When Your HVAC Ducts Look Like Mine Shafts Inside, It’s Time for Our Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

When Your HVAC Ducts Look Like Mine Shafts Inside, It’s Time for Our Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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Have you ever seen the inside of a mine shaft? It’s a dirty, irregular passage that you might say is narrower than you’re comfortable with, kind of claustrophobia-inducing in a way. When your home’s heating and air conditioning ducts aren’t cleaned for years, they look somewhat similar to mine shafts when our duct cleaning service checks inside. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we help our customers in Arlington, TX get cleaner air, better airflow, and other benefits by carefully removing the dust, dirt, and organic matter and organisms that line their ducts, and restoring the clean, smooth surfaces they were designed to be. Instead of constricting mine shafts, they look like efficient metal conduits for your home’s warm and cool air supplies depending on the season, providing easy passage to your vents so you can get comfortable and breathe easily.

What’s In Those Clogged Ducts and Vents, Anyway?

The answer is simple, but the more you think about it, the more you might not want to. Anything that’s airborne in your home can wind up in your ducts, gathering with other material to form what’s essentially a big felt pad lining all four walls of the duct with everything from dust and dirt to pet dander, flaked skin, airborne grease from the kitchen, odor-causing bacteria from the garbage, chemical vapors from your cleaning products, and much more. Duct cleaning service is a sanitary matter. If your home is not humidity controlled, the static in the air from low humidity can also cause the material to gather in the ducts. If you find that you’ve been dusting more often, consider that material may be breaking free from the felt-like lining in your ducts and blowing out your vents. A duct cleaning service can help avoid having this happen when you don’t want to breathe in those particles, especially those with respiratory issues. Speaking of vents, you may see that they are also coated in dust, dirt, pet hair, and other materials, a sure sign that the ducts are in need of a cleaning as well.

Duct Cleaning Provides Duct Inspection as a Bonus

Your heating and air conditioning ducts expand and contract as your system starts and stops blowing air through them, and they also may experience bumps and disruptions if they’re located in busy areas like the basement sometimes is. They may also run through your attic or other places where it’s not easy to notice if they’re loose or damaged. Our duct cleaning service travels throughout your ducts, and has the opportunity to note any places where your ducts aren’t efficiently carrying air due to leaks or damage, or even disconnected sections. When there is trouble in your ducts, your energy investment gets wasted as your comfort suffers. In some cases, too, there are regulating doors in your ducts, often hidden in the attic or other out-of-the-way places, and they may fail to operate. If they don’t respond to your HVAC system’s command to open, you may actually have portions of your home that aren’t being heated or cooled as they should be. In the course of duct cleaning service, you may improve your ducting’s condition and operation as well.

Further Improving Your Home’s HVAC System Operation with Vent Cleaning and Unblocking

As part of duct cleaning service, your vents will receive cleaning as well, removing dust and other material that’s clinging to them and becoming unsightly as well as spreading particles through the air. Our duct cleaning service experts may also note that, over the course of time, your vents have become blocked by furniture or other objects, redirecting or even limiting the airflow from them and creating irregular patterns of heating and cooling that could make parts of your living room or bedrooms uncomfortable. In some cases, their effect on airflow can reduce the air that finds its way to the area where your thermostat is located, changing the way that your comfort system operates by causing it to work harder to reach the desired temperature. Once our duct cleaning service notices air distribution issues in your home such as blocked vents, our HVAC experts can run tests to check airflow in your ducts and around your house and make sure everything is operating in a balanced way as designed.

Zone-Based Systems to Improve Energy Use and Decrease HVAC System Wear

In many homes, a single set of ducts brings air to all parts of the home, whether the heating or cooling is needed or not. This works the air conditioner or heating system harder, and flows more air through the ducts, causing them to accumulate material faster. When you have our HVAC experts separate your home’s HVAC ducts into zones, you can manage each section separately and set different areas to the right temperature based, for instance, on the time of day. There’s usually no need to cool the bedrooms during the day, and little reason to keep the living room cool overnight, and so on. This also makes our duct cleaning simpler, reduces your energy use as your system has more limited demand, and usually reduces wear and tear on your HVAC components and resulting repairs.

Add-On Indoor Air Quality Features

With clean ducts, what else can you do to breathe easier? We offer HVAC filters that remove much smaller particles from the air than standard heating air filters, along with humidity control systems for comfort and consistent humidity, and UV light systems to limit pathogens.

Your HVAC and Duct Cleaning Service Experts in Arlington, TX

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we carefully clean your ducts and maintain your HVAC system in Arlington, TX for top performance and the cleanest, most breathable air your system can produce. Ask us about indoor air quality services as well, and enjoy your home even more. Call today.