The 411 About Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

The 411 About Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

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A looming air conditioner installation can always feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a fairly new homeowner and were caught off-guard by the failure of your AC in Fort Worth, TX. Especially because during the summer months temperatures can be almost unbearable making it a location where air conditioning is not only highly sought after, but a necessity. Therefore air conditioner installation is not a question of whether or not you will schedule it, but when.

With that in mind, it can be helpful to learn what to expect during your air conditioner installation and how you can help protect your new air conditioner so that you don’t find yourself in this same position anytime soon. The good news is that most AC systems have a lifespan of about ten years, so if you have a newer unit installed you won’t have to worry about a new air conditioner installation anytime soon.

On the other hand, you may be surprised to learn that the number one factor that influences how long your new air conditioner will last is actually the installation process. Choosing the right company to install your air conditioner is extremely important because it is a precise operation and if anything is marginally wrong during the process it will affect the overall efficiency and lifespan of your unit until it comes time to replace it again. Therefore it is worth taking some time to do some due diligence before having your new AC delivered to your Fort Worth, TX home and installed.

The other thing that affects its lifespan will of course be how well you maintain your unit. An air conditioning unit that is serviced at least once a year or is enrolled in a preventative maintenance program through a local HVAC company will generally fare better than one that is not. Preventative care allows issues to be properly diagnosed before they have the chance to damage any major components of your system. This is why most air conditioning companies heavily stress yearly service and in Fort Worth Texas where the demands on air conditioning systems are high it is extremely important to stay ahead of the curve. Doing so might mean the difference between a unit that lasts for its full lifespan and one that dies early on.

With all of this in mind, it is time to take a look at how you can protect your new AC system and what to expect on the day that your air conditioner installation is scheduled. In addition, we will take a quick look at what you can do to prepare for the process and hopefully expedite it. Sometimes a little bit of preparation is all it takes to turn a long operation into one that is at least less stressful. While you need to prepare for the process to take some time, the reward at the end of the process will be an AC that is once again cooling down your home so you relax during the summer months.

How Long Does Air Conditioner Installation Take?

There are several variables that will impact how long your air conditioner installation will take such as the size of your home, if this is a first-time air conditioner installation or if there is an old unit that needs to be uninstalled and the skill of the company that you hire to come to take care of the process for you. In general, you can plan for the process to take about four to eight hours, but while that may be a big span of time, the one thing you can usually feel confident in is that it is a one-day process. This means that when the process is done at the end of the day you will have cool air in your home once again.

How Can I Prepare for Air Conditioner Installation?

With that in mind, you should plan to be home the entire day that your air conditioner installation is going to take place. Not only will you need to be home to let the technicians into your home, but throughout the process, they will need to go in and out of your home and may have questions for you so most people feel the most comfortable by hanging around throughout the day. In addition, if there are any issues that occur during the process you will want to be there to answer them so that the technicians can get back to work and the process is not stretched out for any additional period of time.

Outside of taking the day off, you also will want to make sure that any pets are safely secured while the technicians are at your home. This is for both the technician’s safety and the safety of your pets. Some aspects of installation can be loud and unexpected, and even reasonably behaved pets have been known to bolt in fear which can be easily prevented by simply locking them up in a safe area or leaving them with a friend or family member for the day. Keep in mind that the technicians will need to be in and out of your home frequently so it is easy for a pet to slip out the door while no one is looking.

You will also need to prepare space for the technicians both in and outside of your home. The standard AC unit includes an outdoor and an indoor component, so they will need two dedicated work areas. In general, it is recommended that you clear out a four-foot radius where the outdoor unit is going to be installed and where the indoor unit will be connected inside of your home. It is also extremely useful for the technicians if you clear a four-foot pathway from the preferred entrance of your home to the inside unit so that they can safely fit all tools and machinery through the space. This will also ensure that any property you may have around the unit is not damaged.

Additionally, the Fort Worth, TX technicians will need to be able to get to their van or truck to get parts and supplies throughout the process so it helps if you can leave your driveway empty for the day to provide quick access. If possible you can park your car in the garage or the street temporarily for the day so that technicians have open access to your AC and their trucks. Keep in mind that the new unit will be delivered directly to your home in most cases to prevent damage to the unit so you will need to have space for its delivery.

Cleaning up all debris and toys that may also be around the driveway or outdoor unit is a great way to help expedite the process and ensure that no one gets accidentally hurt during the air conditioner installation which will slow things down. Keep in mind also that at some point the technicians will need to check the thermostat in your home as well as the major air vents in your home so while the entire home does not have to be super clean, these areas need to be clear and easily accessible.

What to Expect During Air Conditioner Installation?

The good news is that once you have everything properly prepared for air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX then you can kick back on the sofa and wait for the process to conclude. After you open the door initially there will probably not be too much that you need to do. Therefore, your only job will be to sit and wait for them to finish their job, although if it is a bakehouse in your home without AC you may find that waiting on the back porch is a bit more amenable.

Most of the time technicians will start with the outdoor unit air conditioner installation, but every time has their own preferences. Generally, they will remove the old unit that is still attached to your home and then start to install the new one after checking the previous connections into your home. If they can use the same connections from the first unit this will help expedite the process, but some companies prefer to exchange everything because it creates a stronger system that is completely new. You can ask your air conditioner installation company what they prefer.

If your old AC has completely stopped functioning prior to the new air conditioner installation then there is a good chance that the company will come out before installation day to remove it so that the process is quicker on the installation day. However, if it is still working, just not as efficiently they will likely leave it until air conditioner installation so that you receive a bit of comfort inside of your home while you wait. Sometimes it can take one to two weeks for a new unit to arrive so any bit of comfort you can receive is better than none.

Once the outdoor unit is removed and then a new one is installed, the crew will move inside of the home and assess your indoor unit to install the new component to your existing HVAC system. This will include creating a new electrical pathway to the circuit box and the thermostat. The system will be fully installed and then double-checked for safety and accuracy once complete.

At this point, the technician will come upstairs in your home to calibrate the thermostat and make sure that it is accurate and working well with the new system. If you have ever thought about updating to a smart thermostat system, this is a great time to make the leap since it will be easy to integrate at the start of a brand new unit. The technician will also turn on your AC and run for at least ten minutes to ensure that your thermostat is properly interpreting the temperature in your home and the unit is producing dependable cool air. Once this process is done, they will pack up their tools and clean up their mess as soon as possible and leave you to enjoy your new and hopefully much cooler Fort Worth, TX home.

How Can I Keep My AC System Working as Long as Possible?

Now that all of the hassle is over, your next concern should be keeping your air conditioner system working for as long as possible. The good news is that all it takes is an annual maintenance program to keep things in top shape. As a side note, you need to get on an annual maintenance plan right away because that brand new warranty that you get for your new AC system will only remain valid if your system is serviced once a year. A lot of people don’t realize that and are crushed if something goes wrong while it is under warranty only to find out that they voided it by skipping a service call.

The preventive service will not only involve cleaning and a quick check to make sure that all components still look good inside of your AC, but generally, it helps your AC run a lot better and more efficiently which means that you will pay less for AC throughout the year as well. In this way, an annual air conditioning service call pays for itself which is why it is the number one thing that we advise all of our customers to do.

Now that you know what an air conditioner installation involves and the entire process it is time to schedule yours if you believe that your AC is slowly dying. If you are ready to make the move, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. Our Fort Worth, TX technicians will be glad to answer any more questions you have and get you on the schedule.