Find All Your Air Conditioning Needs at One Hour Heating and Air | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Find All Your Air Conditioning Needs at One Hour Heating and Air | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Mankind has come a long way in the last century. We’ve learned how to transform the atmosphere around us and tailor it to our needs. We can raise the temperature in the winter using heaters and lower it in the summers using air conditioners. These aren’t considered luxuries anymore, as a 2009 survey by the US Energy Information Association revealed that 87% of American households had air conditioning.

You need to get an Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX because it gets really hot. With the mercury climbing to 110 F in May; that’s the second hottest May on record in the US. Conversely, it can get pretty chilly in Fort Worth TX, with temperatures in January dipping lower than 30 F, so you need good heating as well.

For the best Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX you can always count on One Hour Heating and Air. We provide quality service and excellent products for all our customers. And that One Hour in our name isn’t just to add a bit of flair, we intend to keep that promise to each and every customer that comes our way. The One Hour appointment window is a standard that we set for ourselves. Our motto, “Always on time…or you don’t pay a dime”, is the bedrock of our services.

Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioners are a must have for any household, but they can’t keep serving you beyond their lifespan. Their entire existence is based on filtering warm air from outside the home and cooling it down and dispersing it inside the home. This entails dust and other impure substances being lodged in the vents, parts wearing down over time, compressors breaking down and even the coolants evaporating. All in all, even with repair, the longest an air conditioner can serve you is ten years, give or take a few years.

Our Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX, brings you the best air conditioning models. The state of the art technology cools your home faster than AC units before it and even leaves it a much purer environment due to the advanced air filters that come with it. The AC units also save power due to more efficient cooling methods. You’ll run down your electric bill and sleep in a cool, relaxing environment all the same.

Our Experts help you find the Right Fit for you

Our Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX understands that each house and individual and family is different.  We don’t believe in a one size fits all policy; hence we can provide you with all different sizes and types of air conditioners. They have different power ratings, different tonnages and different criteria. If you want to heat a large study or a small bedroom, you’ll hardly go for the same thing will you?

To decide all this we send over our experts. These are trained professionals that can help you pick out the best AC unit for you based on your needs and wants. They know the intricacies of design so they can inform you about the various advantages and caveats of all the different models. For instance, a large AC unit can cool very quickly, but it won’t work long enough to dehumidify your home. This can be a major issue in the humid climate of Fort Worth, TX.

On the other hand, a small AC unit may work continuously without providing a constant temperature throughout your home, leading to differing levels of comfort throughout the home.

Modern Technology

With the new age come a lot of added perks to even the simplest of appliances like air conditioners. Our Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX offers wireless integration designed to work with wireless thermostats. These offer a wide range of management options including controlling the air filters and monitoring humidity levels.

This comes with independent controlling of two different variables; for instance you can employ two-stage compression to limit the cooling activity in the system without affecting the dehumidification.

We of course also offer integration with mobile devices. If it can’t be controlled with your Smartphone or your Tablet, what even is the point, right? There’s an app for everything else, why shouldn’t there be an app to control the thermostat in your own home?

Our Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX ensures that the units we provide you with have Ultra Quiet Operations and High Efficiency Levels. Our AC units boast efficiency levels of 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This was a standard rating of cooling output over total electrical energy input during a set period of time that was implemented by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) of North America in 2008.

A Personal Bond

Our one time guarantee and excellent service are ultimately tools to achieve more than great success; we want to achieve great engagement with our customers as well. We don’t look at the services we provide as numbers on a chart or the contents of a quarterly report; we look at them as ways to reach out to the community to make it better.

We not only want to impress you with our services, we want to create a bond of trust that remains long after we provide you with Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX. Not only is this good business, but it leaves more of a mark than any business reports or sales figures can ever adequately express.

If you want the best Heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX and are looking for the best Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX you can try One Hour Heating and Air by clicking here.