Interesting And Unexpected Facts About The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Service | Azle, TX

Interesting And Unexpected Facts About The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Service | Azle, TX

You have probably heard or seen advertisements that affirm that a good duct cleaning service in your Azle, TX, home, can ensure the highest possible quality of the air flowing into your rooms from your air conditioner. If so, it is quite possible that you’ve wondered whether this is true or it’s just another useless fad, and with so many contractors in the Azle, TX, area making some very outrageous claims about their specific brand of duct cleaning service, it may be difficult to determine which is the one contractor that will get the job done right.

Fortunately, many things have changed in the duct cleaning service industry over the years and you no longer have to deal with vendors knocking at your door day in and day out claiming to provide super rock bottom prices for cleaning your ducts. Additionally, online reviews help users figure out which companies are legit and reputable, weeding out the ones that aren’t.

Even so, there is still much confusion about what a good duct cleaning service entails, its purpose, and the benefits it realistically provides. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we are extremely proud of the high quality of our duct cleaning service, and the great reputation we have established over the years. It is precisely because we value our customers and our professionalism, that we will be the first ones to let you know whether your ducts really require cleaning, or whether it is best you wait a bit longer before you schedule an appointment with us for duct cleaning service. We also want our customers to make the decision of having their ducts cleaned knowing that they have all the information they need to know about the process and what is involved in it. A well-informed decision is always the best way to get things done, which is why we will provide you with the tools you need to ensure you are doing what is best for your home and property. So, without further ado, let’s get down to what brought you here in the first place: finding out some interesting and unexpected facts about our duct cleaning service in Azle, TX. Let’s get to it.

What Do You Mean When You Refer to Cleaning Out My Home’s Air Ducts?

When you talk about duct cleaning service you are referring to a process that is focused on removing dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants from different parts of your Azle, TX, home’s HVAC system. This process is not only limited to the air ducts, and a reputable company will also make sure to clean other important components of your system, including your ducts and registers, the grilles and diffusers, your system’s heat exchangers and coils, the drip pans, and the housing of the motor. In order to perform these tasks effectively and efficiently, your duct cleaning service professional will first remove as much dust and dirt as possible from the surface of all of these components using a variety of brushes, nozzles, and other implements. Once all the particles adhered to the surfaces of the components have been loosened, they will be collected with a special vacuum cleaner and removed from the interior of your house in a safe and secure manner.

One of the biggest things to take note of is that while this process is being carried out, your air conditioning system is subjected to negative pressure to avoid any particulates from being ejected into your home’s living spaces. This pressure basically sucks the contaminant particulates into the vacuum and away from your home. In some cases, once the process of removing all of the dust and other contaminants from your ducts and other components has been finished, certain duct cleaning professionals may apply a special chemical to destroy any bacteria and other microscopic organisms that may have been left behind, in order to ensure the procedure has been as thorough as possible.

What Is the Most Popular Reason for This Procedure?

Think about it this way: your HVAC system works continuously day after day, drawing air from the outdoors and circulating it into your Azle, TX, home, repeating this cycle over and over. But the air from outside your home is not exactly as pristine as we would like it to be, and can contain any number of contaminants such as dust, pollen, bacteria, and more, which are sucked into your HVAC system amidst the air it pulls in. Given enough time, this mixture of contaminants accumulates inside your ductwork and on essential components of your HVAC system. How bad this accumulation can get will depend on several factors both inside and outside your property, but, the average duct cleaning service can result in the removal of several pounds of dust, dirt, and other particulates.

This amount of dust and contaminants can impact your family’s health in a very negative manner, especially if they are prone to respiratory problems or allergies. It can also stop the essential components of your HVAC system from working properly, causing your unit to overheat and break down, resulting in costly repairs. This, in and of itself, is one of the many reasons why people choose a professional duct cleaning service to get the job done.

Does the Process Take Long?

It can be almost impossible to tell how long a thorough duct cleaning service can take without taking a wide range of factors into account, some of which include the size of your home, your HVAC system itself, how bad the accumulation of dust and contaminants has become, how many people will be performing the work, and more. Because of this, a reputable duct cleaning contractor won’t be able to provide an accurate estimate on the number of hours the process may take until they have physically visited your house to determine the variables that influence their calculations. If a contractor tells you outright it will take a certain number of hours without even asking how big your house is, you should look for a more reputable service because they either won’t do the job thoroughly or it could be a scam.

