8 Signs You Need Heating And AC Repair | Azle, TX

8 Signs You Need Heating And AC Repair | Azle, TX

There is never a scenario where it is fun to deal with heating and AC repair in Azle, TX. If it were, then you probably wouldn’t need to read a blog with clever pointers and helping ideas. However, just because heating and AC repair is not a fun experience does not mean that you need to avoid it. In fact, the opposite is true. In most cases acting quickly can save you a lot of fuss and trouble. This is just one reason why it is extremely helpful to learn the signs that something might be going wrong with your HVAC system.

Another reason is the simple fact that a malfunctioning HVAC system will end up costing you more in the long run. When your HVAC system does not function correctly you end up overpaying for the same amount of energy, which is something that no one wants to do. Therefore, there is no way to save by putting off heating and AC repair for a short period of time, because you will end up paying one way or another. It is always better to pay for repair than to pay for higher energy costs and still end up paying for repair down the road. Especially when the solution may be as simple as calling your HVAC company.

Of course, you can’t take proactive action if you don’t know the indications that something might be wrong with your HVAC system if you don’t know what they are. It is not uncommon for homeowners to say they have noticed some of the following signs when we come out for breakdown repair because they are fairly common – some people just don’t know to call when they see them. Familiarizing yourself with the following list is the best way to make sure you effectively troubleshoot problems and avoid a complete breakdown. Any time you don’t have to worry about losing your AC in the middle of a hot Azle, TX summer should be considered a win.

While we are on the topic of proactive hearing and AC repair, it’s worth it to take a second to discuss The value of keeping up with your regular HVAC maintenance visits. While troubleshooting any potential problems and calling for quick heating and AC repair is a great way to keep your system running, the most proactive thing you can actually be doing is scheduling an annual meeting and cleaning service visit at least once a year. Some companies will even recommend that you schedule this twice a year for optimal performance.

Not only will an annual HVAC maintenance visit help keep your system running smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown or unexpected repairs, it can also help you lower your energy cost as a system that is running properly will burn less energy. It only takes a few minutes to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit in Azle, TX. So if it has been on the back of your mind now it’s a great time to go ahead and make the call and get your HVAC system ready for the cooler months that will be arriving soon. With that said, let’s take a minute to look at some of the top signs that you need heating and AC repair right now so that you can make sure your furnace is ready to go when the time comes.

High Humidity Levels

One big indicator that something might be wrong with your HVAC system if you notice that it is still sticky inside despite the thermostat reading a lower temperature. Usually, when this happens it is because your AC is not properly removing the humidity from the air. If there’s too much humidity in your home then you will still get that sticky feeling you do outside underneath the sun and it can cause damage from the moisture that builds as a result. Therefore if you are starting to feel like you’re in a sauna even while indoors, it may be time to call for heating and AC repair.

Usually, the HVAC technician that comes out will take a look to make sure that your AC is operating correctly, and fix any problems that might be causing your humidity issues. If they cannot identify an issue with the AC then they may suggest installing a home dehumidifier depending on the situation and where you live. There are many variables that might influence how well your HVAC system is able to remove the humidity from your air which is why you need a qualified heating and AC repair company to take a look and diagnose the problem.

Signs of Refrigerant Leaks

There is never a good reason why a leak would be coming from your HVAC system but there are a few bad reasons which is why if you notice any type of moisture dripping off of your AC system you need to call for heating and AC repair right away. Some people mistakenly think that its condensation should never form in enough of an amount to actually cause a leak. Therefore if you notice a leak or any liquid pooling on the floor you need to call an HVAC company to come take a look.

The usual explanation for this occurrence is that you have a leak in your refrigerant which is extremely toxic and can be poisonous to both animals and people. Therefore you immediately need to make sure that any small children and pets stay away from the leak while you are waiting for a heating and AC repair company to show up. You may also notice at the same time that your AC stops cooling as effectively as it should be because when it is low on refrigerant or running out it will be unable to cool the air any longer.

