Reasons to Consider an AC Unit Upgrade | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Reasons to Consider an AC Unit Upgrade | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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In areas such as Fort Worth, TX, where the temperatures can go soar in the summer months, Air conditioning is almost a necessity of the modern life. Research reveals that air conditioning alone makes up 12% of the entire electricity bills in an average American household. This means hundreds of dollars are being spent by an average American every month just for artificially maintaining a cool temperature indoors. The electricity consumption by your air conditioner can depend on a number of factors; things such as house area, size of the air conditioner, the type of energy it uses etc. can have substantial impact on your monthly bills. Generally, upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient model is often encouraged by most professionals if the bills seem to be higher than usual. Besides there are a number of other benefits of getting an air conditioner upgrade; let’s look at them below.

Save Money

One of the most benefits of upgrading to a newer air conditioner is that you get to save money on your monthly bills. The modern air conditioners have been designed to be much more energy efficient than the older versions installed at your house. They consume much less power while providing the same, or even better results than your 10-year-old air conditioning unit. There are other factors that will impact how much energy the machine consumes such as how well your house is insulated, the shade it receives, thermostat settings and the size of your HVAC system. However, every air conditioning service professional will testify to the fact that simply getting a newer appliance does have a positive impact on reducing your electricity bills.

Switching to a newer air conditioner could save more energy than before. Modern systems use up less energy while delivering the same, if not better, results than a 10-year old air conditioner. Several factors will, however, affect how well the air conditioner will work in your home. These include the quality of your home’s insulation, shading, size of the HVAC system, and thermostat settings as it is one of the most power intensive appliances at your house. You can hope to save 20% to 40% power by doing so.

Add Value to Your Property

It is said that upgrading the central air conditioning system installed at your house can go on to boost the value of your property by as much as 12%. The data collected by the National Association of Realtors seems to confirm this assertion. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your property immediately or not, adding an upgrade is always a good idea as it is more of an investment than an expense. Call in an air conditioning service professional to install your new system perfectly.

Fresher and Cleaner Air

As any air conditioning service professional would confirm, the air conditioning technology has come a long way since you last went AC shopping. The latest models come with some of the most amazing features. These allow for an improved circulation of the conditioned air across the house. As a result, there is even distribution of cool and clean air and the temperatures are even all across the house. You won’t find hot corners anymore. Furthermore, the advanced filtration systems make the air indoors much cleaner and fresher for you and your household. It helps to prevent mold growth, excess moisture in the air along with making dust accumulation much more difficult. These can be a real boon for someone with dust allergies or asthma in your family. Call in an air conditioning service professional to install your newer, cleaner AC for you.

A Quieter Place

There are a number of factors that can impact how quite your air conditioner runs as any air conditioning service professional would tell you. Things such as quality of insulation, weatherization of your doors and windows, duct sealing etc if done right, will improve how quiet or your AC runs. However, a newer breed of air conditioning systems will always run quieter than the ones that came out almost 10 years ago. Call in an air conditioning service professional to install that new AC and enhance your indoor ambiance.

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

There are growing restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions today and carbon happens to be a primary emission from your Air conditioning systems.

The newer versions obviously allow for much less carbon emissions. Ever since you last bought an AC, there have been seismic changes in both, the air conditioning technologies as well as in environmental regulations. Manufactures today are forced to comply with these newly imposed restrictions which force them to produce advanced systems that are cleaner and much more environmentally friendly. The newer models have to acquire a certain energy star ratings which makes the new machinery almost 15% more energy efficient and much cleaner than the unrated older models.

As a result, if you’re opting for an air conditioning system upgrade, you get a cleaner technology along with all the other benefits such as durability, increased efficiency, lower electricity costs and convenience of modern technology such as app control and more. Call in an air conditioning service professional in the Fort Worth, TX area to know more about getting an upgrade.

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