Common Reasons for Malfunction of Heating Systems | Insight from Your Fort Worth, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider

Common Reasons for Malfunction of Heating Systems | Insight from Your Fort Worth, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider

Heating and air conditioning repair service should be done urgently to avoid greater problems. Our team of highly trained technicians in Fort Worth, TX fully understands that and is focused on upholding your comfort.

Why You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Mere troubleshooting of a problem in your heating appliance doesn’t quite solve the issue. Hiring our certified technicians in Texas to examine and repair your appliance is the best option. Here are some common reasons that lead to failure of your residential or commercial heating system:

Lack of Proper Maintenance

A blower motor that is dirty may cause your heater to fail. When the blower motor is too dusty or dirty, the heat exchanger just goes off. Annual furnace inspection and maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Dirty Filters

Clogged or dirty air filters burden the furnace by making it work harder to circulate air.

Wear and Tear

Airflow problems and overheating may result from ordinary wear and tear.

Electric Ignition Problems

A faulty ignition makes it difficult for a heater to function effectively.

Malfunctioned Thermostat

A thermostat that is faulty causes problems in the fan and the heater at large.

Blower Malfunctioning

Continuous blower issues indicate problems with the limit switch.

Noisy Furnace

Rumbling noises of the furnace indicate a clogged burner, airflow reduction or some other mechanical problem.

Common Reasons for Malfunction of Air Conditioners

Just like any other machine, an air conditioner is prone to malfunctioning if not well maintained. Worse still, your air conditioner may choose the season’s hottest day to stop working. Worry not because our exemplary technicians in Fort Worth, TX have you covered with reliable air conditioning repair services. Here are some common causes of air conditioner failure:

Faulty Fuse or Circuit Breaker

A faulty circuit breaker or fuse is a major reason for air conditioner failure. A fuse replacement is often the solution to the problem.

Leaking of the Refrigerant

Your air conditioner performance may be affected by the level of the refrigerant. Any leak from the refrigerant poses serious threat to the environment and requires the intervention of a licensed technician.

Frozen Coil

Maintaining clean ductwork and regularly cleaning air filters prevents a frozen coil. Blocked ductwork causes airflow problems in the system resulting in a frozen coil.

Damaged Compressor and Fan Blades

An air conditioner that has been functioning for several years is prone to premature failure if it cycles on and off. Annual maintenance may help in early detection of damaged parts.

Faulty Thermostat

One of the reasons why your air conditioner cycles on and off is due to a faulty thermostat. Modern tech-savvy thermostats can be controlled remotely to adjust temperatures.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair of Various Equipment

Our heating and air conditioning repair technicians are skilled in repairing even the most sophisticated heating and air conditioning equipment. That may include the following:

Boiler Repairs

Reach out to us if you need a boiler repair in Fort Worth, TX. Our team is certified in working on very many boiler brands, from high efficiency units to older units.

Furnace Repairs

24/7 emergency furnace repairs are available from us to ensure that your family stays warm enough through winter.

Repair of Heat Pumps

Our team of professional technicians offers heat pump repairs all year round to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Repair of Central Air Conditioning

We offer fast and professional central air conditioning with an aim of restoring comfort to your home.

If your system fails and you need a heating and air conditioning repair, you would want to call someone you can trust. Be it in the middle of the night, you can always give us a call. Our technicians are certified, thoroughly trained and have a high regard for discipline. Emergency heating and air conditioning repair services are available 24 hours a day.

Effects of a Faulty Heating System

Other than replacing your comfort with restlessness, a faulty heating system has many negative effects that may include:


The wear and tear of a heating system’s heat control valve causes leaks of the coolant fluid. The leaks are hazardous and require special attention from a certified technician.

Heat Control Problems

Your heater may generate too much heat or often have cold transitions that limit you from enjoying moderately warm air.

Effects of a Faulty Air Conditioner

Having a properly functioning air conditioner is no longer considered a luxury as was the case many years ago. Unfortunately, a faulty air conditioner may result into various complications, such as:

  • Respiratory problems due to sudden temperature and humidity changes
  • Dehydration that is characterized by dry skin and mucous membrane
  • Noise pollution that may cause headaches
  • Transmission of infectious respiratory diseases
  • Allergic reactions due to fungi and airborne dust
  • Throat irritation
  • Eye complications such as itchiness or watery eyes

Benefits of Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

You are better off trusting our professionals in Fort Worth, TX to correctly repair your heating and air conditioning appliances. Here’s why:


Our heating and air conditioning repair technicians have a lot of experience in repairing units for our many clients. To top it up, they are certified and thoroughly trained. Such level of professionalism cannot be substituted.

Long-lasting Solution

Trying to carry out a heating and air conditioning repair task on your own may provide you with a temporary situation. However, our professional technicians diagnose and surely fix your problem. That cuts down on the additional costs you may have to incur later if you were to fix the unit on your own.


We are willing and able to perform annual checkups on your heating and air conditioning systems to keep them functioning effectively.

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You are now familiar with the basics of heating and air conditioning repair services. For a much better understanding as your heating and air conditioning problem is resolved, reach out to us today. Call us at (817) 283-6911.