As a side note on the topic of moisture, if there is ice on your condenser coils outside you also need to call for heating and AC repair right away. This usually indicates that there’s a problem with the refrigerant or that there is an obstruction within the coils and needs to be taken care of before the entire outdoor unit stops working. When left an address this can also lead to a problem that becomes uncorrectable.

Noisy While Running

Another one of the common signs that you may need heating and AC repair sooner than later is if you notice your air conditioner or furnace is starting to make unfamiliar sounds. Entry there is no acceptable sound that should be coming from your HVAC system outside of possibly a slow hum. You likely already know how your AC or furnace usually sounds when it is running, so if you hear anything out of the ordinary instead of ignoring the sound you need to call and have it investigate it.

Many people mistakenly believe that if the sound goes away then the problem has been resolved and they don’t need to worry about it anymore. However, this usually means that the damage has occurred inside or the component that was making a rubbing banging or knocking noise has simply fallen off. The end result of the situation is that your AC or furnace will have to work harder to produce the same amount of energy which will increase your energy bill and raise the risk of another piece failing soon. By staying ahead of the problem you can make sure that you keep your HVAC system working the way it should be and minimize the damage you’ll have to have repaired once the heating and AC repair company comes out to take a look.

Airflow Feels Weak

Another common sign that you need heating and AC repair is if you notice the airflow in your home start to diminish. Most likely you know how much air comes out of your AC or heating vents most of the time. If you start to notice a difference in how much air is flowing out of your vents this could signify there is an obstruction or something wrong with your compressor. In either case, your HVAC system will have to cycle more often to produce the same amount of air in your home which will quickly drive up your energy costs. Therefore, if you start to notice that there is very limited airflow coming out of your vents it is in your favor to look into the issue with the help of a local heating and AC repair company in Azle, TX.

There are several reasons why this may be happening, and you don’t want to guess at something that is costing you extra money. You also shouldn’t settle for reduced airflow when the answer might be as simple as removing an obstruction from the vent during a heating and AC repair visit.

The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Another clear sign that something is wrong with your heating and AC system is if you notice the temperature in your home does not match the temperature you set your thermostat to. If you start to suspect that something might be wrong with your thermostat, it is a good idea to set a thermometer next to your thermostat and see what it measures. If it does not match your thermostat, then there is a good chance that your thermostat is not working properly.

Your thermostat is like the brains of your HVAC system, so this is not something that you should ignore for long. The good news is that it is easily remedied in most cases. Before calling an heating and AC repair company in Azle, TX you should change the batteries if that is an option. Sometimes changing the battery is all that is required to take care of the problem. Other times it may be time to invest in a new unit or fix a wiring issue. A professional HVAC tech can determine which one of the two it is.

AC Blowing Warm Air

An obvious sign that you need to talk to an HVAC technician is if you notice that your AC is blowing warm or room temperature air. This one does not require as much attention since it is obviously a problem, but it does need to be addressed and properly fixed.

Furnace Blowing Lukewarm Air

By the same token, another sign that you need heating and AC repair is if your furnace is blowing out cooler or lukewarm air. Your home will be unable to heat if this happens, but you will still be paying energy costs since the system is still flowing. Therefore, you want to get to the bottom of this situation as soon as you notice that it is occurring.

Odd Odors from Vents

There are a handful of odd odors from your air ducts that should be investigated quickly if they are noticed in your Azle, TX home. Some are even emergent situations such as the smell of burnt electrical wire or a natural gas smell. Both of these can indicate that something is seriously wrong with your home HVAC system. It is in your best interests to call an emergency heating and AC repair company and turn off your HVAC system until help arrives in this situation.

Other concerning odors are moldy or old musty smells, which usually indicates that some type of moisture has gotten into your vents resulting in mold or mildew growth. It doesn’t take much moisture to produce mildew in the dark ventwork, and your air will push the spores through your home affecting the air you breathe. Therefore, you want to let a professional heating and AC repair company take care of this issue promptly.

If you have noticed any of the above issues in your Azle, TX home, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth right away. We will send a qualified technician out to your home right away to troubleshoot your issue.

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