Buying a New Heating and AC System in Richardson, TX

Buying a New Heating and AC System in Richardson, TX

A heating and AC system works to keep us comfortable throughout the year, keeping us warm and cozy in the winters and cool and refreshed in the sweltering heat of summers. However, most homeowners hardly pay any attention to the HVAC system in their homes, as long as it keeps working. Unfortunately, heating and AC systems don’t last forever. Once it is damaged beyond repair, there is no other choice but to invest in a new one.

Since most of us hardly know anything about our HVAC systems, it is only natural that the process of buying a new one for your house in Richardson, TX, seems like a daunting task. It is important to realize that there are a number of factors that come into play when you are buying a new HVAC system.  Also, keep in mind that buying and installing a new heating and AC system can easily get expensive. This is another reason to be extra careful when you are buying a new HVAC system for your house.

The easiest way to make sure that you invest in the right heating and AC system is to take your time to learn a bit about it. Know what you are looking for and ask all the right questions. Scroll down to read all that you need to know about buying the best HVAC system for your house in Richardson, TX.

Things to Consider

If you want to make a wise decision regarding the heating and AC system of your house, it is important to have a little knowledge about the basic characteristics of an HVAC system. Here are a few things that you should take into account before finalizing the purchase.

1.   Cooling Capacity of the Air Conditioner

In summers, the heating and AC system of your house is responsible for cooling your house and maintain a refreshing, airy atmosphere in your home. For this purpose, it produces a significant amount of cold air. But how would you know the cooling capabilities of the system? This is where the cooling capacity comes in! In other words, cooling capacity can be described as the measure of cooling capabilities of the HVAC system with respect to the area of your home.

Keep in mind that cooling capacity is measured in “Tons” and 1 ton is equal to 12,000 British thermal unit per Hour (BTUh). According to the general rule of the book, a one ton AC can cover about 80 to 130 sq.ft area of your house. If the room faces the sun, have a number of windows, and receives a lot of sunlight, you might want to invest in a 1.5 ton AC.

2.   Heating Capacity of the Heater

Just like in summers, an HVAC lowers the temperature of the house to keep it cool, in winters, it works to keep your house warm and cozy by maintaining the desired temperatures. To make sure the heaters of your HVAC work perfectly for your house, it is important to check the heating capacity of the heating and AC system before investing in it.

The heating capacity of a heating and AC system depends on two factors – the input and the output capacity of the HVAC. Input capacity is the measure of fuel or energy that your heating and AC system will consume in order to generate heat. On the other hand, the output capacity indicates the amount of heat that is produced.

It is important to know that the heating capacity of a system is measured in BTU (British thermal unit). The goal is to find a heating and AC system with a small input BTU and a large output BTU. In other words, you want to look for an HVAC system that has the capability to generate more heat while consuming less fuel.

Also, it is advisable to take the climate of the area into consideration while buying an HVAC system for your house. If calculating the right heating BTU for your house seems like a daunting task, you can always seek help from the professionals or ask the manufacturers or your HVAC retailer to suggest the right BTU for your house.

3.   Energy Efficiency Value

Did you know that according to an estimate, around 50% of the total energy used in households is used for heating or cooling the house? This is because HVAC consumes a considerable amount of energy to work. Therefore, energy efficiency is another important thing that you must take into consideration while buying a heating and AC system for your house.

Generally, the heating energy efficiency is measured in the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and the cooling energy efficiency is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the AFUE and SEER values, the more energy efficient your HVAC will be.

4.   Types of Heating and AC Systems

If you want to make an informed decision about the heating and AC system of your house, you must know all your options. This is important because HVAC systems come in a wide range of variety. In order to choose the one that suits your requirements the best, it is important that you are familiar with the various types. Here’s a list of some of the most popular types of heating and AC systems in Richardson, TX.

  • Electric Furnace & Air Conditioner Split System
  • Standard Central Air Conditioners & Furnace Split System
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump & Air Handler Split Systems
  • Mini Split Heat Pumps
  • Boiler & Radiant Heat System & Air Conditioner
  • Heating Pump & Gas or Oil Furnace Split Systems

5.    HVAC Dealer and Installer

This is perhaps one of the most important factors. It is advisable that you purchase an HVAC system only from the most trusted and tested retailers and installers in Richardson, TX like One Hour Heating and AirTheir experts will help you choose the best heating and AC system that fits your budget and meets all your requirements!