Keeping Comfortable: Heating and AC Service for Your Azle, TX Home

Keeping Comfortable: Heating and AC Service for Your Azle, TX Home

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Heating and AC will always be a divine necessity among residents and businesses alike. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will always want to achieve the temperature that’s right for you. Summer, fall, winter, or spring, good heating and AC is critical for maintaining a quality system that’s ideal and fits your needs and your budget.

And that’s what the residents of Azle, TX want–something that’s ideal. We all know that summers in Texas are absolutely scorching, and that’s where good, quality affordable air conditioning can be useful. Heat can have a serious and fatal impact upon our health, and that’s why 24/7 heating and AC services are needed. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX can do that and so much more.

Temperature moderation starts with one simple tool: the thermostat. It is the most important unit that controls the overall climate in your home. In fact, without it, your home would not be able to moderate itself and change according to the weather outside. Its the thermostat that informs your system to kick in if the house is too hot or too cold, thus bringing your indoor environment right to the temperature needed to keep you and your loved ones safe, happy, and comfortable. If the thermostat is off, so is your system. It will not be able to read room temperatures, and consequently, it cannot command your heat or AC system to turn on.

Manual thermostats are slowly becoming a relic of the past, as most homeowners are now switching to newer technologies designed specifically for modern homes. The primary role of today’s thermostat is to inform your system when it needs to turn itself on. For example, if your home is too hot and needs to be cooled to ward off the intense summer heat, then it can send information to your air conditioning unit that it’s time to cool the house down. Likewise, if its too cold, then the heater can come on. All that is needed is a simple and accurate digital reading and your home or office can bask in relative comfort.

There are four types of thermostats that either come with your home or can be installed, the first one being a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows the homeowner to preset the room’s temperature to a desired level, or one that is ideal to keep the home comfortable in spite of any changes in the weather. If used wisely, it can provide consistent comfort while helping you to save money on your monthly energy expenses.

Another type of thermostat, and perhaps one of the most popular ones for those in Azle, TX and other surrounding areas, is the smart thermostat. The smart thermostat allows you, the homeowner, to be in charge of your home’s climate even if you are going to be away for an extended period. All that is needed is a smartphone and an app and you can preset your home’s ideal temperature at a distance. Plus, the smart thermostat allows you to save more money on your utilities by automatically adjusting the temperature and turning off your system when no one is around. In fact, the smart thermostat can even detect whether or not anyone is present through a specialized wireless system.

A non-programmable thermostat is one in where you have to adjust the settings then set the desired temperature. It is not as able to detect temperatures as accurately as any of the other two, and the only advantage to having one is that you could save money on your heating and AC costs.

Sometimes, when you heating and AC system seem a little slow, or they just will not turn on, it pays to first consider your thermostat. You can start by reading the temperature and checking to see if any numbers appear. If nothing reads on the digital display, you can see where the source of your trouble is. Sometimes, it could be a matter of location, location: if the device is placed next to a door or an open window, the outside draft could be your culprit in terms of a false reading.

Other factors that could impact an accurate temperature reading include dirt and residue build up that accumulates over time. Grime can collect on the inside of your thermostat and along the wires, thus impacting its ability to obtain an accurate reading. As part of the comprehensive heating and AC maintenance plan, the technicians at One Hour can help clean and reset your thermostat during routine maintenance checks.

A heating or AC unit that goes out could be traced to a faulty or non-functioning thermostat, or it could be the result of something else. With heat, its your boiler, furnace, or heat pump that’s responsible for keeping the indoors warm in spite of the brutal cold. If either of them breaks down, its time to call on the heating and AC specialists of Azle, TX. They can come to your home, make a general assessment of your problem, and target what needs to be done in terms of heating and AC repair.

Extending the life of any heating and AC system can keep it up and running for many years to come, and can even help save money gradually when the need arises to replace it. Regular system checkups and routine maintenance should include checking your thermometer, your furnace, your pump, or your boiler. If you rely on a gas-based heating system, your HVAC technician can show you how to check the pilot light to see if it is working properly. If the flame inside is blue, then your system is fine and in working condition; however, if the flame is yellow, flickering, or worse yet, completely out, then its time to consider preparing for extensive maintenance work. But you shouldn’t despair, as One Hour can work with you to help keep down the costs of maintenance to a price that fits your wallet.

