Air Conditioning Myths You Need to Immediately Stop Believing In | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Myths You Need to Immediately Stop Believing In | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Air conditioning systems are everywhere nowadays. If you live in a relatively hotter region, then you can find these cooling machines in every home, school, office and marketplace in your town. The reason for their popularity is the comfort and convenience that they bring which makes them definitely worth it.

This amazing popularity of the air conditioning systems has also given birth to some of the most amazing service centers. You can easily find the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, if you require it for your system. It is recommended by experts to always get your air conditioner serviced by professionals. Attempting a repair or service yourself without any basic knowledge can lead up to further irreversible damage. In the end, you will end up paying more than you should have.

The popularity of air conditioning systems has also created some myths about the cooling machines. Although a few of these “myths’ might somewhat be true, the majority of them are absolutely ridiculous, and you shouldn’t believe in them.

Here are some of the myths regarding the air conditioning systems that you should definitely avoid believing:

1.   Turning Down the Temperature for Quick Cooling

This ridiculous myth was created a long time ago when air conditioning systems weren’t as popular as they are today. The lack of internet and poorly written instructions manual back then meant that people would believe anything they thought might work. Therefore, a myth was born— if you want to quickly cool the house, you must lower the temperature on your thermostat. Surprisingly, many people still believe in this myth today.

This myth is definitely not true as lowering the temperature will not fasten the cooling process at all. The air conditioner will take the same time to bring the room temperature down as it would on a slightly higher temperature. Therefore, keep the thermostat to your desired temperature and have some patience.

If the air conditioning system is taking longer than usual to cool the house, then there might be a different problem. Call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, to come and fix it.

2.   Let the Air Conditioner Run until it’s Completely Dead

This is another ridiculous myth. A few decades ago, air conditioning systems used to be astronomically expensive. This meant that only a few fortunate souls were able to afford them. Therefore, a myth was born that you should let the air conditioning run as long as it can even if it exceeds its defined lifetime. Shockingly, many people nowadays still believe in this myth and they couldn’t be any more wrong.

A good modern air conditioning system has a life span of 15-20 years. After that many years, you should definitely replace it with a new system. This is because the old unit will become extremely unreliable and will cost you a lot in repairs and high energy bills due to poor efficiency.

If you still have an old air conditioning system, then replace it immediately with a new one. Call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, and get a new one installed in your home.

3.   You Don’t Need to Clean the Fins and Coils

The origin of this weird myth is pretty hard to find, but whoever created it must be a lazy person who doesn’t like cleanliness. It is just ridiculous to even think that anything sitting outside the house 24/7 does not require any kind of cleaning. The condenser unit (outdoor unit) of the air conditioning system has fins situated on the cover. These fins allow the heat from the condenser coil to escape into the outside air. If these fins are blocked by the dirt or debris, then the air won’t be able to escape and the efficiency of the entire system will be reduced significantly.

Cleaning of the coils and fins is really important, and you should definitely do it at least once a year. If you want your air conditioning system to live the longest life possible, then you should stop believing in this stupid myth and keep your system cleaned.

If you are unsure about how to clean the outside unit of the air conditioner, then simply leave it for the professionals. Call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TXto come and clean it up at least once every year.

4.   The Bigger the Unit, the Better

This myth seems to have been born from a simple common sense. As true as it might seem, you should definitely not believe in it. Air conditioning systems nowadays are perfectly designed according to the size of the house.

If you buy a smaller unit, then it will have to work really hard in order to keep the house cool. This will lead to inefficiency and the system will wear down faster than it actually should. Similarly, a bigger unit than required for your house will quickly cool down the house, but it will rapidly turn on and off in order to keep the temperature maintained. This will lead towards wear and tear of the system and the air conditioning system will not live as long as it should. Therefore, you need to stop believing in this ridiculous myth and buy the right sized air conditioning system for your house.

If you are confused regarding the size of the air conditioner to buy, then simply consult a professional. Call the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, and ask for their advice.

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