Air Conditioner Installation: Why You Should Get A Packaged Air Conditioner For Your Residence | Southlake, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Why You Should Get A Packaged Air Conditioner For Your Residence | Southlake, TX

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You might be familiar with many air conditioning units such as central air conditioners, ductless ACs, and portable systems. But you may be wondering what’s all the hype with the packaged AC. Well, for starters, it has a heat exchanger, fan, compressor, and blower packed in a single unit.

The packaged air conditioner is mounted on the roof during air conditioner installation, but you can choose to have it on a concrete slab of your home’s foundation. This electrical appliance has heat exchangers or heat strips that produce warmth apart from the usual cooling effect.

The packaged air conditioner transfers the conditioned air through ducts to your space. If you are unsure of what type of AC to invest in, continue reading to know the benefits of a packaged AC and why you should consider it during your air conditioner installation project.

Has Heating and Cooling Features

The packaged AC can keep you and your family comfortable during the scorching summers and ensure your house is cozy and warm during the winter. Its heat strips produce heat but are not as sufficient as a furnace. Other components like the compressor, ducts, and evaporator coils suck the warmth out of your space, making it comfy to your liking.

Therefore, if you want an AC that provides both the heat and that cooling effect when much needed, call a technician to help you select the best packaged AC that will meet your family’s temperature-related needs. The experienced contractor will also provide accurate air conditioner installation services to ensure the unit runs at its peak.

Space Efficiency

Unlike central air conditioners and split systems that take up lots of space, the packaged unit saves space. It has most of its cooling and heating components in one place, making it the best option for people with cramped or small living areas.

Having the system installed either on the roof or next to your house in Southlake, TX, will give you space to add other appliances to your home or create space for an entertaining unit you fancy. You should buy a packaged AC and call a technician for prompt air conditioner installation to get space for other desired equipment.


Another reason for getting a packaged air conditioning unit involves its energy-saving capabilities. Most modern energy-saving ACs consume 50 percent less electricity to cool your home. The latest air conditioners have energy ratings, which higher rates indicate greater efficiency, and vice-versa.

The packaged ACs are available in diverse efficiencies that show their general performance. The EER (Energy efficiency ratio) shows the cooling rate of the unit, measuring the power to the compressor, controls, and fan motors. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) explains the residential loads, which is the cooling capacity of the packaged system, and the integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) shows the operating efficiency.

With the help of an AC expert, you will get the best-packaged air conditioning unit with the right SEER, IEER, and EER. So, don’t hesitate to call for air conditioner installation services for the packaged AC unit with higher cooling and heating performance.

Easy or Streamlined Maintenance

Most home appliances need tune-ups or servicing to prolong their lifespan and work efficiently for longer. Packaged air conditioning systems also need maintenance, which is cost-effective because all components are in one box, making it easier for the technician to reach for clean and tune up the units without moving back and forth from exterior to interior systems.

While cleaning and making the necessary adjustments in the packaged system, the single unit makes it hassle-free for the contractor to make repairs or replacements.

Easy Installation

Apart from easy maintenance, packaged air conditioning units are also easy to install. During the air conditioner installation, the service expert assembles all the separate components of the AC equipment in a controlled indoor location.

The contractor takes a short time to make the complete setup of the unit on the roof or the slab foundation of your home. Also, the air conditioner installation services are cheaper for the packaged AC because they have a single unit that operates efficiently.


Similar to other multi-unit AC systems, the packaged unit has several options in the air conditioning market in Southlake, TX. You might prefer the packaged ACs with water-cooled condensers, or air-cooled condensers, whichever will fit your house.

It also has diverse types that operate on different energy sources such as gas or electricity. If you want the single-unit AC for your home, please don’t do the shopping alone but invite an HVAC contractor to help you select the best type that will meet your cooling and heating needs. The expert will also provide the correct and prompt air conditioner installation services.

Heats and Cools a Large Space

Compared to other HVAC units, the packaged AC system can cool large spaces. Most packaged air conditioners can cool up to 12,000 BTU units per hour. If you have a large house that can hold big parties and events indoors, don’t worry about the size of the single unit because it will efficiently cool or heat your space. An air conditioner installation expert will assist you in selecting the right choice of size with the correct BTU units per hour for your home.

Lower Utility Bills

Since packaged HVAC units are energy-efficient, they use less energy to heat and cool the rooms in your residence. They don’t use as much energy as the multi-unit air conditioning equipment that consumes more energy to power the multiple indoor and outdoor components.

So, if you are ready to upgrade to a better, more efficient, and energy-saving AC, call a renowned air conditioner installation company to get an experienced professional that will help you through the entire process from the selection.

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