Air Conditioning Repair: What Homeowners Need To Know | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: What Homeowners Need To Know | Fort Worth, TX

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Air conditioners have a life of their own, and those who rely on them for their in-home comfort know that there are some significant factors that point to the need to have them serviced right away. Strange noises, bizarre odors, certain leaks, and ACs that somehow fail to work properly all have something important to tell you: that it’s time to call the professionals for your air conditioning repair needs quickly. And what better place to call than One Hour of Fort Worth, TX.

Any type of banging or screeching sound that comes from your air conditioner gives the best indication that something could be seriously wrong with your AC’s fan belt that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Banging noises are associated with a broken fan belt that needs to be replaced, and any screeching or squealing noises may point to a belt that is frayed or worn. In either case, having the fan belt checked and possibly replaced is your best solution for getting your air conditioner up and running again, and this is something that your air conditioning repair experts can do once you make that critical call.

Water leaks are to be expected at times, but like anything else, if they become excessive, you may want to seek attention right away. They could be the result of excessive condensation. But the problem may also be connected to a drain that’s either broken or clogged. Either way, getting them checked out may prevent further problems, as freon has the propensity to escape right along with it. In fact, low levels of freon can result in your air conditioner’s evaporator coils becoming frozen due to the fact that this important liquid converts to a gas state that allows the air to cool your room by blowing directly over those coils.

When your air conditioner’s air filter gets dirty, your evaporator coils are likewise affected. In fact, they can get easily caked with the soot that comes from an unclean air filter and begin to freeze up. Water can collect onto the coils and freeze, but once it thaws it may form a pool on the floor as the result of an air conditioner leak. Older units may simply form a type of a condensation within that results in a water leak. But there’s more to it than that.

Water leaks can come from blocked AC drains or from units that have been poorly installed after being serviced newly bought and you will need air conditioning repair. This is due to the fact that the unit is not able to drain properly if it happens to be incorrectly placed at an angle inside your window. Simply having it reinstalled should avert the need for air conditioner repair service.

Mold is not easy to spot, nor is the presence of mildew. Yet both have a unique way of showing up inside your air conditioner due to the collection of excess water and condensation. If you suddenly notice a moldy smell when turning on your AC, you should have it inspected first. If your air conditioning repair specialist has determined the presence of water, then getting it fixed should become your next step.

Routine air conditioner inspections should be done at least once a year to ensure that your unit is primed and ready for use. Doing this before the summer is an ideal time because you’ll want to have it ready to use when the heat gets too much. Staying cool and comfortable is important to your health, and the knowledge that your home has a reliable air conditioner that’s working properly should be just enough to bring you the peace of mind you need everyday.

That said, what kinds of issues should an annual unit inspection be able to uncover? One of the most vital components would be to start with checking the freon levels to see if there’s enough to keep you cool. Inadequate levels of freon may cause the unit to blow out warm air in spite of the fact that you may have it turned down to the lowest possible degree. This will run up your monthly energy bill and, what’s even worse is that you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits your air conditioner should bring. In this case, you will need air conditioning repair immediately, and you may need to inquire about new unit installation. Your technician in Fort Worth, TX should be able to help you look for the right air conditioner to suit your needs.

Another part of your yearly inspection should be the air filter, which serves as the respiratory system of your air conditioner. The primary job of the air filter is to filter out the bad air and to let in the good, clean air into your home. This helps in making it much more easy for you and everyone else inside your home to breathe easier while enjoying good, quality indoor cool. But there may be times when this might not be possible, and those who live in urban areas should take extra care to have it checked at least twice a year. Soot and pollution that comes from car exhaust, local factories, and a landfill can get into a filter much easier and quicker than you think, so you should therefore plan on investing more money to get it cleaned and replaced more often.

Pets and people in the home are other factors to consider when checking your air filters. Dander and other harmful allergens get trapped into a filter and can cause it to clog much easier that imagined. Outdoor pollen and other airborne substances can get trapped into a filter and may result in you needing to ask your air conditioning repair technician to replace it.

