Heating And AC Repair: The Importance Of An Efficient HVAC System | Azle, TX

Heating And AC Repair: The Importance Of An Efficient HVAC System | Azle, TX

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The summer is quickly approaching and the weather is getting warmer. Have you checked to make sure your heating and ac units are working properly? If the answer is no, you may want to consider having a trusted heating and ac repair service company prepare your HVAC systems for the summer. Air conditioning and heating are necessities and not having properly functioning AC and heating units can cause some issues if neglected. Do not wait for a problem to arise, contact an ac repair service to care for all of your HVAC needs today.

A Brief History of Air Conditioners

Comfort is essential in order for people to thrive. People have sought comfort since the beginning of their existence, in the form of controlled temperatures. There was a time when people used to hang wet towels and wet mats over their entrances in an effort to cool their homes and establishments. Leonardo Da Vinci made an effort to control room temperatures by designing a fan to assist with room ventilation. The start of the industrial revolution in the 19th century is what truly began the era of the modern heating and air systems we have today.

Alfred Wolff, an engineer, designed the first air conditioning unit for a few buildings in New York City. In 1889 Alfred R. Wolff created a ventilation system for Carnegie Hall. This was one of the first machines of its kind. The system required blocks of ice, as well as blowers powered with steam to cool the room. The blowers would push air over the cool ice, essentially cooling the air that flowed through.

Another engineer known as Willis Carrier was able to invent a system that controlled humidity levels and air circulation. Finally, around the year 1906, Stuart Cramer came up with the term air conditioning. HVAC systems have become complicated throughout the years, this is why regular heating and AC repair is important.

Air Conditioning and Heating: How Does It Work?

Knowing how something operates is important; this understanding will help you know when it isn’t working properly. When you can discern whether or not your systems are properly functioning, you’ll be able to contact a heating and AC repair service when it’s necessary.

The central air-conditioning and heating system cultivates cool air similarly to the way it was done in the 19th century. The heating and cooling systems are typically split into separate units. The air conditioner cools the air by using a compressor to condense and circulate refrigerant through some sort of outdoor unit. The refrigerant is then pushed through an indoor coiled evaporating cooling compartment that uses fans to circulate the inside air passing through the evaporator fins. The evaporator fins then change those liquids into vapor, essentially removing the heat from the surrounding air, as well as the moisture. Once the humid heat is removed from the trapped air, it is then released into the home as cool, air-conditioned air. The hot air is then released through the outdoor unit.

These units can often leak, which can be a hazard to the environment and your health. It’s important to contact a heating and AC repair service if you suspect this may have happened.

The operations of central heating can be a bit more complicated than the air conditioning system. Central heating can consist of different types of systems. The most common types of heating systems include gas boilers, electric boilers, radiators, and sometimes heat exchangers. Heating issues can be serious and sometimes life-threatening. It would be beneficial to you and your household to have your heating system checked by a heating and AC repair service periodically.

The Benefits of Hiring a Trusted Heating and AC Repair Service

The Benefits of having an efficiently working air conditioning unit greatly outweigh any maintenance cost. Contact your local heating and AC repair service in Azle, Tx, to ensure your systems are functioning properly.

Properly air-conditioned homes can help reduce the risk of developing asthma, as well as reduce the chances of someone having an asthma attack. Properly air-conditioned homes help lower the levels of humidity, mold, pollen, mildew, and other airborne irritants. Air conditioning also helps alleviate allergy symptoms by decreasing the number of dust mites and other indoor allergens that could possibly irritate its sufferers.

Hiring a heating and ac repair service provider to routinely check your systems and clean your air filters could also lead to increased comfort and fewer asthma attacks, according to a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic.

The warm weather brings sweat patches and runny makeup days with it. A well air-conditioned home will combat the woes of heat by epic proportions. Spring weather may permit open windows and fresh air. However, the summer heat brings warm breezes into the home, sometimes making your living environment unbearable and unpractical.

A heating and ac repair company, such as One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, can ensure your heat is working properly by doing routine checks and emergency repairs. Air-conditioned environments will give you the comfort needed to perform everyday tasks such as doing makeup, exercising, cooking, and more.

This benefit may come as a surprise to you, but a well-conditioned home is less likely to have insect and pest problems. Insects such as fleas, flies, and spiders can easily crawl through open windows, regardless of protective screens. Air Conditioning means the windows must be closed and no bugs will be able to get in through the windows.

Having an efficiently air-conditioned home also reduces humidity which insects love and gravitate too. To avoid these issues simply ensure you contact a local heating and ac repair service in Azle, TX, to check your systems.

A well air-conditioned home can also help you feel and be more secure. Open windows are magnets for criminals who wish to break into your home. An open window is a weak security point and should not be left unsupervised. The safeness of the neighborhood does not matter if there is a clear and open entry point for someone who wishes to break into your home. This is especially true if you keep your windows open at night. Criminals will use the cover of darkness to carry out their crimes. Take necessary security measures by contacting a heating and ac repair service such as One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating to ensure you and your household are comfortable and safe.

