, would suggest cleaning of the coils almost every two to three months to make sure they are not damaged.

In case of areas where there is snow, ice accumulates on top of the evaporator coils limiting their functionality. When you have to deal with snow, you should be vigilant with cleaning. You should remove snow from the coils on the same day to make sure it doesn’t bear down on the coils and causes a leakage.

Simple repairs will not be able to resolve a leakage. You might end up replacing your entire air conditioner due to leakage of refrigerant!

3.   Reduction in Refrigerant Gas

Your air conditioner keeps the surrounding air cool only because it contains the refrigerant gas. Over time, this gas reduces. Many times, as identified by experienced service providers of heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX, the refrigerant runs out due to a leakage in the evaporator coils.

In any case, as the refrigerant gas reduces, you end up facing a lack of cooling in your house. The reduction in cooling makes things difficult and ultimately, your AC shuts down completely.

Refilling the refrigerant gas can resolve this problem easily.

4.   A Problem with the Compressor

This problem often always leads to replacing the whole air conditioner if it is reported in a delayed manner. However, if you can identify this issue at an early stage, you can have any heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX re-fill the gas.

Just by replenishing the refrigerant gas in your AC, you can have this problem solved.

5.   A Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat controls switching your air conditioner ON or OFF. In addition, it also controls the setting of temperature in your home.

Thermostats used to be simple machines that simply showed the status of the functioning of your HVAC.

Nowadays, modern thermostats have brought applications that allow you to alter the temperature of your home from a distance. They also help you in managing different heating and cooling needs for different areas of the house.

In fact, you can also set up a timer with your thermostat for setting temperatures in advance. By setting advance temperatures, you can control your heating and cooling needs easily.

Most services of heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX experience that thermostat batteries drain and get weak quickly. It becomes very hard to identify if your AC is malfunctioning because of a system error or the weak batteries of the thermostat are causing problems for you.

An expert air conditioning service in Richardson, TX can figure out this confusion promptly. Replacing thermostat batteries is quite an easy task when you compare it with replacing an entire air conditioning unit!

 Heating and air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX is quite expensive when you have to get it replaced more often than you expected. However, minor replacements of parts and regular repairs make it quite affordable. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating has been providing repair and maintenance services to the residents of Richardson, TX for many years.

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