Factors To Consider When Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Service For Your Home | Southlake, TX

Factors To Consider When Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Service For Your Home | Southlake, TX

Air ducts for an air conditioning unit are as crucial as their other components for peak performance. Ductwork is responsible for supplying conditioned air sufficiently throughout the intended places in your home.

It consists of return air ducts that carry unconditioned air from your home to the air, and the supply air ducts send the conditioned air into your rooms. They come in different types, including industry-standard fiberglass, metal, and flexible ducts.

With proper installation in the hidden places of the house, such as walls, attic, or crawl spaces by an air conditioning service professional, the ducts perform at optimal efficiency keeping your home comfortable.

The HVAC installers set up the ducts by connecting them to the air handler. Without further ado, factors to consider when selecting the ductwork system or design for your Southlake, TX, residence include:

Size of the Ducts

The first aspect to consider when selecting a duct for installation by an AC service expert in your home is size. The size of the air ducts should be proportionate to the heating or cooling systems.

Properly-sized ductwork reduces the strain on your air conditioner, thus prolonging its life. When you get improperly sized air ducts, the air conditioner will strain to provide sufficient air for maximum comfort in your home.

The inappropriately sized ducts increase the energy costs when the air conditioner or heaters struggle to perform efficiently. Therefore, it is wise to get help from an air conditioning service professional in selecting the proper size that functions optimally with your air conditioner to save on utility bills.

Large air ducts are better because they adequately circulate heat or cool air throughout your home. With that in mind, you should avoid too-small ductwork designs to prevent restricting airflow.


The hired HVAC expert in air conditioning service understands the importance of the air duct design to its efficient operation. Well-designed ductwork system impacts the performance of the air conditioner and heaters, operating costs, and overall the indoor air quality of your home.

The professional considers factors such as the orientation of the sun, floor plan, and the number of windows as they install and design the ductwork in your home.

Getting the best design of the ducts requires professional and skilled expertise from air conditioning service providers to avoid issues such as cold and hot spots in the house, sudden breakdowns, higher heating and cooling expenses, excess humidity indoors, and air drafts and current from the units.

Poor ductwork designs can cause noisy airflow, making it hard to have conversations or listen to your best music, and anemic cold and hot airflow. The AC service expert ensures the ductwork system has minimum elbows, bends, diffusers, and fittings to ensure the ductwork effectively supplies heat or cool air throughout the intended spaces without drafts.


Folks also consider Placement as a vital aspect to consider before getting the forced-air HVAC systems that use air ducts. The ductwork should run through conditioned areas to increase its efficiency. Crawlspaces, attics and other unconditioned spaces require insulation that reduces thermal loss.

The air conditioning service you hire for consultation and installation will evaluate your home and determine the best place where the ductwork should fit for peak performance. The professionals install return grilles in all the areas with air supply registers.


Homeowners in Southlake, TX, also consider sealing the air ducts. The duct system is bound to leak over some time. The AC service provider should seal all the connections, elbows, snugs, joints, and bends. Proper sealing by a NATE-Certified technician keeps the ductwork unit tight, preventing leaks that cause air drafts and high energy usage.

The professionals use mastic sealants to tightly connect the joints and bends because it does not deteriorate or shrink over the years, allowing air to leak out.

Metal tape is the other type of sealant that HVAC professionals opt for to prevent air leakage for an efficient supply of conditioned air. An experienced air conditioning service expert securely connects the grilles and inspect registers to lower the risk of air leaks and increase air supply.

The contractors also advise against using duct tape as a sealant of the ducts because of their stickiness, frequent breakdowns, and ineffectiveness.

Failure to securely seal the ducts to vents and registers can compromise the indoor air quality of your home. It can cause allergic reactions and asthma if the air is full with mold spores and other respiratory diseases.

Insulating the Ductwork

Another factor that folks can consider when selecting and installing air ducts in Southlake, TX, homes is insulation. After the HVAC technician chooses the unconditioned places such as crawl spaces and attics as the location for installing the ducts, it is necessary to consider insulating the system. Insulation regulates the temperatures that affect the sheet metal or fiberglass ductwork.

Insulating the system reduces the energy the air conditioner or heater uses to heat or cool your home. AC service providers follow a couple of steps to prevent heat loss and gain in the ductwork.

First, they determine the appropriate R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance or the effectiveness of the insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the insulators used in insulating ductwork.

The air conditioning service technicians also seal the ducts completely before insulating them with foil-faced blankets or by spraying foam insulation on the outside parts.


Installation is a crucial aspect that people should consider in ductwork systems. The air conditioning service providers ensure the ducts are clean before installation. They use their expertise to correctly install the system for peak performance of the system.

What Next?

Well-designed and insulated ducts ensure a proper supply of conditioned air in your home. You should call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for purchase consultation and correct installation.

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