AC Electrical Issues in Homes | Southlake, TX

AC Electrical Issues in Homes | Southlake, TX

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Air conditioning units are electric appliances used by more than 87 percent of most US households. The AC parts that heavily rely on electricity are the motors found in the compressor, blower, and fans. When your AC motors malfunction, you will have to cope with the unbearable scorching heat and humidity in your house, making it difficult for you to relax after a tiring day.

The discomfort should compel you to reach out to an AC Repair Company in Southlake, TX, to get a technician with experience in fixing electrical components. Continue reading to learn about common AC electrical problems in homes.

Loose Wires

You are susceptible to experiencing electrical problems with your air conditioning system when some of the components are faulty, disrupting the flow of energy to the unit.

Finding the actual issue or the root cause of the electric trouble can be a hassle that will require the help of a professional from a trustworthy AC repair company. The cooling expert might identify loose wires in some of the electrical parts within the system. When the wiring components are faulty, electricity will not operate the unit.

The wires are prone to get loose because of excessive wear and tears they experience over time. The HVAC contractor from a respectful AC repair company is in a better position to tighten the electrical connections in your outdoor and indoor air conditioning systems during maintenance or repairs.

Dirty and Wrong Fuse

Most electrical units have a fuse, and the AC is not an exception. It has a fuse in the disconnect box that makes the air conditioning equipment run. The fuse is also responsible for protecting the air conditioning equipment from severe electrical problems. When the fuse is dirty, it will compromise the free flow of electricity to operate your AC.

The dirt and debris accumulate in the fuse box, block the connections in between the fuses, making your AC dysfunctional and your home uncomfortably hot. You will have to contact an AC repair Company in Southlake, TX, to fix the issue to restore its efficiency.

A wrong fuse is another cause of an AC not turning on. An unqualified technician from a nearby AC repair company can fix or replace a faulty fuse with the wrong type or size that does not match your AC unit. Getting a qualified heating and air conditioner expert to check out the AC is essential in identifying the wrong fuses and replacing them with the correct size or type.

Failed Capacitor

The capacitor is in the compressor, fan, and blower motors of an AC unit. It stores electric current that helps to run the motors for optimal efficiency. The capacitor regulates the current flowing to the compressor to run the system.

But, when it fails, the air conditioner will not cool your home if the motors cannot start the compressing unit. Calling a prominent AC repair company to hire a skilled contractor to repair or replace the capacitor will restore the peak performance of your AC.

High Electrical Bills

People keen on their energy use will notice any changes if their utility bills skyrocket, and it will take others time to realize the rising energy consumption.

When the AC compressor, fan, and blower motors fail, the air conditioner will use more energy to run efficiently. As the motors struggle to power the outside units, the AC system will use more electricity to cool your home, consuming more energy. Fortunately, the problem is highly preventable through routine maintenance.

A hired HVAC contractor from a renowned AC repair company will make tune-ups to ensure all the components are in proper working condition. Failure to identify the root cause of the spiking energy bills will leave you with a completely malfunctioning AC unit after a while.

Therefore, you should call an AC repair company for a certified technician to skillfully analyze the entire electrical components of the unit for prompt and reliable repairs and replacements or broken or faulty parts.

AC Tripping the Circuit Breakers

Another electrical issue that homeowners experience is a trip of the circuit breaker. The HVAC professional from a leading AC repair company with electrical skills and experience can reset the circuit breaker. If it trips again when you connect your AC, it points to an underlying undetected and unresolved problem.

The tripping of the circuit breaker proves dangerous electrical current with the potential of causing electric fires, shocks, electrocutions. When the tripping persists, it will be pointless to contact an AC repair company. You will need an experienced electrician to fix the electrical problems. Afterward, you will need the cooling expert to fix the blower fan motor that can overheat due to clogged air filters.

Sometimes a power surge emerging from lighting strikes might be the reason behind a tripped circuit breaker. Without the circuit breaker, the power surge will destroy or damage your AC and other valuable properties and end lives because it will cause a fire.

You should make sure you have a circuit breaker in your home that will turn off the power of your house the second it senses dangerous electric currents.

Compressor Issues

Folks can also experience electrical problems with their AC compressing unit. Signs such as screeching noises and hard starts of the compressor indicate that the motor that receives electric charge from the capacitor to operate at peak performance is failing.

The best step to take at this point is to call an expert from the AC repair company near you to diagnose and confirm the issue. They will make the appropriate replacements.

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It is indisputable that you and your family members will face unbearable heat in your house in summer without an operational AC unit. Whether the issue stems from electrical components or other aspects, you will need quick and reliable repair services to make your home cool for comfort.

So, you should contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for a competent HVAC contractor for prompt repairs. Our AC repair company in Southlake, TX, has highly trained and certified technicians to address all your air conditioning concerns and problems for the best customer experience.