Air Conditioner Installation From One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Of Fort Worth | Southlake, TX

Air Conditioner Installation From One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Of Fort Worth | Southlake, TX

It is easy to take your air conditioning for granted when you are comfortable and cool in your family home or workplace environment. However, when you greet a hot Texan day without the creature comforts of air conditioning you soon recognize the necessity of a high-quality air conditioner. A professional air conditioner installation is the only way to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the hotter seasons.

Air conditioner installation is more complex than it seems. While many people assume they can follow the directions and simply install the air conditioner. However, it is prudent to discuss what type of air conditioner is right for your space with a professional. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in finding the right appliance to meet your needs while conserving energy and providing an expert air conditioner installation.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Star Air Conditioners

Energy Star is a government-funded organization that evaluates a wide range of appliances to help consumers choose the best option for their needs and help conserve natural and other resources which benefit the environment and your wallet by lowering electricity, gas, water, and other energy bills at a minimum.

The team of experts in air conditioner installation at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is fluent and knowledgeable about everything related to heating and AC installation and has deeply familiarized themselves with the Energy Star program and how to evaluate a space and determine which appliance will best meet your needs and preferences when it comes to heating and air conditioning and air conditioner installation.

The type of appliance you will need depends on the size of your home or office, how many people live or work in the space, and how powerful you need your heater or air conditioner to be comfortable in your environment.

It is wise to consult a professional air conditioner installation service like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating before buying an air conditioner because any small mistake during an air conditioner installation can harm your new appliance, void the warranty or worse leave you with an AC that only half works.

Why Choose One Hour Heating & Air for an AC Installation?

There are many benefits of having a new air conditioner installation like lower energy bills. An appropriate air conditioner for your environment will cut energy costs by approximately twenty percent according to the Energy Star program.

Expect to make a higher initial investment on a unit, but over time the air conditioner and installation costs will be made up by the lower costs associated with running the appliance and the ability to have a longer lifespan. A well-serviced air conditioner that has had a professional air conditioner inst

Advances in home environmental technology have made huge impacts on energy reduction. The evaporator coils are currently N-shaped, allowing the AC to cool larger surface areas and maintain more coolant. This allows the evaporator coils to absorb heat from inside your home and remove extra moisture from any warm air blown over them. This in turn increases the cooling effects inside your home.

The honing of thermal expansion valves better control the movement of coolant through the evaporator coils. The valves are attached to sensors that take the temperature of both the interior and exterior of your home or office. This allows the thermal expansion valve to sense when to power up or power down.

Modern technological air conditioners have an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) or SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) value. The bigger these values means the air conditioner you have bought is more energy-efficient and costs less to run. The investment pays you back and helps protect the planet.

Benefits of High-Tech AC Installation in Southlake

A Lower Carbon Footprint

Old units primarily use Freon (R22) as a coolant. This chemical is no longer made in the United States because it has damaged the Ozone layer. Freon is expensive and hard to find, as the only resources are sourced from recycled supplies. The new replacement coolants used in your newly installed air conditioner are more efficient, better for the environment, and cheaper to run.

Improved Air Quality

Over the years air conditioner installation has improved significantly and tightly seals your new AC unit from the outside world. You will find that less dirt from the outdoors enters your home. In addition, it further improves your air quality. One Hour Heating & Air recommends that you invest in HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for your new air conditioner. The HEPA filter will prevent dust, pollen, bacteria, and other things from polluting the air in your home helping anyone with a chronic pulmonary condition like asthma or heart disease.

Less Maintenance and Breakdowns

Another problem with older air conditioners is that replacement parts are hard to find. A new unit usually is accompanied by a 10-year parts warranty. If you are offered the opportunity to purchase an additional warranty for labor, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating highly suggests paying for this option because it will save you money in the long run.

A Quieter AC

New air conditioners are almost silent when indoors, you may hear air turn on and flow throughout the space but this requires a professional installation to get both a quieter and cooler home or workplace.

Customer Testimonials

“Our air conditioner stopped working in the middle of August 2021 and we were really concerned that we would struggle to find a professional service during the coronavirus epidemic. We both work from home and it gets so hot in Southlake during the summer, it is safe to say we were worried but One Hour came through within a few days after the first consultation. They helped us at an affordable price during every step of the process. We couldn’t recommend them more!”

Frank James, Southlake, TX,

“Our new AC works fantastically! Thanks, One Hour Heating & Air! If you need a new AC call them ASAP!”

Anna Hamilton, Southlake, TX


For any of your air conditioning and heating needs in Southlake, TX give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call today!