AC Repair Company: How To Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer | Arlington, TX

AC Repair Company: How To Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer | Arlington, TX

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Summer in Arlington, TX, is characterized by barbeques, festivals, bonfires, and the familiar cold and conditioned air. Air conditioning is one of the things that make warm days much more comfortable. As with every good, there are downsides. Continuous usage of the AC leads to significantly higher energy bills. Working to lower your energy bills not only saves on monthly costs but also reduces harmful greenhouse emissions.

In this piece, we discuss how best to keep your AC costs low as summer begins.

Adopt Energy-efficient Windows

Most older homes in Arlington, TX, tend to have windows that aren’t energy efficient. A great way to lower your energy costs after an AC repair company does an installation is by investing in energy-efficient windows. The initial investment may be pretty substantial, but the long-term savings it affords you will be well worth it. Energy-efficient windows reduce the ultraviolet and infrared light that comes into your home. It’s both useful during the winter and summer. Over summer, the windows reflect heat away, preventing your home from overheating, while during winter, they work to retain the heat indoors.

Try Some Nighttime Ventilation

A great way to effortlessly reduce the temperatures in your home while saving energy is through cross ventilation. Besides having had an AC repair company do an installation, windows are still one of the primary ways to air your home. Cooler air can easily come into your space while letting the warm air out. Opening up your windows at night should allow you to turn off your AC. Having the air conditioner on while the windows are open results in additional air conditioner usage and increased energy bills.

Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Thanks to smart technology, smart features can now help you significantly save energy. Some useful smart technology products that will help you manage your energy bills after an AC repair company does an installation include smart air conditioners and smart thermostats. They allow you to set schedules for your AC and other intelligent triggers to maintain your home’s indoor climate. Cap the cost of a smart air conditioner by making your regular air conditioner smart through smart air conditioner controllers.

Use Portable and Ceiling Fans

Portable fans and ceiling fans help reduce your air conditioners burden. It is arguably one of the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency. After the company installs your AC, a ceiling fan may seem low-tech. However, they help reduce a home’s air conditioning needs by up to 40% in electricity costs. Portable fans can be easily and strategically positioned to keep rooms well ventilated. Even though they don’t really cool the air, they aid in supplying cool fresh air.

Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

For an HVAC unit to run smoothly and keep energy costs low, properly functioning air filters are vital. They keep dust and pathogens from infiltrating the airstream and spreading throughout the house. After an initial air conditioner installation by an AC repair company, dust particles tend to accumulate and block the air filters. The HVAC unit has to work harder if the filters are dirty to circulate clean, fresh air around, thereby consuming much more energy. Homeowners need to replace their air filters once every two or three months or more frequently if they have pets or children.

Do Not Skip Maintenance

After an AC repair company installs your air conditioner, you need to plan for regular maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures your HVAC is running at full capacity, which saves you costs in the long run. In the absence of routine maintenance, minor issues will pile up, forcing your AC to work harder to work efficiently. In effect, it will raise our energy bill.

Reduce Air Leaks

Leaks allow heat to seep through to your home during the summer. Some places that are likely to allow air leaks include windows, walls, attics, and garages. In the face of regular air leaks that transfer heat, the AC unit, which was installed by an AC repair company, needs to work more to keep your home cool. This leads to an increase in air conditioning costs. Get in touch with an AC repair company that can insulate your home to ensure it is energy efficient. Insulating your home will ensure the outdoor heat stays outside.

Use Curtains, Blinds, and Shades

When rooms in your home catch the sun and light up, your air conditioning works harder to cool these rooms. An easy solution would be to block out the sun by installing light-colored blinds so that the light gets in and the heat stays out. Other useful ideas would be to use window shade treatments and awnings that will help keep the house cool and the energy bills in check.

Give Your Oven and Stovetop a Rest

With the temperatures soaring outside, avoid overusing your oven or stove. These cooking appliances help increase the indoor temperatures making the house seemingly warmer. As a result, your AC tends to work more to keep the kitchen cooler, thereby increasing your energy bills. A great alternative would be to fire up the grill or cook using the microwave.

Plant More Trees

Creating shade for your home through planting trees is a great way to save energy and increase the natural scenic greenery. Though planting trees now may not immediately help lower your energy consumption, it definitely will in the long run. Homeowners are advised to plant shrubs and trees, particularly on the west and south side of their homes. This helps block sunlight from entering your home and results in cooler indoor temperatures.

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