Your air conditioner’s thermostat is the seat of all operations for cooling your home. It controls just how cool your air should be, and as a result, it keeps you as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. If it weren’t for this handy little gadget, you might not be able to have air conditioning in the first place. It warns you when and if you need to cut the unit down a few notches just to get the ideal temperature for a single room or your entire home. Yet, like so many other widgets, anything that can go wrong with a thermostat inevitably will, and that’s when calling the air conditioning repair company comes in handy. They can take a look at it to see what needs to be done next.

Sometimes, something as simple as a low battery could be at fault. If this be the case, then the technician can simply replace it in no time. But if something deeper lurks, then the technician may need to perform an inspection to check for further problems that may be obstructing the thermometer’s ability to do its job well. In some cases, a dirty air filter may be to blame, and that can be fixed by simply changing it out. In other circumstances, simply upgrading to a brand new digital type may be in order for a more modern air conditioning system in Fort Worth, TX to work.

Repair problems can be detected in other ways, either by you or by your contractor. Either way, if you hear anything that defies the norm for a running air conditioner, then maybe it’s time for you to call for air conditioning repair service as soon as possible. The problem may lie in a loose or torn fan belt that’s banging or hissing inside your unit. Clicking sounds that are clearly audible when the unit comes on often indicate a malfunctioning thermostat in need of an upgrade, and that can be done when you make an appointment for air conditioning repair service.

Rattling noises that appear to be indicative of loose or fallen parts have ways of wreaking much havoc on your air conditioning unit and may point to the need to get it replaced with something new. This may be a sign of aging when parts become loose, or it could be an issue with your unit’s fan belt. Either way, it’s time to call for air conditioning repair service right away. This is not a problem you want to ignore, and is something that should be addressed by your air conditioning repair technician right away.

Screaming noises are serious and may pose great risks for your air conditioner. In fact, this may indicate that having your unit’s refrigerant levels checked is long overdue. It may also be a symptom of extreme pressure that could lead to damage inside your unit that goes well beyond simple air conditioning repair. In this case, your unit should be retired for a brand new one immediately, and that is something that your air conditioning repair technician can do.

Central air conditioning systems that rely on duct work have their own annual needs when it comes to inspection and air conditioning repair service. In fact, they may need to be checked and cleaned as a major part of annual air conditioning repair service in order to be able to maintain a steady equilibrium within your home. Clogged air duct systems are no fun to deal with and can pose problems of their own, including a lack of good, quality clean air that’s suitable to cool for your home. Plus, a nasty duct clog can wreak havoc within your ductwork system, and in some cases can put rips, tears, and holes inside, which results in air escaping and running up your monthly utility costs.

Perhaps the worst thing about ductwork systems are hidden. These can include not only dust and allergens, but mold and mildew that creep along the inside and cause the very worst in allergies within your Fort Worth, TX home. Calling for air conditioner repair service is vital to your home’s duct work, and thankfully having it thoroughly inspected and cleaned is part of the bill for air conditioning repair service.

Even pet and people dander can get caught up in your ducts and cause minor to major breathing issues. Having the technician check for dander during an annual inspection should be done more frequently in homes that have two or more occupants and with multiple pets living inside. Plus, factor in a dirty air filter and you’ll know another reason to have them checked and cleaned when seeking air conditioning repair service.

There are other items that can get caught up inside the walls of your duct work and cause the worst of blockage. These can include rocks, tree limbs, tree branches, and even loose garbage such as paper and potato chip bags. They can fly straight into the complexity of your home’s ductwork system and get stuck there, which will often make a thorough inspection and cleaning necessary in order to blast it away as quickly as possible.

Tobacco smoke and airborne germs that cause viruses such as the flu can remain in your air ducts for days after they were first emitted. The best way to clear them out is to have it done by a professional. They can wipe it down and deep clean it so that the air is safe for you to breathe once again. Plus, it’s possible that a disinfectant can be applied to seal the deal and keep you safe and healthy once again.

Routine maintenance checks are good for keeping all air conditioning systems up and running at the most optimal level. Even older systems can benefit, and homeowners will save the most money by taking the measures needed to catch problems early on before they become worse. There may be a possibility that your air conditioning repair specialist can recommend a system upgrade such as a programmable thermostat, which is designed to be present when you’re away from home.

Whether you need basic air conditioning repair or an upgrade, the professional team at One Hour can help. They are trained in both basic maintenance and emergency repair service, so when the AC goes out you know what to do. Simply call or visit One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating online today, it’s that simple.