Protecting Your HVAC System During Storms | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Protecting Your HVAC System During Storms | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

The change in the global climate has impacted almost all aspect of human life as well as the technological world. Even the HVAC systems are not safe from the perils of climatic change. This drastic change in climate has initiated concerns pertaining to unpredictable weather and natural occurrences such as storms and hurricanes.

In such situations, it is imperative that homeowners take proactive measures in protecting their HVAC systems to avoid any substantial damage whilst encountering any climatic extremes. It is always better to be safe initially than being sorry later.

Taking into accordance that the wettest month of the year is just about the corner in Fort Worth, TX, it is essential that you take necessary measures to make sure that your HVAC system suffers minimum to no damage in case of storms and hurricane.

All outdoor units of heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX are designed and manufactured to withstand wind and rain, but they are not completely invincible. You have to take protective measures for their safety and ensure that no substantial harm is inflicted during heavy winds and storms. Here is what you can do during different situations that you may encounter.

Heavy Windy Weather

Every air conditioning and heating system is built bearing in accordance the variations of weather. The outdoor units of the HVAC system can endure rain and winds adequately but only up to a certain level. Heating and air condition in Fort Worth, TX is certainly not accommodative to heavy winds and falling tree branches.

Encountering intense windy weather can subject the outdoor unit of your air condition to damage. The fan in the condenser can get harmed if they encounter fall of branches of the trees or any other heavy thing.

Also, heavy winds can cause deposits of leaves, debris, and dirt inside your unit, resulting in obstruction in the processing of your unit. This will ultimately lead towards higher energy consumption by your system. You can protect your cooling system from getting damaged during windy weather through covering your external AC units.

Moreover, it is essential to have a post-storm inspection of your system by heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to get any damage identified and the system cleaned. This will retain the optimum performance of your HVAC system.

Indications of Flood

With the current changing encountered in the global climate, nothing can be put off the equation. It is wise to be prepared for every situation, and having knowledge about what steps to follow will ultimately lead towards minimal damage.

Your HVAC system has the tendency to survive rain up to several inches, but encountering flood-like situation can be worrisome. If there is an indication of such occurrence, it is essential that you contact heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX to carry out necessary measures to protect your HVAC system.

Having the professional help can prevent your system from encountering internal corrosion. The signs of corrosion inside your system may not be as noticeable for you until it has already caused extensive damage. So it is effective for your system’s long life that you have it regularly inspected and maintained.

What Else to Do?

To prepare better for the unpredictable weathers, here are a few tips that can protect your HVAC systems better in times of storms, hurricanes, and floods.

  1. Insurance: Getting insurance coverage is an essential for every homeowner in Fort Worth, TX. Having adequate insurance will give you some relief pertaining to any loss incurred during natural disasters.
  1. Circuit Breakers: No matter how good of insurance you have for your home, it is always important that you know how to protect your HVAC system among other equipment and appliances in your home in various situations. Start with knowing where the main switch is.

The first thing to do when encountering intense climatic situation is to break the circuit for your HVAC system and other appliances. If you know where it is, it will one less panic for you to encounter.

  1. Power Surge Protectors: Heating and air condition in Fort Worth, TX is likely to suffer damage due to the power surges that occur during storms. It is imperative that you take measures to protect your HVAC system from attaining harm due to power spikes.

Surge protectors will shield your heating and cooling systems from electrical damage during the extreme weather conditions as well as in normal days.

  1. Secure Your Outdoor Unit: Significant damage to your system of heating and air condition in Fort Worth, TX is inflicted through the outdoor units. These units are the ones exposed to the climatic threats directly and are likely to become an easy victim of the weather extremes.

The best way to protect your HVAC system from storms and hurricanes is to secure your AC condensers. You can acquire professionals from heating and air condition services in Fort Worth, TX and have your outdoor units adequately secured.

  1. Keep the Surrounding Clear: The harm that is incurred by storms and hurricanes to your HVAC system is predominantly through the damages that are sustained by the external units. The condenser, for instance, can be damaged by the fall of tree branches and the trash that may enter into the unit with the heavy wind.

Encountering falls of heavy branches can impact the fan in the condenser, whereas having trash stuck in the system can hinder the efficient flow of air in your system. Impairment suffered by the condenser can lead you towards replacing the entire unit, and the hindrance in the air ducts will require more power than normal for the HVAC system to function.

Therefore, the safety measure you can take is to ensure that the surrounding of your external unit of the system is clear and there is no such source of damage nearby. Removing dead tree limbs and avoiding installing condensers close to huge trees can protect the heating and air condition in Fort Worth, TX.

To effectively protect your HVAC systems from natural perils, the professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating are at your service with 24/7 facility availability.