8 Reasons Why You Need to Install Air Conditioners | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

8 Reasons Why You Need to Install Air Conditioners | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Most everyone would agree that Texas summers are intolerable. Those heat waves can trigger all sorts of health problems when you’re left defenseless against the onslaught of a fast-climbing temperature and unbelievably high humidity levels. There is only so much that your body can provide in terms of cooling, and that ceiling fan isn’t much use when it gets a little too heated. This is where air conditioners come into the mix.

We can all relate to that heavenly feeling when our bodies enter into an air-conditioned home after a hot day at work. The immediate transition from hot to cold is the primary reason why air conditioners play such a vital role in maintaining our health.

It’s easy to become too comfortable with air conditioners, only for them to start failing because of negligence and lack of routine maintenance. The resulting stress can be too difficult to handle. It’s times like these when a person can definitely benefit from professional heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Perhaps more important, are the pressing health concerns associated with intolerable heat and unexpectedly high humidity levels. We will list some of the more serious ones below.

Humidity can damage your house and items

Air conditioners are designed to regulate both temperatures and humidity levels across the house. Put simply, humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. When the amount of water content reaches very high percentages, you would notice increased temperatures that are uncomfortable. This is because water is a good conductor of both electricity and heat. If it gets heated up, the energy levels take hours before they dissipate to the outside world. Sometimes this energy is exchanged with humans, much to their chagrin, and the water vapor can be seen depositing along walls and items.

In fact, high humid environment can see anywhere from 1000 to 7000 liters of water pass through them. This residual water is dangerous to your house and items. Even the smallest changes in humidity levels can cause enormous damage to sensitive objects, including complex electronic circuitry embedded inside computers and expensive furniture. High humidity can also lower the resale value of your home because no one wants to deal with the debilitating problem of so much dampness!

Bugs and pests love unregulated environments

Humidity is one of the major reasons why pests thrive in houses. Researchers have found that pests can be driven away from your home if you reduce the humidity below 50%. High humidity levels allow water to deposit as droplets in small nooks and crannies. These are picked up by small pests for their sustenance. Once the bad bug realizes that humidity is a regular feature of your house, it will invite more uninvited bugs and you will quickly run into a dust mite infestation.

Toxic environments

High humid environments create conditions which release toxic chemicals like formaldehyde out of their entrapments and into the air. These chemicals can be found in everyday items like furniture, lamps and even the metal in your stove. One can’t simply discard these items because they are a part of modern life.

Furthermore, you would see mold spreading in hard to reach places of your house. Mold and humans aren’t exactly compatible. Exposure to it can create a variety of health issues. Certain individuals are extremely allergic to mold, and those with compromised immune systems are at an increased risk of contracting chronic illnesses such as cancer, lung disease and infections.

The high temperatures will make you feel stressed out

The physiological conditions created because of high temperatures can weigh heavily in your mind. Scientists have found a strong relationship between high temperature and low moods. Difficulties in everyday life, compounded by unregulated temperature can take a toll on the person.

Lower work efficiency

As a result of being stressed out, your likelihood of performing at optimum levels will decrease because of mental sluggishness. This phenomenon has been studied by researchers who published their findings in Scientific American. The amount of energy that the body expends in order to cool itself to desirable levels takes away from our ability to focus on the task at hand. There is only so much that the human body can take before collapsing down. When the work place or home is air conditioned, people’s ability to think on their feet and come up with solutions on the go increases.

You won’t be able to sleep

Tossing and turning in a puddle of your own sweat doesn’t exactly make it easier to sleep. Studies have found that the body’s core temperature plays an important role in getting a good night’s sleep. When a room is too hot, it interferes with the body’s natural temperature, prompting the person to wake up and do something about the environment. Without an air conditioner, a person is simply helpless in such kind of scenario.

Prevent electronic devices from overheating

Did you know that your electronic items release a tremendous amount of heat depending on how they were used? The phones and computers we use rely on electricity to properly function. And where there is electricity, there will always be a proportional amount of heat. This heat has to go somewhere – and sometimes it just creeps its way into the complex circuitry, causing solders to melt, capacitors to burn and wrecking overall havoc. In other words, heat makes short work of even well-protected electronic items. An air conditioner unit goes a long way in protecting your computer and saving you the headache of ordering another expensive unit.

Sweat stains

Sweating profusely can deposit a yellowish tint on clothes that you’re wearing. Often times, this tint is permanent. Your air conditioner could be the difference between wearing your favorite shirt for the long haul and parting from it due to sweat stains.

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