5 Methods to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your House | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX

5 Methods to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your House | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX

Air balancing is essential for every house. It ensures that your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system circulates air throughout your house in an efficient manner. Air balancing signifies that there aren’t any hot or cold spots in your house, no matter whether you are using the heating or the cooling system.

Air balancing is a procedure in which the technician offering heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX checks the air circulation and adjusts the HVAC system via various tools. They do this by thoroughly analyzing the inputs and outputs of your systems and carrying out the necessary changes and repairs.

Now that you are aware of the importance of air balancing, let’s have a look at five methods to avoid hot and cold spots in your house by balancing airflow.

1.    Use Coverings on Windows

Are you noticing any hot spots near your window?

If yes, then this is because of the heat entering from your coverless windows. People usually assume that window covers are just for privacy, but in reality, they can be quite helpful in obstructing heat. These coverings not only reduce the amount of heat present in the system, but they also increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Studies have shown that during the warm summer days, 75% of the exterior heat is converted into interior heat if proper covers are not placed to obstruct it. However, if you still feel that there is an uneven temperature, than we suggest you call a technician of heating and air conditioning repair in Azle, TX to have a look at your system.

2.    Avoid Placing Anything in Front of the Vents

Sometimes, we place furniture, bookshelves, and other such things in front of the vents which obstruct the air flow. It not only hinders inductance of air, but it also forces the system to work harder. This happens because the room fails to achieve the set temperature and the thermostat directs the system to work harder.

Technicians offering heating and air conditioning repair in Azle, TX suggest that there should be a spacing of at least 18 inches between vents and anything placed in front of them. If the obstruction is impossible to avoid, you can ensure proper airflow by installing deflectors. These systems direct the air away from the obstruction and promote an even temperature throughout the house.

3.    Clean Your Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters restrict airflow. As a result, certain parts of your house are either colder or warmer than the other parts. The main purpose of an air filter is to stop dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering your home. These stopped contaminants gather on the filter and clog it.

A clogged filter can have a number of adverse effects on your HVAC system. It reduces the system’s efficiency and forces it to consume more energy. It can also result in a sudden shut down of your furnace by overheating it. 42% of your house’s electricity bill is due to your HVAC system, and it can increase even more if you don’t replace your air filter. Studies have shown that a clean air filter can reduce your electricity bills substantially.

Replacing an air filter is an easy job, and you can do it yourself according to the instructions provided in the manual. If you have lost the manual or are facing any other issues, then contact a technician of heating and air conditioning repair in Azle, TX. This is because a faulty air filter installation can cause major malfunctions in your HVAC system.

4.    Avoid Placing Thermostat Near the Heat Sources

The thermostat of your HVAC system is responsible to sense the temperature and direct the other parts to turn on or off the cycle based on the temperature. Therefore, it is not wise to place the thermostat near a heat source or to put a heat source near it. This will hinder its function as it will sense the heat and direct the HVAC system to turn on the cycle.

If you notice that your system is continuously cycling then, check if there are any heat sources near the thermostat. In case you find any, remove them so that the thermostat can sense the correct room temperature. However, if the problem pertains then, there are chances that either the thermostat has malfunctioned or some other part of your system requires repairs. It is best to call a technician of heating and air conditioning repair in Azle, TX to diagnose the issue.

5.    Adjust the Air Flow at the Vent

Airflow adjustment at the vent is a simple yet effective solution. All you need to do is adjust the damper blade from the outside of the vent cover. Improper adjustment can stop air from flowing to different parts of the room and will promote hot and cold spots. This blade adjustment is usually done via the trial and error method. However, never close the blade completely because it can cause other issues. If your house is two-storied, then, open the first-floor vents halfway and the second-floor vents completely. Reverse this process during the winter season.

If you still face issues then, instead of digging for the problem on your own, call a technician of heating and air conditioning repair in Azle, TX. If you are in search of such service providers then, contact One Hour Heating and Air by clicking here. Our qualified professionals in heating and air conditioning repair in Azle, TX will diagnose the issue and rid your home of hot and cold spots.