Air Conditioning Problems in Larger Venues | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Problems in Larger Venues | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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Do you own, manage, or operate a large venue? Are you currently considering buying or opening a large venue in Fort Worth, TX?

If so, you will need some advice from an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX about one of the most important aspects of managing and setting up a space: air conditioning, ventilation and insulation.

All of these are extremely necessary in Fort Worth, TX, to allow adequate cooling, air flow and air filtration. This can be especially necessary in larger venues or spaces where crowds of people are expected to assemble.

Large venues in Fort Worth include concert halls, movie and traditional theatres, opera houses, schools, churches, arenas, gyms, clubs, and even offices.

These spaces need a lot of extra air conditioning because they usually require a lot of people to congregate for long periods of time and going without air conditioning in enclosed and inadequately ventilated spaces can be dangerous for everyone, especially the elderly and smaller children.

In Texas summers and in the generally hot and humid Fort Worth climate, air conditioning can be vital.

Without air conditioning in a space, the clientele, patrons, employees or even animals present in the space can have a number of health and safety risks. These include the following:

Heat Exhaustion

If people in large venues in Fort Worth, TX, spend a lot of time there and work or hang around there without air conditioning, they might eventually have heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion causes sluggishness and irritability and might not be ideal for spaces like gyms or offices where people need to be high-energy and highly motivated.


Dehydration is a serious condition where people can overheat in inadequately cooled spaces. They can sweat excessively and as a result lose a lot of hydration from their body, resulting in dehydration. This can happen in scenarios where people are exerting themselves and are not drinking enough water.


If there is not adequate breathing space or air flow and filtration in a particular space, especially if there are large crowds, people can get very little oxygen and begin to suffocate or feel ill.

If the venue is designed to keep people comfortable and relaxed for short and long periods of time, it will avoid chances of crowd suffocation.

Heat Stroke

If someone’s body is exposed to the external elements and exposed to hot and humid weather for too long, they can suffer from a heat stroke. This can be very common in elderly people, especially in Fort Worth venues that do not have enough shade or ventilation.

Heat strokes are extremely serious health risks, resulting in death at times, and should be prevented at all costs.

Along with installing air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX to prevent these conditions, a large venue,would need to take measures against air conditioning problems. These include:

Installation Problems

With air conditioning systems, there can be problems even at the point of installation. Air conditioning systems might break down or cause trouble if the following mistakes are made by the air conditioning  service in Fort Worth, TX at the point of installation:

Sizing Mistake

If the air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX does not size up the space or property appropriately and install a large enough or proportionate air conditioning unit, there might be problems with the system’s overall performance.

If an air conditioning unit is not proportional to the size of the air-conditioned area, it might have energy efficiency and cooling issues.

If the space is too big and the air conditioner too small, there might not be enough cooling and the air conditioner might have to work twice as hard to cool the space and as a result use more energy.

If the space is too small and the air conditioning unit is too large, then the air conditioner might produce too much cooling energy for the space and the space might just be too cold or uncomfortable for patrons or employees.


Another installation mistake could be wiring. If the wiring is not installed and placed correctly, there might be problems of powering up the air conditioner and incorrect wiring can also be a fire hazard.


While installing the entire system, the air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX might make the mistake of not installing enough vents or ducts for the air conditioner, thereby disproportionately and inadequately cooling the venues.

Air Conditioner Parts

The air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX might also install inefficient and low quality air conditioner parts leading to a lot of problems in the future. If an ineffective or faulty version of condenser coils, improper air ducts, or low grade coolant is used then you might have to pay a lot of maintenance costs.

Ventilation and Insulation Problems

Cooling a large venue requires more than just a simple air conditioner installation. It requires ensuring that all of the space has an adequate amount of vents so that each area is equally cooled.

It requires insulating all openings within the space to make sure there are no drafts or pollutants coming in from outside. Improper insulation can also release cooling energy from the air conditioner, leading to lower energy efficiency.

Maintenance Problems

Air conditioners can often a lot of maintenance work, including thermostat inspection and replacement, coolant replacement and condenser and evaporator coil renewal and correction.

The wiring system as well as the exhaust system will need to be inspected and fixed. The power switch will need to be eventually inspected and repaired. Air conditioners also need regular cleaning in their vents to stop obstructions from occurring.

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