There are symptoms to look out for that point to the notion that your heating system is either on the brink or failing. If you happen to turn on your unit and notice that either cold air or no air is coming out, then its a sign that you need to call the HVAC specialists of One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in the Azle, TX area.

Other signs of heater failure include bizarre odors that emanate from your unit when you turn it on, strange banging or clicking noises, or a puddle of water around your unit. Also, you may notice that it routinely turns on and off, which is also a sign that trouble is ahead. The age of the heater is another timeless indicator that its time to start fresh with the installation of a brand-new unit.

Once the HVAC specialist arrives, they will inspect the unit and help you determine the services that you might need. The idea behind the assessment is not to hard sell, nor to coerce, but to help you, the customer, to make an informed decision as to what needs to be done next. One of the key questions to consider is just how often it has broken down within the past year or so, and how much money you have spent on getting it fixed. If the total cost of repairs exceeds the value of your unit, then the best investment would be in having a brand new one professionally installed.

In Azle, TX, the summer months can be equally, if not even more, than those cold winter ones. Your unit can keep your home comfortably cool and at a monthly utility cost that fits your budget. But the unit or system must be properly maintained, and the heating and AC repair technicians at One Hour can help you to do so.

Just like with heating units, air conditioners have certain signs that let you know when its time for you to call an HVAC professional. Some of these signs include strange noises, the failure of your AC to produce cool air regardless of the setting, or the smell of smoke that is emitted by a faulty motor. Sometimes, your unit may shut off right after you’ve turned it on, or it may not turn on at all. And with a unit that is ten years or older, it may definitely be time for a brand new replacement.

A licensed, certified HVAC professional can help you to determine your need when it comes to AC repair and replacement. Much like your heating unit, the technician can check your unit to first see if it is a thermostat issue; if not, then they can inspect the unit, troubleshoot the issue, and determine the course of service needed to keep your home sustained in the worst of the summer months.

For those who may be needing a unit replacement, there are considerations to be had for locating the right unit for your home. One is size, where it cannot be too big or too small. One that is oversized may appear to work wonders when it comes to cooling off the inside right away, but it may fail to dehumidify your home sufficiently. On the flip side, a unit that is too small may fail to keep your home cooled off in spite of it running constantly and at the lowest possible temperature. Either way, your wallet will suffer as the rise in your monthly utility costs continue to soar.

A heating and AC repair specialist can not only work with you to help you determine the size you need, but can also help you to assess the inner structure of your home, including the ductwork and other aspects of your home’s cooling.

There are many options from which to choose when it comes to your new system. There are wireless integration systems that can directly connect to a wireless thermostat and can be easily checked for good filters. They can also help to ensure that your home will be properly dehumidified to maintain the quality of moisture in the air for your benefit. A remote access system can also connect to a wireless thermostat but gives the owner complete control via wireless technology, while two-stage compression is highly effective for maintaining health levels of humidity throughout your home. Ultra quiet operation allows for the smooth flow of cool air without the hassle or headache of sounds. Air conditioning units that bear a SEER rating of 20 or higher are known as having high efficiency levels and are among the most modern and the most in demand for residential and business customers alike.

The professional team at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating understand that any unit, whether its AC or heating, can go wrong at any given time. This leaves most home and business owners in a bind, stressing over something that often appears to be monumental but is not. And more often than not, it is a machine, and just like all things mechanical, anytime it has even the most remote potential to fail it can and will. The heating and AC repair specialists know all too well that this can cause deep stress for homeowners, especially as they face extremes in temperature for better or for worse. Heating and AC are extremely important for living with the changes in the weather, and if either goes out for any reason, then its time to call a heating and AC specialist who can fix your problems.

Good quality heating and AC repairs need not take a chunk out of your wallet. The heating and AC technicians can work with you to assess your needs and hear your concerns. There are financing options available for those who qualify. When it comes to good quality heating and AC service, it pays to call on the professionals. You can call or set up an appointment online today.