6 Maintenance and Improvement Tips for Your Air Conditioning System | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

6 Maintenance and Improvement Tips for Your Air Conditioning System | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Air conditioning systems are the most trustworthy home appliances that you can find almost everywhere nowadays. They are in our homes, workplaces, shopping centers and almost every place that has a closed indoor environment. The reason for their popularity is simply the demand throughout the years. Just a few decades ago, these cooling machines used to be astronomically expensive. Therefore, only a handful of people could afford them. Times have certainly changed as it has now become a must-have equipment in households.

Despite being so cheap and convenient, air conditioning systems are highly complex machines. This is why they require extra care and maintenance in order to keep performing at their peak. One of the best ways to keep your cooling system in top form is by getting it serviced annually. Simply call for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX before the arrival of the summer season. Other than getting professionally serviced, you can also do a little bit of maintenance throughout the year to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Below are 6 tips for maintenance of your air conditioning system:

1.   Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is really important not just for air conditioners but for almost every electrical and mechanical appliance that you have at home. Usually, the air conditioning systems consist of two major parts, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. You need to make sure both of these units are squeaky clean at all times. If you live in a fairly dusty area, then you should increase the frequency of the cleaning process.

Cleaning a little is good for maintenance. For thorough cleaning, however, you will be required to call air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Professional cleaning at least once a year is enough to maintain your trusty cooling system.

2.   Get a Smart Thermostat

Technology is turning everything “smart”. We used to have just phones and TVs a few years ago; now there are smartphones and smart TVs. Similarly, there is a product available in the market, and it is called the ‘Smart Thermostat’. Thermostats are the brain of the air conditioning system. They control everything that your cooling system does indoors.

The new smart thermostats are revolutionary products for the air conditioning industry. They can be preprogrammed and set up to decrease or increase the temperatures according to the time of the day. Some of these smart thermostats can even be controlled through a smartphone app, which makes it really convenient. To add this amazing improvement in your home, simply call air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to come and install the smart thermostat.

3.   Get a Sound Blanket

Air conditioning systems have gone quieter and quieter over the years. The new models nowadays are astonishingly quiet that you wouldn’t even feel that they are operating. The outside unit, however, still produces a bit of a noise, but it is tolerable. If you have a fairly old system in your home, then chances are it produces a lot of noise. Usually, the noises are created because of any broken mechanical part. But in some cases, it is the compressor that is causing it.

The compressor isn’t necessarily faulty. Therefore, you don’t need to spend the extra money to replace it yet. How to suppress the annoying noise then? The answer is to place a sound blanket over it.

A sound blanket is simply a thick cover that you place on the outdoor unit to suppress the noise. Call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX and ask them to install a sound blanket.

4.   Unclog the Drain

Every air conditioning system is equipped with a drainage system. The drainage system is responsible to get rid of all the moisture that is created through the condensation process. The drain system can get clogged after a while of using it. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is unclogged at all times in order to continue the smooth performance of your cooling system.

If you notice water dripping out of the vents, then it may be because of the clogged drain. You need to check it by going outside and removing the pipe of the drainage system. If the pipe is clogged, then unclog it by using simple cleaning materials. If the pipe is clean, then there might be another problem causing the liquid to pour out of the vents. Simply call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to determine and repair the issue.

5.   Replace or Clean the Air Filters

Air filters make sure you receive a high-quality air inside your house. They block all kinds of filth to filter the cool air before it enters your house. After a while of blocking all the dust and contaminants, air filters may get clogged. Therefore, they need to be replaced or cleaned if you have a reusable filter.

A clogged air filter can become a center of so many problems. It is really surprising that people still continue to ignore this basic problem that does not even need professional help. So, before you call theair conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for any problem, have a peek at your air filter first.

6.   Insulate the House

To ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system, insulate your house properly. Make sure all the blinds and curtains in your house are closed during the daytime to avoid heat interference. If the air conditioner is still inefficient after that, then you need to get it checked. You need call air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to fix the actual problem.

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