So, How Often Will I Have to Have the Procedure Done?

By now, you are probably disgusted from thinking about all that junk floating around your ductwork and getting into your lungs. You are probably ready to have them scrubbed clean every week to prevent any more buildup, but in all truthfulness, this is not even remotely necessary, and a thorough duct cleaning service is only required every 3 years or so.

Even the Environmental Protection Agency says you don’t have to include duct cleaning service to your home’s yearly maintenance schedule, and can be planned way in advance. Even so, while this is the rule of thumb, there are certainly exceptions, and in the following cases, you may require a professional duct cleaning service more regularly:

  • Too much dust coming out of your HVAC system’s registers – The very last thing you should see coming out of your registers is dust. If this happens, you will have to schedule duct cleaning service to correct the problem.
  • Your ducts have been taken over by bugs or rodents – Having unwanted guests living in your ductwork can become dangerous to the health of your family. If you have seen any animals or found their droppings in your ductwork, you are going to have to get those ducts cleaned before your family’s well-being is compromised.
  • Your ducts have been damaged by water – If this is your case, you must consider that excessive moisture can be the perfect breeding ground for mold, so before you call for duct cleaning service you should have the problem areas repaired to ensure the optimal performance of your ductwork.
  • The flow of air coming from your ducts is noticeably reduced – this particular situation can happen when debris and dirt have blocked the correct flow of air from your HVAC system, so cleaning is in order.
  • Strange smells coming from your ducts – If you start perceiving foul odors emanating from your ductwork, it will most likely mean something is not right. A good cleaning service will find the source of the smell and remove it so you have clean, fresh air flowing into your home again.

Does This Service Really Remove All of These Things?

The short answer is yes. When duct cleaning is performed by an experienced professional, it will essentially remove all of the dust, dirt, and contaminants that have accumulated on the surfaces of your ductwork and your HVAC system’s essential components. Even so, you should always keep in mind that each time you use your HVAC system, outside air will be sucked into it carrying any number of particulates that will start accumulating once again. No matter how hard we try, we can never escape dust, and unless you live in a plastic bubble, it will find a way to sneak into your home, regardless of how often or how efficiently you clean your space. This same premise applies to a cleaning service for your home’s ductwork. Fortunately, dust and dirt tend to become adhered to the surfaces of your ducts, so you won’t end up with a pile of dirt in your living room. This is the main reason why there is really no need to have your ducts cleaned too often and should be done every few years.

What About Mold and Bacteria?

The use of brushes and a vacuum by themselves will never remove contaminants such as mold and bacteria. Even so, the use of certain chemical biocides at the end of the process will ensure they are. Always ask your duct cleaning professional what, if anything, will be used to kill any biological particulates in your ductwork. You should also ask about the potential side effects your family could expect from its use.

Will the Procedure Make a Mess In My House?

When the duct cleaning process is carried out by a professional and experienced contractor, no amount of dust or contaminating particles should be ejected into your home. As we explained above, negative pressure is applied to your ducts in order to direct any contaminants into the vacuum rather than your living area. Even so, a reputable professional will be careful to take protective measures to ensure your furniture and carpets are not dirtied in the process.

Will This Process Improve My Family’s Health?

While a small amount of dust and other particulates won’t harm your family’s health and well-being, if anybody in your household suffers from allergies or chronic respiratory diseases, having your ducts cleaned can alleviate some of their symptoms, mostly because during the process contaminants such as dander, dust, mites, mold, and others, are removed, leading to a significant improvement for them. On the other hand, even though the accumulation of dust in your ductwork may not be at a critical point, you should always consider that breathing cleaner air can prove to be highly beneficial to everybody’s health.

There really are many reasons why you should have your home’s air ducts cleaned. Many times, the technicians performing the procedure have been able to detect leaks and tears in the ducts that would not have been detected any other way, saving their customers from having to carry out expensive repairs later on when the problem has become even more severe.

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