5 Causes for Airflow Problems and Its Signs | Heating and AC in Plano

5 Causes for Airflow Problems and Its Signs | Heating and AC in Plano

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Problems with airflow are common for all HVAC users. Units providing heating and AC in Plano need regular cleaning of the coils and filters.

Disruption in the regular maintenance of heating and AC in Plano leads to more significant issues that are at times beyond repair.

Many reasons contribute to the poor performance of the airflow. Some indicators signal a problem with the airflow; however, before we discuss them, here are some of the factors that cause Airflow Problems.

1. Obstructed Condenser Unit

This is a common problem found in Heating and AC in Plano. A user can resolve the issue by being more pre-emptive and reduce the likelihoods of paying for the high cost of repair.

All air conditioners have a condensing unit which is commonly found outdoors or in a mechanical unit. The accumulation of leaves and debris in the outdoor unit affects the airflow of the heating and AC in Plano.

Systems in the mechanical room can also suffer from such negligence as equipment in the storage room can hinder their performance.

The debris and the excess equipment close by cause a system to overheat, resulting in a meager supply of airflow to the unit.

Clearing the area around your condensing unit should be enough to improve the HVAC airflow. Not being proactive will enhance the problem of airflow affecting the performance of the whole unit.

2. Blocked Vents and Registers

Ensuring that all vents and registers are not blocked by furniture increases the flow of air through vents.

The performance of units providing heating and ac in Plano depends on the levels of maintenance by the users. Users that ignore the needs of heating and AC units often face huge costs of repair.

The issue of blocked vents and registers is quite common in an office setting. Disagreements on the levels of temperature indoors often result in people taking matters into their own hands

We have all seen a disgruntled employee not satisfied with the indoor temperature block the vents by placing a filing cabinet in front. The action compromises the airflow in the heating and AC units.

Unblocking all vents and registers will resolve the problems of airflow with the heating and AC unit.

3. Blocked or Leaky Ducts/Dirty Coils

Dust that passes through the clogged airflow accumulates on the ductwork. The accumulation of dust can compound in ductwork that is too small for the capacity of the air conditioner.

Clogging in the already narrow ducts, results in an airflow problem for the system, especially if live in an older building. Heating and AC ducts can also be home for rodents and other animals, as they look for a safe abode for their family.

The ductwork that is old and has the ills mentioned above can develop holes or cracks that cause air to leak out.

All such issues lead to reduced airflow from the heating and AC unit in Plano.

Inspecting the ducts with the help of the professional will help you get rid of all such problems. Periodic inspection of the ducts ensures that it stays problem-free.

The condenser coil of the air conditioner is another element that is no stranger to clouds of dust and debris. Since the condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit, it is exposed to natural elements and can get dirty and release heat.

Because of the warm condenser coil, the heating and AC unit works overtime to cool your space.

Cleaning your condenser coil and the ducts once or twice a year will prevent the formation of such issues.

4. Low Levels of Refrigerant

This problem is commonly found in systems functioning for quite a while now. Low levels of maintenance in such systems result in the older system result in the lower production of refrigerant in a unit.

The refrigerant is necessary to cool the indoor temperatures. Slow leaks in the refrigerant result in both airflow issues and reduced cooling.

The low-performance levels result in the gradual decline of the whole unit. Regular maintenance and testing for leaks in the heating and AC in Plano allows the user to monitor the performance of the refrigerant.

The regular maintenance enables the user to identify the need for repair, hence preventing the escalation of airflow problems.

5. Oversized AC Unit

The size of the unit providing heating and AC in Plano is one of the significant reasons for airflow problems. Units which have too large space run inefficiently, the extra space in the unit causes the system to cycle on and off frequently.

The frequent disruptions prevent the system from functioning smoothly, causing a failure in removing the levels of humidity. The inability to remove the levels of humidity makes the place feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

Therefore, rather than going for large units which are suitable for cooling more substantial spaces, choose a system that suits your place.

Hiring a professional to help you choose the suitable heating and AC in Plano will help you in avoiding this problem.

If you suspect that you are facing airflow problems, you will be experiencing the following symptoms.

1. Hot and Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots throughout the space are one of the first signs of HVAC airflow issues.

2. Pressure Imbalance

Doors slamming by themselves and the presence of eerie whistling noises are examples of poor airflow in the system.

3. No Air

No or little airflow coming out of the vents is the final nail in the coffin and the signal of a complete breakdown of airflow. Even blowing warm air from the system should be enough to make you realize that there is something wrong.

Call a professional to repair your heating and AC in Plano as soon as you notice one of the issues mentioned above.

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