An efficiently working AC also has the potential to help you sleep better. There are many reasons why some people find It difficult to fall asleep at night. One of those reasons may be due to the temperature of your room. Research suggests that the ideal sleeping temperatures to sleep in are between 60 and 67 degrees; this may vary depending on what the person is most comfortable with. Hire a reliable and experienced heating and ac repair company to help you sleep better at night.

A properly functioning AC may also save your life. Unfortunately, people are often hospitalized for seemingly preventable heat-related issues such as heatstroke and dehydration. A broken or inefficient air-conditioning unit can easily lead to these dire situations. Heat naturally increases your need to perspire, which in turn can cause someone to become dehydrated without even noticing.

Heat can cause you to lose more water than normal. The water evaporating from your pores is usually replaced by drinking water, showers, etc. However, excessive sweating can ultimately lead to dehydration before you even notice the symptoms. In fact, excessive sweating is one of the lesser-known symptoms of dehydration. Other symptoms include dry mouth, decreased urination, headaches, dark (apple juice colored) pee, dry skin, and muscle cramps. Severe symptoms of dehydration include rapid heart rate, lack of energy, confusion, sunken eyes, dizziness, and fainting. Simply hiring a heating and ac repair company can help prevent dehydration from occurring.

Heatstroke is another condition that can be caused by a lack of proper air conditioning in the home. Heatstroke is an ailment that occurs when the body overheats. Once the body reaches a temperature of 104 F it’s crucial to seek medical attention. Serious physical damage to the body can occur if the sufferer is not helped. Results of unattended heat stroke symptoms include damage to the brain, heart, muscles, kidneys, and death.

Knowing what symptoms to look for can save your life. The symptoms include confusion, slurred speech, irritability, nausea, vomiting, alternating sweat, headache, and rapid heart rate. The causes of heatstroke are attributed to strenuous activity and being exposed to hot environments. During the summer there are rises in the number of heat stroke cases due to individuals not properly caring for themselves or their homes. The summers in Azle, TX, are hot. Don’t take the health risk, instead hire your local heating and air repair company, such as One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth.

Air-conditioned environments can prevent human beings from overheating and it can do the same for your electronics. Electronic products need cool environments to thrive. Hot room temperatures can severely damage electronics such as computers, laptops, and gaming systems. Overheated electronics can lead to data loss and possible breakdown of the device.

Believe It or not a properly working ac and heating system unit can lead to better work performance. Study shows that individuals are more productive and alert in cooler temperatures. This may have something to do with the lethargy heat can cause in some people. Hot environments seem to cause the body to exert more energy than necessary.

Having a properly functioning AC unit can also help with noise reduction. Not having to have your windows open will greatly reduce the sound pollution from entering your home. It will also help reduce the pollution and fumes from outside from entering your environment by filtering the outside air. Contact your local heating and ac repair service provider could help you prevent all of these disasters from occurring, contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, in Azle, TX, to ensure your AC and heat is working properly.

When is time time to call a Heating and AC Repair Service?

The benefits of air-conditioning and heating are numerous. Although it would be beneficial to schedule routine maintenance, some signs indicate you’re in need of a heating and ac repair service provider sooner than later. If your HVAC systems are exhibiting any of the following issues contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in Azle, TX today.

If your air-conditioning system is on but no cool air is coming from the vents this could be a sign of a real issue. This malfunction can be due to a number of different causes. The malfunction may be due to a faulty thermostat; more often than not the issue can be attributed to a faulty compressor, broken fan motors, or low refrigerant fluid due to leaks or otherwise. This issue will not resolve itself. You must contact a local heating and ac repair service to ensure your AC is working properly and you’re not throwing money down the drain.

This same logic applies to your heating systems as well. If your HVAC system is leaking for any reason, you should call your local HVAC repair service immediately. Leaking liquids form HVAC units can indicate major damage to the unit. The leaking liquid could also lead to other property damages.

As explained previously in the article, air conditioning units are liquid-based systems. This means they require liquids to function properly. It also removes liquid from hot air that enters the unit. The water is typically dispensed through a pan and then it drains away. Issues arise when the pan or drain line becomes clogged causing the condensation to leak, other issues arise when the refrigerant compartment becomes compromised causing it to leak this coolant into the unit, home, or property, which would be an environmental hazard.

It’s important to find a professional and reliable heating and ac repair service to fix any issues that may arise. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is a reliable company that can do just that. This company has only the best HVAC technicians employed with them. This heating and AC repair company only employs technicians that are Nate-certified. This company can assist with the repair or replacement of your HVAC systems.

You’ll want to have One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating service in your home in and around the Azle, TX area for several reasons. They know how tough it is to deal with ac issues on your own and are willing to share knowledge and expertise with their clients to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of their HVAC systems. Call them and schedule a consultation today.